The Tomahawk is the classic handheld weapon of native Red Indians and modern technology has modified the tool to have a shorter handle and a sharper and tougher blade. This was an ideal weapon for hand to hand fighting but with all the outdoor activities which has been developed in present days, tactical tomahawks have become more of a survival tool than a weapon. These axes can be used to remove obstacles and clear paths, to open crates, for digging and excavating and also in fighting. Tactical tomahawks have become more famous than the conventional large axes because of their unique design and light weight. This offers a higher reaction speed and this speed enhances the ability to create a higher amount of force making a bigger impact. Also, these tactical tomahawks have multi-functionality and they serve not only as an ax but also as pry bars and hammerheads. A comprehensive list of the Best Tactical Tomahawks in 2018 is presented below and it will be the ultimate guide for you, if you are looking for an advanced tool for your adventures.