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Flashlights, we do not tend to take them seriously give them much thought when we are buying them. As long there is a light coming out from one end right? As it turns out, we may need to pay a little more attention to them since buying one that is badly made could make a simple problem annoyingly and even dangerously complicated.

The number of scenarios we can list there is pretty much endless but let us focus on what is important here and that is: How do you know you are buying a good tactical flashlight. Well, a good place to start would be to examine the key aspects of a good tactical flashlight. That would be durability, light weight, strength, a strong beam of light, efficient use of power etc. There are many tactical flashlights on the market that promise to deliver on the basic criteria and then some but which ones can you actually rely on.

To find out, we decided to have a look at the market ourselves and sift through as many products as we could to assemble this list of the 10 best tactical flashlights that commercially available right now. Not only have they all passed the basic standards, they also have unique features of their own that make them an attractive choice to customers and possibly your next choice as well.

J5 Tactical V1 Pro- LED Flashlight


Product Info
  • ULTRA BRIGHT & LONG-LASTING - Easily light up an entire room or focus in on objects up to 600 feet away! 10 times...
  • COMPACT, FOCUS ADJUSTABLE, THREE MODES - 3 Useful Settings (High – Low - Strobe) and wide-to-narrow beam zoom makes it...
  • WATER RESISTANT & VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE - Compact and tough as nails, this flashlight can survive a 9-foot drop or...
Why we like it: Produces a powerful beam for its meager power source and is rock solid when the going gets tough.

Editor’s rating:

This officially the bestselling flashlight from the J5 tactical range and upon reviewing it, it is not hard to see why. It has a super bright LED light that will shine for hours with just a single AA battery as its power source. Already we are smelling good value for money. It is a small flashlight by any standard but its output maxes out at 300 lumens, also respectable by any standard. It is enough to illuminate an area that is an entire football field away from you, possibly more.

The focus is also adjustable between an intense beam and a wide beam. There are three different operational modes to choose from: high, low, and strobe. It can live off of a single AA battery for over an hour if necessary and as much as a couple weeks with moderate usage. It is designed to be a heavy-duty flashlight but you can still take trial liberties with it if you want since you are entitled to a full refund/replacement if you are not satisfied.

Streamlight 88033 Protac Tactical Flashlight


Product Info
  • Anti roll head design
  • Removable pocket clip
  • Multi function push button tail switch
Why we like it: Simple design and functions and appeals equally to many different customers.

Editor’s rating:

The Streamlight 88033 Protac is no bigger than a marker and uses a couple alkaline batteries to power it but it would not be included on this list if it could not punch well above its weight. It still gets enough of an output from the C4 LED that it uses to make give it one of the brightest beams of any flashlight in its size range. And the flashlight is adjustable through three different programs from low/strobe/high, too high only, and finally low/high.

You can alternate between modes easily by using the tactile rubber push-button tail switch which allows you to do changes with one hand. Because of its simple design and versatile functionality, the Streamlight 88033 Protac does appeal to a greater diversity of markets from personal users, to law enforcement, paramedics, security services, sporting activities etc. However, the versatile application is not the sole reason this flashlight is so popular. It is also durable up to the benchmark of 50,000 hours which is always great for a flashlight of this size.

OxyLED Tactical Flashlight


Product Info
  • ULTRA BRIGHT TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT: OxyLED super bright LED flashlights have 900-lumen CREE LED, which makes it perfect...
  • FIVE LIGHT MODES & FULLY ZOOMABLE: This tactical flashlight features 5 adaptable light modes: High / Medium / Low /...
  • TINY BODY, BUT STRONG AND TOUGH: OxyLED MD50 handheld flashlight only measures 5.31'' (Length) * 1.42'' (Diameter),...
Why we like it: A super tough construction that lets you enjoy all of the benefits this flashlight has to offer.

Editor’s rating:

The first thing to appreciate about the OxyLED MD50 is that is both light and compact yet it delivers a very powerful output. What’s more, that output can be managed in 5 different modes which consist of 3 brightness levels, Strobe and SOS. You can also zoom in and out if you need to. All of these features are characteristic of a good flashlight but that is only half the story. It needs a good design and construction to keep it all together.

Fortunately, those demands have been met handsomely with this flashlight. It is made from an aircraft grade aluminum alloy that is hard-anodized to premium type 3 and has an anti-abrasive coating. It goes without saying that it is very, very durable. The glass lens is super tough as well and is coated with an anti-reflective layer. The whole device is water resistant right up to the IPX-6 level, so not even an intense rainstorm will flummox it. But still, do not deliberately submerge it in water.


Outlite Portable Tactical LED Flashlight


Product Info
  • FLASHLIGHT KIT: 1 A100 Handheld LED Flashlight, 1 pc Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery and Sleeve, 1 Lithium Ion Battery...
  • POWER SOURSE:1pc rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (included) or 3pcs AAA Battery (not included)
  • ADJUSTABLE FOCUS: Intense Spotlight for long range observation can up to 600 feet, Circle Floodlight for large area...
Why we like it: It is not often that you can have two flashlights for the price of one as well as 100,000-hour lifespan.

Editor’s rating:

Unusually, you get two options with the sort of batteries you can use to power this flashlight: either a single 3.7V battery or 3 AAA batteries. The former comes as part of the purchase but the latter will have to be bought separately. And never mind that this flashlight supports two kinds of batteries, it also lasts a long time on each set of batteries. The flashlight still manages to stay ideally compact and light, measuring 130mm in length and weighing 150g.

Of course, you do get your variable illumination modes. Additionally, you can set it upright so it can be used as a lamp when your hands have other errands to run. By the way, there is a bit of bonus going on with this one because included in the price is a separate mini-flashlight which you might prefer when you are hiking or spelunking. But anyway, onto the main piece, an aluminum alloy construction keeps light, durable and stiff. And its high-powered LED does not need replacing for at least 100,000 hours.

Solaray Pro ZX-1XL Professional Series Flashlight Kit


No products found.

Why we like it: We do not know of a better flashlight that delivers so much quality and durability for such a low price tag.

Editor’s rating:

We know based on the vast majority of customer reviews that this one of the best tactical flashlights on the market so we simply had to test it out for ourselves, and sure, it ended up making the list. Here’s why. For starters, to say that it produces a very bright light would be an understatement. In addition to the LED flashlight, the kit comes with a mini Pro LED flashlight as well as a cordless charger for the batteries. The beam generated by the big one is enough to illuminate a decent sized room as well as focus on certain objects at a distance.

The power source behind this fist fitting lighthouse is a couple of lithium-ion batteries which have also been implanted with a PCB. It is no surprise then that the maximum output is so blinding. However, you do not have to use all of it all the time. With this flashlight, you get a selection of 5 modes that you can browse through with the simple click of a button. The body is made from the same sort of aluminum used for aircrafts and is completely waterproof. Question is, how did this end up being so cheap to buy?

AR Happy-Online 5 Pack SK-68 LED Tactical Flashlight


Product Info
  • Made of durable aluminum alloy casing, skid-proof & water resistant designed. Adjustable focus range for different...
  • This 3 modes LED flashlight will meet all your needs, for example, when you want to attract attention, you can choose...
  • Powered by 1 x AA battery or 1 x 14500 battery (not included). 14500 battery will make the flashlight brighter than AA...
Why we like it: Very good output for such a small device and is a lot tougher than you might expect.

Editor’s rating:

Straight away, we will concede that this is not the brightest flashlight out there but with its maximum output of 350 lumens, it is by no means a dim one. Plus, it sacrifices a bit of shine for gains elsewhere. For the brightness that it generates, it has managed to remain exceptionally tiny. It measures just under 9.5 centimeters and weighs a mere 65 grams. But make no mistake, this is not a fragile device, maintaining the same amount of indestructibility as a rock…

Or a very strong metal. The body is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, not that aluminum was a pretty heavy metal, to begin with. It has been designed to be waterproof and skid proof. That said, however, we would advise you not to try your luck dipping it in the water as that experiment would surely fail. But in the event of a downpour, it will be able to function quite nicely. The warranty is valid for a good couple of months.


Akaho Tactical Flashlight


Product Info
  • Energy-efficient despite the high-powered functionality taclight is environment-friendly and cost-efficient. Bulbs last...
  • SPECIAL POWER: High-Efficiency and Great Output LED Chip, Super Bright Tac Light
  • ADVANCED DESIGN: Skid-Proof design & Water Resistant design (Impressive performance among handheld flashlights)
Why we like it: Construction is very reliable and strong, plus it lasts twice as long as other flashlights in its range.

Editor’s rating:

There is one explosive detail to consider with the Akaho tactical flashlight but first, let us evaluate the usual specs. This is one of your typical handheld flashlights made from a 6061T aluminum alloy which is a triple threat of strength, durability, and lightweight. Waterproofing is both a yes and a no with this one. Yes, you can use it while it is raining. No, you cannot dip it into a pool. The five operating modes are high, middle, low, strobe, and SOS.

The power source is a 18650 battery that gets the most taken out of it thanks to the internal wiring applications of the high-efficiency booster circuit. In addition to being partially waterproof, this flashlight is also skid proof, which is a handy feature to have particularly in the wet. But now for the most amazing spec of all, buy this light and you will only be replacing the bulb, not for every 50,000 hours, but every 100,000 hours!

Fenix PD35 LED Tactical Flashlight


Product Info
  • 1000 Lumen max utilizing Cree XP-L (V5) LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Uses one 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery or two 3V CR123A Lithium batteries
  • Tactical tail switch with momentary-on function
Why we like it: One of the best sellers of a trusted brand thanks to very efficient, controllable output and long lifespan.

Editor’s rating:

The PD35 is one Fenix’s bestselling flashlights and has been upgraded to provide better output from an already compact profile. It is a true lightweight, weighing a mere 87 grams measuring under 14 centimeters. However, its 18650 battery turns out a maximum output of 960 lumens when in Turbo mode. However, it is a given that such an output uses up a lot of juice and sometimes unnecessarily when you do not need it to be all so powerful. But there is a solution to that.

The PD35 5 operational modes including the most powerful, turbo mode. Starting with economy mode which has an output of 14 lumens and lasts up to 150 hours. Then, there is low mode with a 50-lumen output lasting 38 hours, mid mode outputting 180 lumens for 10 hours, high mode which puts out 460 lumens for 3 hours and 15 minutes, and finally turbo mode with the full 960 lumens lasting an hour and 10 minutes.

Klarus XT11X 3200 Lumens


Product Info
  • klarus xt11x - 3200 lumens,KLARUS most powerful tactical flashlight to date! X-treme power! CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED with max...
  • Easy Interface: One Touch Strobe, One Touch Turbo, One Touch Low, Mode Memory Function, SOS, Switch Lock-out Function,...
  • Multiple safety systems: Intelligent Thermal Protection System (ITS), Intelligent Battery Identification System (IBIS),...

Editor’s rating:

Why we like it:

It would be hard to beat by any other tactical flashlight that shines brighter than Klarus 3200 lumens CREE. With a 283m Beam Throw plus the 82 hours, Max runs time. This flashlight 

takes it to another level by using an upgraded LED and Lithium-Ion battery.

If you are looking for a handheld bright tactical flashlight that is operation friendly, the XT11X is affordable and from a reputable brand. There is also a Dual tactical tail switch and a side switch. Additionally, there is 6 lighting modes and 3 programmable easy user settings.

The USB is rechargeable, and the indicator light displays battery life available. The Klarus IPX 8 is waterproof and has a lifetime warranty.


The Klarus 3200 flashlight has an Aerospace Aluminum alloy body with CNC machining; Mil-spec hard anodizing (HA III); lightweight yet robust construction.


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