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Mobile phones are constantly being upgraded to add newer features with each release. Usually the improvements that come with these is that the phones are made slimmer while the screen sizes are usually made larger and at higher resolutions. This has a significant impact on the battery life of the phone, hence you will need to constantly charge them if you are a heavy user of your phone. This could often be problematic especially if you aren’t in a location where you can charge your phone. This is where solar powered chargers come in as they can automatically top up the charge on the charger while you are out during the day. Your phone can then be charged just like how you would charge it off a power bank. Here are some of the best solar powered chargers that you can buy.

Dizaul Solar Charger, 5000mAh


Product Info
  • High-Speed Charging: The combination of power delivery and QC 3.0 output provide optimal charging up to 18W for your...
  • Fast Wireless Charger: The wireless power bank supports 5W, 7.5W, and 10W wireless output levels, short-press the power...
  • Friendly Reminder on Solar: Please kindly know that solar charging is an additional feature, Taken the small panel size,...

Why we like it: This particular model of solar charger comes with a whopping 5000mAh battery which makes it able to charge your devices multiple times before running out of battery. It is also integrated with fast charging technology and it will automatically be able to detect if the device you plug in supports it. The travel solar charge functionality will allow it to automatically charge when you’re outdoors and there is sufficient sunlight. There is also an LED flashlight feature which makes it handy to be used for outdoor hiking or camping and need an emergency flashlight, suddenly. There are the necessary indicators on the charger which can notify you of the statues of the charger. It is widely compatible with most of the devices like iPhones, Samsung phones, tablets and various other devices that supports charging through USB.

Solar Charger, Solar Power Bank 10000mAh


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Why we like it: This solar charger is specifically suited for using outdoors, probably for hiking or trekking. It comes with water resistance, shock resistance and also is designed in such a way as to prevent it from trapping dust. Further, you also get a compass and bright flashlight with the charger which makes it quite convenient. There are two ports on the charger so you can charge two devices simultaneously. One of the ports is rated at 1A whilst the other is at 2.1A which can support fast charging on certain devices. The build quality is quite strong as it is made of strong materials like ABS, PC and Silicone. There are also appropriate lights on the charger to indicate its status. It can be charged using a wall outlet or the solar power panel, whichever is convenient.


RAVPower 16W Solar Charger


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Why we like it: Next on the list is this powerful solar charger provided by Ravpower. This solar powered charger features a very high conversion of solar energy. It comes with two ports with 3A output power which can support phones or other devices that have fast charging enabled. The two ports of the charger can be used simultaneously which makes it faster to charge multiple devices. There is a special feature implemented on the charger called iSmart, which makes it fully compatible with all your devices and allow fast charging speed on them. The foldable design that it comes in makes it very easy to carry in your pocket or your backpack, especially if you plan on going on long hikes. Furthermore, it is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it if you happen to expose it to any spills or the rain.


Anker 15W Dual Ports USB Solar Charger


Product Info
  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 10 million+ powered by our leading technology.
  • Fast Charging Technology: PowerIQ delivers the fastest possible charge up to 2.1 amps under direct sunlight. 15 watt...
  • Incredibly Durable: Industrial-strength PET polymer faced solar panels sewn into rugged polyester canvas offer...

Why we like it: Anker is one of the top brands when it comes to solar powered charger manufacturers. This particular model of the solar powered charger comes with fast charging facility. This will be able to top up the charge on your phone at a rapid rate provided your phone has the fast charging facility. You also get sufficient power to charge upto two devices simultaneously which could come as a convenience if you own multiple portable devices. The body of the charger is made of very strong PET polymer which makes it very durable and highly resistant to weather when used outdoors in adverse weather conditions. Its compact size makes it extremely portable as it comes in with elastic loops at the end which you can use to carry it on your backpack. It is very light in weight so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable carrying the device in your pocket. The device also comes with an 18-month warranty which makes it ideal for long term use.

X-DNENG Solar Charger


Why we like it: This solar charger by X-DNENG comes with a very high 10000 mAh battery capacity and dual ports for charging multiple devices at the same time. The design is quite compact, making it easy to fit into a pocket or to be carried around without causing much inconvenience. The material design is quite strong as it is made of a very durable plastic. There is also an elastic band at the end of the charger so you can attach it to your back pack with ease in case you plan on taking it on treks. Compatibility should not be an issue as it is compatible with even some of the latest devices like the iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung S6 Edge and also your Gopro Camera. There is an LED flashlight feature as well that allows you to use it as a light source which should be quite sufficient for navigating in dark environments.


Levin Solar Charger 10000 mAh


Product Info
  • High capacity built-in 10000mah li-polymer rechargeable battery
  • Dual USB charger ports(1a port/2a port): the dual ports allow you to charge two devices simultaneously, 1A port for...
  • Shock-proof feature: the shock-proof feature guarantees that the power bank won't be damaged seriously even it crashes...

Why we like it: Comes with a very large capacity 10000 mAh rechargeable battery which should be able to charge most devices multiple times. You also get two USB charger ports so you can charge up to two devices simultaneously. It has a shock resistance as well so will be able to withstand even the harshest impacts on it without breaking. Even the drop is really hard, there won’t be any serious damage to the charger. It comes in a very stylish design and the compact size allows it to be carried around with ease. There is also an elastic hanger that comes with the charger so you can hang it on your backpack when going on treks or hikes. Levin also provides good customer service and provides a one-year warranty with the purchase of the charger.



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Why we like it: This is a very powerful solar powered charger that features the iSolar and Fast Charging facilities. What makes this so special is that it can optimise the output charge level in order to deliver the maximum possible current rating. This can be upto a whopping 3.5 amps which should support most of the devices that have fast charging facilities available. It has two ports available so you can charge two devices simultaneously without any issue. Some of the tests run on the charger show that it can charge even some of the high end phones like the iPhone 6 more than 4 times. It comes in a very compact size which makes it easy to carry around in your pocket. There is also an extremely durable casing which is highly resistant to shock, so it would not break even if it is dropped. It is also water resistant and dust proof so you can take it out on long hikes without having to worry about it getting damaged.

Nekteck 20W Solar Charger


Product Info
  • 【High-Efficieny】The high-efficiency of its three solar Monocrystalline panels cell is based on SunPower Maxeon...
  • 【Advanced Smart IC Chip Technology】 Microchip support to detects the electronic devices plugged into the USB ports...
  • 【Portable and Foldable】The 6.3x 11.1x 1.06 inch (when folded ) small size and 17.3-ounce design that can easily...

Why we like it: Nekteck is one of the dominant names when it comes to solar power chargers and this particular model also does live up to the company’s reputation. It has highly efficient solar panels on the charger which can convert more than 20 – 25 % of the solar energy into chemical energy. This provides enough power to charge even two devices at the same time. There is the fast charging technology implemented with a smart IC chip which can automatically identify if you have plugged in a device that supports fast charging. It can produce a maximum of 3A output so this should be compatible with most of the modern day devices. It is ultra-lightweight so you can carry it around in your pocket without it being a burden. It has a very durable build quality that is made to withstand any harsh environment conditions. You also receive a 12-month warranty.

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