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When you live the middle of one of the most technologically advanced and digitally dominant eras the world has ever known, it is safe to say that for the most part man has seen almost everything they need to. With low cost travel options now widely available, one could take a flight out at a moment’s notice and decide to visit the Grand Canyon in person. The Internet has opened our eyes and minds to the world around us giving us more insight than ever before. The globe is connected in ways that were once unforeseeable. Now, it is time to conquer the skies, something that our species has always been fascinated with having studied it for as long as earth has been around. What better way to do this than with telescopes? With their light-refracting properties and long-distance viewing capabilities, telescopes have been the choice instrument for astronomers throughout the ages.

2. BARSKA Starwatcher Refractor Telescope


BARSKA Starwatcher 400x70mm Refractor Telescope w/ Tabletop Tripod &...
  • Entry-level telescope with 300x power and 400mm focal length
  • Coated glass optics for enhanced image brightness
  • Interchangeable eyepieces with 3x Barlow lenses for versatility

The Barska Telescope is different to the above, as it comes with a table-top tripod. It is actually quite handy for beginners because it is easily transportable, and can be used anywhere even from inside a room. As far as price goes, it is quite reasonably priced especially as it can be afforded by an amateur who is looking to start out without spending too much. The 70mm objective lens coupled with interchangeable eyepieces and the included Barlow lens makes for clear and unique viewing pleasure. If you do want to take it outside or even on a trip with you somewhere, the carrying case makes it easy for you to pack and transport it wherever you want. You can also refer to the Deepsky Software that comes along with it which is highly informational and useful with plenty of data on star positions, planetary revolutions and nebulas. Definitely worth considering.

3. Orion SpaceProbe Equatorial Reflector Telescope


Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector Telescope (Black)
  • This 5.1 inch aperture reflector telescope gathers an ample amount of light for great views of the planets and Moon, as...
  • Short 24 inch long optical tube design for easy portability and fast f/5 focal ratio for pleasing wide-field performance...
  • Sturdy EQ-2 equatorial telescope mount and adjustable tripod allows manual slow-motion tracking of celestial objects as...

The first thing to bear in mind when buying a telescope, is to understand they range from basic to extremely advanced, so if you know little but invest in the latter, chances are you will end up wasting its potential. With the Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST, you are dealing with a finely-crafted piece of work which is suitable if, as mentioned you are perhaps a student of astronomy or are avidly following the field even as a hobby. It is on the bulky side which, given its features makes sense and therefore makes for a long-term option. A 5.1 aperture makes sure plenty of light reaches in for better clarity whilst the 24 inch long optical tube is designed bearing portability in mind. It also comes with a sturdy mount and tripod that not only ensures stability, but also easy maneuvering, along with additional eyepieces, finder scope, rack and pinion focuser, tripod accessory tray and a collimation cap.


8. Emarth Telescope, Travel Scope, 70mm Astronomical Refracter Telescope

No products found.

Seeing the stars for the first time is an exceptionally mesmerizing experience. However, having the wrong telescope can diminish the experience significantly. If you are just getting started in the stargazing world, then the Emarth Telescope Travel Scope is one of the best ways to start exploring the sky above you. This telescope features a simple construction with an adequate amount of power that makes it one of the best telescopes for children who are just staring at their space exploration adventures. The Emarth Telescope Travel Scope features an advanced looking body that allows it to stand with the pros seamlessly. The blue casing gives it a professional and overall cool look which is very different from many other children’s telescopes. When it comes to the lenses used, you will find a fully coated optical lens that offers high transmission coatings. These coatings work together to give you stunning views of the night sky that are void of any glares. Instead, you will be left with stunningly clear and bright images. The focal lens used offers users 360 mm (f/5.1) with a 70mm aperture. The eyepiece is interchangeable so that you can see different parts of the night sky with more clarity. There is a 3X Barlow lens along with a 5X24 finderscope that allows you to identify objects in the night sky right away. The tripod that the Emarth Telescope Travel Scope sits on is sturdy and does not acquire much vibration. This allows you to have a clear view without much interference when you are searching for objects in the night sky. 

Setting up your Emarth Telescope Travel Scope is a breeze. You do not need any additional tools to set it up. Instead, you simply unbox it, mount it onto the tripod, and you are good to go. Because the set up is so easy, you can conveniently take the Emarth Telescope Travel Scope with you to different locations if you want to view the night sky. Users will find a convenient carry case that allows you to fit the tripod and the telescope so that moving it around is not cumbersome. 

Lastly, if you ever run into any issues with your Emarth Telescope Travel Scope, there is a 24 month guarantee that you are sure to love. This guarantee will cover any issues that you may run into with your telescope. This warranty covers quality issues, and the brand will work with you to either repair a broken piece or replace the telescope overall. This piece of mind you get when purchasing this telescope is great because it has allowed many users not only to have sanity when they purchase the Emarth Telescope Travel Scope but after trying it out many users agree that this is easily one of the best children’s telescope to use for exploring the night sky. 


4. Balance Living® Refractor Telescope


Balance Living Refractor Telescope (50X /100X) with Tripod
  • Great optical instrument to help budding scientists or hobbyists observe the moon and planets of the solar system
  • Tripod: 125 cm height (approx 49") Adjustable to suit stargazing convenience. Locks in solidly, stays right in place for...
  • Stars and planets 50 to 100 times closer! Delivers crisp images, a great tool to introduce /transmit love of astronomy...

This telescope is one that is not only suitable for beginners, but also children as it not extremely advanced but still well-decked out to suit budding curiosities about outer space. The 125cm aluminum tripod is solid and remains in place for uninterrupted viewing. The 50mm aperture is comparatively smaller than it would be on a professional telescope, however is still great for delivering high clarity images down to the craters of the moon and even Jupiter if you can focus it. It has a focal length of 600mm and the view finder makes it easier for a child to pinpoint the location of the object in question. It also comes with 2 eyepieces which expands its capabilities even further. If you teach your child how to carefully disassemble it and pack it away, you can look at using this telescope for quite a long while. Makes for a unique and exciting gift as well.

7. TwinStar 60mm Compact Refractor Telescope


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If you want to both look and feel like a professional astronomer at work, this one is for you. Not only does this telescope pack in a punch visually, it also comes with advanced performance allowing you to see the most distant of objects in the night sky for both hobby and study. It is also recommended for beginners as it is not only affordable, but also easy to setup and use. Extra eyepieces for diverse vision and a finder scope contribute to better clarity and overall experience. Although it looks like it could be heavy, it is actually quite light-weight making it easy for kids to use without issues. It comes with a 60mm aperture allowing you to focus on the most intricate details of your favorite planets and stars. If you are ever stuck for gift ideas for a kid’s birthday, this one should do the trick. Nothing could probably top it!

1. Celestron PowerSeeker Telescope


Celestron - PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope - Manual German Equatorial...
  • Perfect entry-level telescope: The Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ is an easy-to-use and powerful telescope. The PowerSeeker...
  • Manual german equatorial mount: Navigate the sky with our Newtonian Reflector telescope. It features a German Equatorial...
  • Compact and portable: This telescope for adults and kids to be used together is compact, lightweight, and portable. Take...

The Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope upon first sight appears quite behemoth in stature, but it is actually the optical tube that gives off this impression. The rest of the telescope is not as bulky, and as a whole it makes for an impressive vision. This magnificent piece of work is equipped with a Barlow lens, German Equatorial Mount, 127mm aperture, 1000mm focal length, as well as a tripod and an accessory tray to safely stow away your eyepieces and other delicate instruments. Its stable body ensures that you can place it on any surface without worry for a completely unhindered star-gazing experience. Though it is not the cheapest option on the market, it is still lesser than some which makes it quite a worthwhile buy especially if you are transitioning from an amateur star-gazer to a much more advanced one. It has minimal setup necessities which means that it can be quickly assembled with no hassle.

5. Meade Instruments Polaris Reflector Telescope


Meade Instruments – Polaris 130mm Aperture, Portable Backyard...
  • Aperture: 130mm(5. 1"). Focal Length: 650mm. Focal Ratio: f/5. 0. Rack-and-Pinion Focuser, Setting Circles, Latitude...
  • Large, stable German equatorial mount with slow motion controls makes tracking celestial objects smooth and simple
  • Low (26mm), medium (9mm), and high (6. 3mm) magnification eyepieces give you variety for any viewing situation & 2x...

This telescope offers an edge above the others for those who prefer a bit more color in their sky-gazing apparatus. With a brilliant electric-blue hue, its tube is large much like the Celestron, however its body that is to say the tripod, is sleek in contrast. The smooth transition between the two makes it a durable, high-quality option when shopping for telescopes. A 130mm aperture, 650mm focal length, low and high magnification eyepieces and Barlow lens ensures that its functionalities are very on par with others in the market. The red dot view finder makes it easy to map the object of focus onto a bigger field of vision through the main optical lens. Although this is better suited for those with more experience in the field, it is also great for teaching as it offers precise, clear images with no hassle at all. It can also be easily swivelled which is important when it comes to following a moving object.

6. Gskyer Refractor Travel Telescope


Gskyer Telescope, AZ70400 German Technology Astronomy Telescope,...
  • 【Ultra-clear Refracting Telescope】With 400 mm focal length and 70 mm aperture to capture more clear picture and...
  • 【Optimum Magnification】Two replaceable eyepiece(16X, 40X) to enhance the power for this astronomical telescope. 5X24...
  • 【No-tools required】No-tools quick set up and easy find your objects, perfect telescope for kids and astronomy...

If you are looking to gift a telescope to someone starting out in astronomy or are considering it for yourself to traverse the night skies, look no further than this one. Although it is much easier on the wallet than some other options out there, it does not in any way compromise on its features which are quite impressive. For starters, it has been built bearing both beginners and travellers in mind with its easy assembly and comes with a whole range of various eyepieces that you can alternate with to achieve the view you want to see. It also comes with a 70mm aperture, 400m focal length, multi-layer glass green coated optics for brightness and eye protection and last but not least, a sturdy tripod to support it. Furthermore, you need worry if something happens to it as it has a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance which means many, many years of star-gazing in store.


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