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Hunting down the ultimate pair of shades is a daunting task. Every guy wants to look Top Gun cool without appearing dated or sacrificing quality. Modern times require modern designs, which is what this list is all about. 

We’ve rounded up the best sunglasses for men based on a number of criteria. Looks are important, and we want you to wear your pair with confidence, but there’s more to a pair of sunglasses than their appearance. 

Not only should the ultimate shades look cool, but they should also be built to last. Durability is essential when wearing a pair throughout the summer (or all year if you’re lucky enough to live in a sunny locale). They also need to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Safety-conscious shades are a requirement to be considered in-style, you know. 

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Check out this list of the ten best sunglasses for men on the market, guaranteed to up your style game while offering you a quality product. We’ve even included a buyer’s guide afterward to help you find something unique to your look. 

How We Chose Our Ratings

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With a quick online search, you can find dozens of articles trying to influence your style. The thing is, they’re a dime a dozen. What good is a “best of” list if it’s only trying to sell you a product instead of highlighting the top products on the market?

Our goal is to bring you an honest and accurate list comprised of tireless research. We undergo an extensive vetting process to create each article. Why? Because you deserve to know which products rock and which are a waste of your hard earned cash. 

After rounding up as many products as possible, we take a look at customer reviews. Any company will tell you their sunglasses are the best, but customers reveal where they shine and when they fall short. This gives us insight into aspects like durability and quality. 

Next, we check out testimonials. Years of reviewing products have gifted us with the ability to weed through the fake, sales-pitch testimonials and pull out honest customer opinions. We take the real ones into consideration, placing a flag by those that were bought and paid for. 

Afterward, we examine the data surrounding the product. For sunglasses, that includes aspects like durability, how scratch-resistant the lenses are, and whether or not they’re in style or trending. Metals, nose pads, hinges, and temples are all taken into consideration. 

Finally, we look at brand reputation. We’re all for newcomers who create stellar products, but a company with a track record of top-quality shades and customer satisfaction is always a plus in our book. 

With the criteria above, we limit our list down to just a handful of products before rating them on a scale of one to five stars. After, we take the top ten five-star champs and place them through the rating system again with a harsher mindset. 

The result is a list of ten products that we feel are the best of the best on the market today. It’s a long process, but giving consumers like you the buying power to make an educated purchase is well worth it. Besides, smarter consumers force companies to pump out higher quality products.

Top 10 Best Sunglasses for Men

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Here it is, the fruits of our labor. We’ve placed the absolute best at the top of the list, working down our five-star rating system from there. 

Ray-Ban Icons Retro

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Ray-Ban is a well-known leader in the sunglasses industry, but these retro-styled specs are a far cry from their traditional, hipster-ish designs. Reinvigorating the 60s appeal of rounded frames, the Icons series delivers the fun and sophisticated appeal of the era in a modern design.

The metal frames offer a stunning gold look with a slightly green tint in the lenses that John Lennon would lose his mind over. The tips are covered in a clear-white to help the coloring on this model pop. Meanwhile, the nose pads are on off-shade of rose-like gold. 

When it comes to style, these Ray-Bans are tough to beat. Their coloring allows them to pair with nearly anything in your closet, boosting your style with a unique combination of classic and modern.

Warby Parker Campbell

Inspired by the traditional square look of yesteryear’s shades, the Campbell frame offers a luxuriously wide fit. Stainless steel with acetate tips delivers timeless appeal, while the top-of-the-lens construction creates a distinctly modern look with a deeper profile. 

The screws on the hinges are coated in Akulon, giving them superb durability even as daily wearers. Finally, they’re hand-polished to create an envious sheen. Throw in their slim, lightweight design, and you have an excellent pair of stylish shades.

Prada Aviator

Prada and fashion go hand in hand, with these aviators as a prime example. They’re everything you love about the classic 80s design with a modern touch that softens the look. This is the reimagination of a timeless design, bringing the aviator into contemporary fashion. 

Each lens offers 100% UV protection in their 57mm width. Made in Italy, you can rely on Prada’s history of high-quality frames to shine through in this pair’s metal alloy. The temples are plastic coated for added comfort, with an excellent contour. You can choose from black or gunmetal.

Raen Wiley Polarized

Fitted with Carl Zeiss polarized lenses, the CR-39s, these Raen sunglasses maintain a vintage appeal while boasting a contemporary design. The 54mm lenses offer 100% UV protection, while the all-plastic frames are exceptionally comfortable yet durable. 

The hinges are reinforced with stylish screws, adding a supreme level of durability to these shades. A slate frame with brown lenses gives them a look that can pair with the majority of your wardrobe, adding a distinct fashion statement in sunny weather.

Persol Tortoiseshell Acetate

These Persol sunglasses employ a D-frame complete with tempered crystal lenses. Together, they create one of the most durable pairs on the market. UV protection keeps your eyes safe in the sun, while the classic tortoiseshell coloring provides a unique look. 

The benefit of tortoiseshell, aside from the exciting coloring, is that it pairs with any skin tone. Adding to the stylish factor are the almost metal-colored blue lenses. They’re light enough that you can see your eyes behind them, but retain a neutral shade perfect for pairing with any clothing option.

Tom Ford Henry

The Henry model from Tom Ford shoots for a timeless appeal, hitting its mark dead center. Crafted in Italy, these distinctly vintage shades feature the signature Tom Ford “T” branded directly onto the hinges. Its lenses protect against both UVA and UVB, remaining open at the bottom. 

The black frame is constructed from acetate, which pairs luxuriously with the gunmetal insert found on the bottom rim. Gunmetal accents on the temple and hinge create a sophisticated appeal. Finally, the brand’s name is engraved in the lens at the top right corner.

Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck

One of the more unique looking shades on this list, Oliver People’s Gregory Peck is iconic. Its rounded frame is clear, the lenses are blue, and the bridge is a keyhole design. You might recognize these sunglasses from Atticus Finch’s role in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” 

While they boast a similar design to Finch’s pair, Oliver Peoples modernized their look with a crystal-clear acetate frame. The lenses are photochromic, offering 100% UVA and UVB protection. An anti-reflective coating makes them summer-day-ready, while a three-barrel hinge adds increased durability to the original design.

Saint Lauren SL 250

The SL 250 is as simple as they come. These are redesigned 60s frames with Saint Lauren’s modern Italian craftsmanship. They might be the lightest pair on this list, which combines with their prescription-ready make to create an everyday pair of sunglasses. 

The frame on the SL 250 is metal wiring, just like the good ol’ days, while the lenses are nylon. Your eyes are fully protected from UVA and UVB rays, too. Metal frames aren’t for everyone, but those who don’t mind them can benefit from these stylish sunglasses.

Thom Browne Square-Frame

Handmade in Japan, these Thom Brownes boast a modern take on what your grandfather might have worn back in the day. The frame is a combination of matte black and silver tone metal, featuring the brand’s signature red, white, and blue stripes at the very end of the temple. 

The lenses are an attractive shade of brown, offering full UV protection and a wide, square design for plenty of coverage. They share the top metal rod found on aviators, but the bridge is crafted to for superior comfort. Ready-to-wear with anything in your closet, you can’t go wrong with these shades.

Garrett Leight California Brooks 47

Made in California, these Garrett Laight shades are crafted from lightweight acetate and colored to a unique matte brown. The lenses, which offer complete UV protection, are both polarized and green. The Brooks 47 hinges are reinforced, pairing with the thicker part of the temple to deliver excellent durability. 

The nose pads on this model are part of the design of the frame, which you may enjoy based on your preference. One thing we did notice about this pair is that it isn’t all that wide. You might want to consider something else if your head is larger.

Buyer’s Guide

Hopefully, this list helped you find the perfect pair of shades (or two). If you’re still hunting for the best sunglasses for men, then take a look at this buyer’s guide. We’ve included the ultimate criteria for finding the perfect pair of shades. 

100% or Bust

The first, and most important, thing to consider is UV protection. Ultraviolet light is detrimental to the health of your eyes. Top companies and brands know this, which is why all of their lines offer 100% UV protection. 

Let’s say you find the coolest, most stylish pair you’ve ever seen in your life but there’s no sticker indicating their UV protection rating, or they’re rated at less than 100%. What do you do? Move on; that’s what. Don’t sacrifice protection for style. You’ll end up regretting it as you age. 

Also, darker shades do not equal more protection. There’s no correlation, so don’t rely on the tint when shopping. The same goes for color. Amber, green, and gray can only offer as much UV protection as the manufacturer designed them to.

Large and in Charge

The larger the lenses, the more coverage you have from the sun. This is what makes aviators a popular choice. Their larger lenses provide ample coverage. Plus, more coverage means less intrusive light is coming in from the corner of your shades. 


While polarized lenses don’t affect the UV rating, they do help reduce glare. This is something you should look for no matter what you want to wear your shades for. Less glare comes in handy when driving, boating, or just relaxing in the park. 


You don’t have to break the bank to buy the best pair of shades. Complete UV protection can be found on some of the cheapest pairs on the market, but style always costs more. The higher the price, the higher the durability as well. If you want to find a pair you can wear daily, then prepare to fork over a little extra cash. 

When it comes to durability, acetate and metal frames are the best. You should also consider reinforced hinges, which are often the weakest part of any pair of glasses, as these will prolong the life of your shades. Tortoiseshell, wood, and buffalo horn are considered the most durable options.


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Now that technical specs are out of the way; you can focus on finding the perfect style. Start with the frames. You can worry about lens color in a moment. There are various styles to choose from, with each brand offering their own take on the classics. Your choices for everyday shades include:

  • Classic aviators
  • Teardrop aviators
  • Square aviators
  • Clubmaster or Browline
  • Wayfarer
  • Hinge-less
  • Round
  • Rectangle Rimless
  • Semi-Rimless
  • Wrap-Around Rectangle
  • Persol
  • and Retro Squared

You can also choose a sport or work style if need be, as well as clip-on or foldable designs. Deciding on a few favorite frame shapes helps to narrow your search. There are also guides for which style suits your face shape, but these aren’t definitive.

Lenses: Type

Before thinking about anything else, consider the type of lens you’re looking for. Most shades offer glass, plastic, polycarbonate, or SR-91. Plastic is by far the worst, so forget any pair incorporating them all together. 

Glass is an alright option. It’s incredibly clear, distortion-free, and fairly scratch resistant. The price point for glass lenses is wallet-friendly, too. They’re as thin as polycarbonate in most cases, which helps reduce weight.

Polycarbonate takes a hit in clarity and distortion but boasts several improvements over glass. They are lighter, more scratch resistant, and offer increased impact resistance. While they are a little more expensive, their benefits over glass make them worth your while. 

SR-91 lenses excel in all categories. They might cost the most, but you’re paying for quality. They are equally as clear and distortion-free as glass lenses while retaining the benefits of polycarbonate. This style is also the most scratch-resistant out there. Best of all, every SR-91 offers 100% UV protection.

Lenses: Color

Lens color is mostly a matter of personal preference, but there are a few benefits offered with certain colors. Blue, for instance, filters out white light and is recommended for being on the water or in the snow. Yellow filters out blue light and is excellent for hunting or target practice as well as low-light conditions. 

Gray is considered the best for driving since it offers the best color perception, while brown and amber cut out neutral tones to increase depth perception. Green shades are excellent at reducing glare and filtering blue light while transmitting colors equally across the scale. 

You may or may not notice these subtle changes, but they do exist. Don’t let color be the ultimate deciding factor, however. Stick with UV protection and a polarized lens.

Lenses: Coating

Polarized coatings are the most popular. The reflect light and protect your eyes from glare. That isn’t your only option, tough. Some prefer photochromic lenses that darken and lighten with changing levels of light. 

There are also gradient coatings that start darker on the top and lighten as they approach the bottom of the lens. Mirrored coatings are also popular for those who enjoy the anonymity of a quality pair of shades.

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