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A regular exercise routine is part of a healthy lifestyle, but us ladies can have a bit harder of a time getting into the groove. No matter what you do to work out, a quality sports bra is an essential piece of equipment before your step in the gym. Unfortunately, because of how they differ from regular bras, picking out the best sports bra can be quite the challenge.

You don't just need to find a bra that fits well; it also needs to provide the right amount of support while preventing uncomfortable jostling, be a close fit without being too tight, enable activity, and have a fabric that can handle you working up a sweat. While this seems like a tall order to fulfill, it's not impossible.

You no longer need to make a purchase blind and hope it works out in the end—we've compiled the ultimate buyer's guide to help on the quest to find the best sports bra around!


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woman wearing a sports bra

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Starting strong right from the very top, we have the women's underwire sports bra from Wacoal. As you can guess from the name, this bra makes use of underwire to provide the same level of full support that you'd get out of your everyday ones. What also makes it excellent is that it can give that level of quality support to even ladies with larger sizes, ranging from C to H.

What sets this garment apart as a bra suitable for sports is in its moisture-wicking material, so you can count on it to stay dry and not sopping wet from your sweat, even during your most extended workouts. Both the straps and closure are adjustable, too, allowing you to get the perfect fit. This bra makes staying comfortable during your exercise look easy and stylish.

Chantelle Intimates Underwire Sports Bra

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Another bra that provides exceptional support and massively reduces bounce, no matter your workout routine, is this offering from Chantelle. Once more, we have underwire to help out, and anyone who engages in high-impact exercises like running will be happy to know this bra is perfect for that. The flexibility of the underwire is also great for your comfort.

If you're someone who prefers racerback bra straps, the j-hook clip in the back allows you to do just that. You also have different color options available, so you don't have to sacrifice your sense of fashion completely for a comfortable workout. Admittedly, the price is a bit on the higher end, but it can be worth the investment to have one on hand for those high-intensity workout routines.

Rabbit Spaghetti BRA-vo

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If Chantelle's offering is one of the best picks for high impact workout routines, Rabbit's spaghetti BRA-vo is an option for those who have lower intensity levels in their workout, whether it be for yoga or even cross training. The spaghetti style straps almost emulate a bikini top, and this design makes for a very soft bra that allows for excellent mobility.

Aside from being a fit for low-intensity workouts, this bra is much more suitable for those who don't want a lot of coverage or are on the smaller range of breast sizes. It's also comfortable enough that you might not even mind wearing it once your workout is over. The price falls into the mid-range of what you can expect, but as a specially designed sports bra, the comfort is worth it.

Live the Process Corset Bra

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Another option that's a perfect fit for low-intensity workouts comes from this stylish number from Live the Process. The overall design looks great, and the thinner fabric means that it won't stick out. The material is also incredibly stretchy, making for maximum fit and flexibility all around. If it weren't for the support it gives, you wouldn't even feel like you were wearing a bra.

You won't have any shortage of coverage with this bra, either. Even better is the design of the straps. First off, the straps are incredibly thin, so you don't have to worry about them showing while you work out, even if you wear tank tops. Thanks to their design, the straps also won't slide off or dig into your shoulders, letting you focus on your exercise routine instead.

The Bounce Prevention Sports Bra

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Plenty of things can cause trouble while working out, and your chest overenthusiastically bouncing is one of them. Not only can that sensation be uncomfortable, but it can also be bad for your health. If this issue is an ongoing one for you, you can rest easy knowing that the bounce prevention sports bra does what its name implies that it does.

The developers of this bra specifically wanted to make it comfortable for women of any size to be able to work out without bouncing boobs interfering. Instead of trying to squash down your chest to make it behave, the cups are there to provide support while still keeping everything out of the way with an advertised eighty-three percent less bounce.

Panache Underwire Sports Bra

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Panache has brought together a lot of desirable elements into one sports bra to create an excellent experience. You have silicone-encased underwires at the ready for strong support, and they meld perfectly into the rest of the design. You can also hook the back straps to add extra support during high impact activities.

This bra will also stay comfortable throughout your entire workout thanks to the ventilating mesh panels on both the shoulders and bust. Even the shoulder straps have cushioning put in, adding an extra touch of comfort that not many other bras have on hand. Once more, it's another pricey option, but you do have your pick of colors ready for you to enjoy owning.

Rabbit Croptastic

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The Rabbit Croptastic is the perfect option for those hot months when the idea of even wearing two layers seems unthinkable. Technically, it's a crop top with bra support, but we think that the all-in-one design is worth your attention. You don't need to wear anything else; slip on the top, and you'll be able to get to work without struggling to get a tank on over your bra.

The top is suitable for different sizes, but the crop-top design means that you will parts of your midriff in the process. For those who are a bit more well-endowed, you'll also show off a bit more skin, as the top does ride up a bit to accommodate your chest. The design might not be perfect for everyone, but for those who don't mind, the Croptastic makes an excellent addition to your workout wardrobe.

Adidas Crossback Sports Bra

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This bra makes for a quality pick for anyone with a chest in the medium range. With the cross back design, you have the support you need for hitting the gym. Even with that excellent support on your side, though, Adidas's sports bra offering still feels lightweight and comfortable to move around in while you wear it. 

Another way that this bra contributes to comfort is the spacer pad, which helps whenever you start to work up a sweat. Even those with routines that run a risk of exposing a bit of chest (bear crawls, anyone?) don't have to worry thanks to the raised neckline. With a very inexpensive cost, this bra is functional, affordable, and ready for action.

Spot Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra

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Sports bras tend to take different approaches to how they provide the support your chest needs, and some happen to incorporate underwire. While this design can be useful, some of us would rather stay away from underwire whenever we have the chance. This full-support sports bra makes it possible to do just that without needing to stay away from high-impact workout routines.

The molded cups are part of how this bra works, even without an underwire. You can also expect additional comfort through the gel-infused straps, which help with keeping cool. Overall, this sports bra will hold its shape and last a while, and you can find it at a reasonable deal price with a little hunting around, making it easy to buy several if you like them.

Brooks Fiona Sports Bra

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Coming from a company founded by a pair of female runners, it's no surprise that the Brooks Fiona sports bra makes it onto our list. The founders knew that the right combination of comfort, stretch, and wicking was what makes an excellent sports bra, and this one does all that and more. Overall, we recommend this design for high impact exercises, though it will serve you well in others as well.

Both the back closure and straps are adjustable, which you don't always have the option for when it comes to sports bras. This design allows for you to get the perfect fit, plus the multiple color choices let you express a little bit of personal flair in the process. The material also stays dry once you start to sweat, thanks to the high-wicking capabilities. 

NIKE Women's Victory Compression Sports Bra

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NIKE is one of those brands that's almost synonymous with a good workout, and their sports bra has everything you need to get the job done and hold your chest in place in the process. It's an all-around bra that can handle numerous types of workouts, and it's better suited for those with smaller and medium-sized chest sizes.

The technology in this bra has two key components, the first being the compression aspect that prevents bounce. The second is in the wicking capability, which helps you keep your sweat from becoming highly uncomfortable throughout your workout. Without any cups, clasps, or wires, this bra is comfortable to pull on and doesn't give any trouble as you clean it.

Champion Show-Off Sports Bra

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We have another contender on the list from Champion that gives you a lot for its low-mid range price. This bra will have your back through high-impact exercises, and the keyhole racerback style helps out with the support. There's also cup lining available so that you can have a touch of comfort throughout your workout.

You can adjust the straps as necessary to ensure you get the fit just right. The material is suited for moisture-wicking, so expect this bra to be with you in the long run—or the workout activity of your choice. We're also big fans of how the design incorporates two different colors for a bit of style and how you have your choice of color combinations. 

Calvin Klein Ladies' Seamless Bralette

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For another tank with built-in support, we recommend the Horizon long-bra from Calvin Klein. Aside from its stylish look that also prevents the need for wearing layers, we also like how it can fit women of all chest sizes. Those with smaller busts will be able to wear this long bra during running or other high-intensity activities, while those on the larger end of the size range can use it in their low-impact exercise.

The overall design will show off only a little midriff without going overboard. You have four different color options when purchasing the Horizon long-bra, which is nice since it will serve as the topmost layer of your workout outfit. For maximum convenience, Janji also has matching leggings available, letting you rock style as you head to the gym.

Enell Women's Wire-Free Sports Bra

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We love this offering that helps accommodate for women with larger breasts who might have trouble finding a sports bra that will fit their size. The sizes range from thirty-two to sixty-inches, though their sizing system is a bit different from the norm. Before you go to purchase one, it's best to check your measurements so you can order correctly, but it's well worth it.

These bras not only provide the coverage you need for exercise, but they even give support for high-impact activities like indoor cycling. It's also earned the endorsement of athletes, and we extend that recommendation as well. Falling into the mid-range of pricing for quality sports bras, Enell is ready to bring your workout to the next level.

Tips for Purchasing a Sports Bra

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If you're on the hunt for the best sports bra, then you likely want the perfect combination of comfort and practicality. Whether you're trying to narrow down the options in our list of top picks or you're aiming to strike out and hunt for sports bras on your own, here are some shopping tips to always keep in mind!

Size and Adjustability

Sports bra sizes aren't always as precise as their other counterparts, but that doesn't mean you should neglect the effort to find one that fits. A bra that's too tight will cause discomfort and potentially cause trouble with breathing, while one that's not tight enough won't keep your breasts from moving around during your workout, which has its own set of potential medical concerns.

To ensure you always have the right size, you should measure your chest (or have someone else do so) to ensure you'll have a comfortable fit. If you can, it's also always best to try on the bra before you purchase it, both to save time and discomfort. If you have extra concerns about fit, selecting adjustable bras will allow you to have control over your comfort.


While you'll always need appropriate chest support on your side, different levels of intensity in your workout can require just how much help you'll need out of your bra. When it comes to getting the best result, style can play a critical factor; while many sports bras come as one stretched fit, they don't provide nearly the same amount of support as individual cups will.

Strap Style

While we've mentioned the helpfulness of adjustable straps, those aren't your only option. Among sports bras its not uncommon to find designs that include:

  • Thin
  • Wide
  • Racerback

Unlike how fitted cups can provide better support, there is no one right answer to the strap question. It's all a matter of which one is most comfortable for you. If you're unsure, try out the different types to see which you prefer, and then purchase from there.

Your Exercise Routine

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Another personalized aspect of hunting for the best sports bras thinking about what your exercise routine is. Thankfully, bra makers have made this simpler by categorizing their garments by impact level; runners do better with high-impact bras, while those who do yoga won't need the same amount of support.

Likewise, the intensity of your workout will correspond with another critical factor: how much you sweat. You may not be able to stop sweat, but you can pick a bra with moisture-wicking fabric, which will make sweat dry up much faster than usual and will help you stay comfortable through your whole workout routine.

Wrapping Up

We hope that our best sports bra guide has helped take some of the stress out of knowing whether or not that bra you bought will get the job done during your workout routine. Between our top picks and shopping tips, you have everything you need to make the right purchase and hit the ground running (or whatever exercise routine awaits)!

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