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Tea is a fantastic drink in many ways. Not only does it taste great and is simple to make, but different types of this drink have multitudes of health benefits. Teas also have varying levels of caffeine, making it easy to find a flavor you enjoy for all parts of your day, be it to pick yourself up in the morning or help yourself wind down for the evening.

If drinking more tea is on your list of personal resolutions, then you can't have any more convenience than brewing it yourself at home. Once you know the type of tea you want and do some quick research, it's simple to figure out the optimal brewing time. However, to get the best possible quality from your tea, you will need a teapot to make it in.

Teapots not only help you get a quality taste from your tea, but they can also add a sense of aesthetic appeal to your kitchen that makes brewing tea a fun experience. No matter which aspect you want to prioritize, our guide to the top picks for the best teapot is here to help you get started on your home brewed tea journey or add a new pot to your collection.

Top Picks for Best Teapot

An excellent teapot will be able to help you make a soothing cup of tea quickly, efficiently, and without much fuss. Yes, brewing tea to perfection can take a little extra effort when it comes to learning about optimal temperatures and seeping times, but the teapot will be an essential tool that aids you in your journey. We considered these aspects when picking out some of the best teapots for your use!

First up on our list is this glass teapot from Hario. Like many other class teapots, the Cha Cha Kyusu Maru allows you to watch as your tea brews, which can be a surprisingly captivating process. It comes in several sizes, with the largest being seven-hundred milliliters, which is enough to make two medium cups of tea. The large area means that your leaves will have plenty of room to float and infuse flavor.

While the inside brewing design is excellent, the outside makes it easy to pour tea out of the sprout without having to worry about making a mess. The entire design is durable and dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean after you've enjoyed your brew. Not just pretty, Hario's teapot comes at an incredibly affordable price point of under twenty dollars.

If you're someone that likes both hot and cold tea, you'll want to consider this teapot from Cusinium. The set comes with an included infuser, and it has an excellent build for making tea in both temperatures. Aside from the glass pot portion, the lid and infuser are both stainless steel, giving it a sleek and lightweight design that is also dishwasher safe.

The pot can hold up to four mugs of tea at once, which is excellent for drinking tea throughout the day or entertaining guests. Without the stainless steel, you can place the pot in the microwave to help warm up your heat. The glass is even durable enough to sit directly on a gas stovetop. Even so, the lid stays cool, and the handle has an excellent grip, allowing for safe pouring.

This teapot is an excellent pick if you only need to brew one cup of tea at a time. How it works is that you put your tea leaves in the pot, then add water, and allow it time to steep. When it has finished brewing, you can then place the teapot directly on top of your mug, and it will then drain the tea into your cup with the filter keeping any leaves behind for simple cleanup.

Adagio Teas has made this pot from food-grade plastic, so you will need to heat your water separately before starting your brew. However, the lightweight materials make it easy to travel with, whether you use it for your daily routine, or you want some tea while visiting other places. The ingenuiTEA teapot comes in two sizes, with the smallest being sixteen ounces and the other being twenty-eight ounces.

This hand-crafted glass teapot has an elegant design that looks great while also hitting all the convenience you'd want from a teapot. The glass itself is heat resistant, so you can count on it to keep your tea warm over time. The stainless steel infuser is durable, and overall the pot can hold eight-hundred milliliters of tea at once.

We especially like the infuser on this teapot because it has a micro mesh filter that works excellently to keep any unwanted tealeaves from making it into the drink itself. Though the whole body is incredibly durable, Hiware also includes a two-year warranty for extra protection in your investment. Since it's dishwasher safe, cleaning up after your drink is hassle-free.

This teapot has a very compact and cute design that's perfect for people who don't have a lot of available space for them. Though it only has a flat, flip open lid that may not be appealing to everyone, this design choice enables these pots to be stackable for easy storage. We also like how this design comes in a variety of fun colors fit for every kitchen.

The infuser in this pot is stainless steel and can handle multiple types of tea leaves, whether they be finely ground or whole lead. The liquid capacity on this model is eighteen ounces, which still gives you enough to drink while being conveniently small. It is also dishwasher safe, which is just another convenient benefit to enhance your brewing experience.

We've focused a lot on glass teapots so far, but here's an option for someone who's interested in cast-iron materials. Now, we won't deny that tending to cast iron can be a challenge (it's not dishwasher safe, and you need to follow specific cleaning methods to ensure your longevity), but it's worth it. This teapot, in particular, makes care a bit easier with its solid porcelain enamel inside that keeps rust at bay.

Aside from that, we adore the design of this pot, which comes in both black and red options. The handle on the teapot is also very sturdy and will last over time. With a capacity of eleven ounces, you can either have a large cup for yourself or split it into two smaller cups for when you have company. Because it's a cast iron pot, it will hold heat in your tea for an extended period.

Another colorful option comes from this fun ceramic teapot from Tealura, which gives you seven options from which to choose. The ceramic is both durable and will hold heat, which is an excellent feature when the pot can hold up to twenty-four ounces at a time. Depending on the size of cup you prefer, you can easily use this teapot when entertaining guests or throughout your day.

The infuser in this teapot has an extra fine mesh made from stainless steel, which will stay durable and give you a leave-less cup of tea. The design also doesn't drip when you pour it out, making it easy to keep everything clean as you serve tea. An excellent option for tea enthusiasts and newcomers to homebrewing alike!

Having teapots that can make a personal cup of tea is excellent, but you may need to brew a much larger batch for company. If that's the case, we recommend the "Zen" teapot from BonJour Tea, which can hold up to a whole liter (forty-two ounces) of tea at once! You have a reliable micromesh and stainless steel infuser that can handle the tea leaves of your choice with ease.

Aside from its large size, we find this teapot additionally appealing for entertaining guests because of its design. In addition to the pot and infuser, the Zen teapot comes with both a bamboo accented handle and a bamboo-elevated stand. These features help with preventing the heat from the teapot hurt anyone or the surface you place it on while also looking stylish.

If you want the higher liquid capacity but also desire more of a classic look, then consider this teapot from RSVP. The stoneware design is one piece, and it comes with that traditional teapot lid. You also have come more choice when it comes to colors as it has multiple single-color designs available to fit into whatever look you have in your home or kitchen.

You can clean this teapot in the dishwasher, though it will need to stay on the top rack. It can also go in the microwave if necessary for quick reheating—which isn't often since the stoneware is partially heat resistant. The overall design is also incredibly durable, so you can count on this pot to last you for quite a while through all your large brewing needs.

We once again have another Forlife teapot to recommend, as this one has a slightly different look and design. Unlike the previous recommended model, which is blockier in design, this one follows a simple curve that's reminiscent of the quintessential teapot look while still having a bit of variation. Once more, this model comes in several vibrant and attractive colors.

The infuser for this pot fits right in the opening for the lid and has an easy lift handle when you've finished steeping your brew. Afterward, the top fits right back in place. Because you don't need to have the infuser in the pot, you can use it for serving hot water on its own also. The basic design for the teapot has a twenty-four-ounce design, and there's a larger version which can handle forty-five ounces at once.

This teapot offering from Primula has all the benefits you could want out of a cast iron build: it reaches optimal temperatures quickly, holds that temperature for an excellent length of time, and keeps the whole contents of the pot consistently warm. Thanks to this feature, you can always get the optimal flavor out of your tea leaves without hassle.

Aside from these factors, this teapot also has a lovely design that isn't just plain cast iron. There's an almost vintage floral pattern on the pot, along with a beautiful blue color that looks amazing. The teapot can hold thirty-four ounces of tea at once without a problem, and it does come with a stainless steel infuser. The interior has enamel to make maintenance as simple as possible.

Coming from England, this British-designed pot has a stoneware build that will last you a while and still look contemporary in comparison to some other designs. There are eight different available colors, with more subdued options like grey and more playful ones like pistachio, giving variety for tea lovers of all aesthetic preferences.

The pot holds up to thirty-six ounces of tea at once, and the stay-cool handle helps keep serving tea safe. The angular spout is not only excellent for pouring tea, but also for contributing to the overall design as well. When you order this pot, it comes with a stainless steel infuser, and both it and the teapot itself are dishwasher safe.

If you think that you may want to try out blooming teas, then this glass teapot will undoubtedly be one of your best options. The forty-ounce size is perfect for both serving larger groups and for showing off a beautiful experience of watching a blooming tea as it brews—you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to watch it happen at least once, and this pot makes it possible.

Of course, you may not always want a blooming tea, and Primula Daisy gives you what you need to enjoy loose leaf teas as well. It also comes with a glass infuser, which allows you to see the entire steeping process without a chunk of stainless steel to block the view. With the perfect combination of aesthetic and functionality, this glass teapot is a winner!

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Teapot

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For drinking tea to be a soothing experience, you want to have the best teapot that can meet your needs. Our top picks are all high quality, and you'll have an excellent experience no matter which one you select. If you haven't sorted out which one is calling your name yet, here are some tips on how to pick the best of the best.

Built-In or Separate Infuser

Tea aficionados will tell you that the best way to brew tea is with loose leaf material and not tea bags. To make it easy to do this, then, you'll need an infuser to hold the leaves so that you don't have to filter them out yourself.

Some teapots will come with built-in infusers, giving you an all in one experience that's simple to prepare and clean. Other pots don't come with this, so, if you pick one up, you'll need to purchase an infuser separately. If you choose a teapot with a built-in infuser, you should confirm that the design is easy to use and clean for added convenience.


It's no secret that teapots come in a multitude of materials, and they have different effects on the brewing itself. To give you a quick overview, here are some of the conventional materials used in teapots and their properties:

  • Clay. An unglazed clay teapot will slowly absorb the flavor over time, which can give a richer taste to your tea. However, if you brew multiple types of tea, clay can blend different tastes. Glazed clay won't absorb flavors.
  • Cast iron. Cast iron teapots are incredibly durable and will keep your tea hot for an extended period. You will need to take extra care to clean and store these pots so that they do not rust.
  • Glass and ceramics. Glass teapots are a bit more fragile, but they have a certain aesthetic appeal. With these pots, you can watch your tea as it brews, which is especially excellent if you use blooming teas.

Teapots made from these different materials will all do you well, but they do have their pros and cons. It can help to do a little extra research on how to care for these teapots before you make a final purchase!

Wrapping Up

Tea can be a great drink at any time of the day, be it for breakfast, a break during the afternoon, or to wind down in the evening. Having your teapot at home will make it even easier to enjoy it and have a soothing experience! We hope that our guide to the top picks for best teapot has helped you in this essential step and you're ready to move on to the next part of your tea brewing journey!

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