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Ever since the phenomenon was introduced, people have been going crazy over selfies. Gone are the days when you stop random strangers on the road to take pictures of you. Thanks to this new technology, it is now possible for you to take pictures of yourself all on your own. However, taking a selfie on your smartphone can be tricky sometimes. For one, when taking a group-selfie, it can be impossible to fit everyone into the frame. Sometimes, your arms might even ache when you keep holding the phone for long periods of time. If these are problems you face regularly, you need to get yourself a selfie stick.

Selfie sticks are the ultimate solution for your selfie problems since they enable you to capture the pictures without any hassle. You can keep on clicking with ease and your arms will never ache. When picking a selfie stick, there are a number of things that you need to consider. You need to think about the length of the stick. You also need to know whether it will be compatible with your smartphone. The following are some popular options into the market you definitely need to take into consideration.

JETech Battery-Free Selfie Stick

Product Info
  • Plug-and-Play, battery free, apps free for products (IOS above 5.0)
  • Compatibility with Android smartphone: need to download app "Camera 360", and a setting need for certain smartphones....
  • Extendable upto 28.7 inch, adjustable phone holder allowing random rotation of shooting angle. Allows for selfies or...

Why we like it:

This particular selfie stick is incredibly convenient for you, as it doesn’t require batteries, bluetooth, or charging. It is a “plug and play” model. You simply plug it into your phone, expand the selfie stick, and press the button to take a picture. It’s that easy!

If you’re using this selfie stick with an Apple product, there’s no need to download an app. If you’re using an Android smartphone, you will need to download the app Camera 360, and certain settings may need to be adjusted for specific models.

This selfie stick extends up to 28.7 inches and is fully adjustable. It allows for rotation for various shooting angles, and can be used for selfies or above-crowd shots.

The best part? It comes with a life-time warranty card! You can enjoy all-around better selfies every day with this selfie stick.

MOCREO Selfie Stick

No products found.

Why we like it: With this device, taking selfies will definitely become a much less of a hassle. One of the most impressive features of this particular selfie stick is the adjustable 360 degree fill light rotation. This light will offer you more natural lighting. This will make your photos look more beautiful, especially when you take in the night. Also, the over design of this device is compact, lightweight and portable. The selfie stick weighs no more than 183 grams and is capable of extending from 18.5 centimeters to 34.6 centimeters. This easy-to-use design enables you to carry the selfie stick around without any inconvenience. The device also includes a front and rear mirrors which will enable you to take pictures in various angles both day and night. The device is compatible with most smartphones in the market. Moreover, the manufacturer also offers a 12-month warranty for all customers which further increases the reliability of the product.

Mpow iSnap X

Product Info
  • POPULAR & FASHION GIFT : With built-in Bluetooth remote control & great battery, Mpow selfie stick allows you to take...
  • EXTENDABLE TO 31.9 INCHES & ADJUSTABLE DEGREE : The Bluetooth selfie stick 270 degree adjustable head ensures that you...
  • MPOW BRAND CERTIFIED: Top-Brand Bluetooth Accessories for Smartphones. PREMIUM INSURANCE FOR YOU: The extra wrist strap...

Why we like it: You can invest your money in this product of Mpow without hesitation since the brand is quite a reliable and recognized one in this particular industry. This selfie stick comes with a built-in Bluetooth remote control. This means that you will be able to take pictures in a simplified manner. The device also has great battery life since it will last for a long period of time when compared to its counterparts in the market. Also, this selfie stick has a 270 degree adjustable head which enables it to be quite flexible. This way, you will be able to take pictures in various angles. One of the most impressive features of this product is the fact that it is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is turn the device on, pair it with your phone through Bluetooth and then keep clicking! Moreover, since the device has a maximum length of 31.5 inches, it is compatible with majority of the smartphone sizes in the market.

Anker Extendable Selfie Stick

No products found.

Why we like it: This is a selfie stick that does not come with Bluetooth or charging issues. All you need to do is plug in the pin into your headphone jack. Viola, you are good to go! With this device, you can take any number of selfies without having to charge. Also, since the stick is adjustable and easy-to-use, you can take high-angle shots comfortably. The device is also extremely portable due to its sleek and compact design. Although the selfie stick can stretch up to 32 inches, it is only 7 inches long when it is folded. So, you can simply slip into your pocket and take it wherever you go. This thoughtful design and the lightweight (8 ounces) quality of this device makes it the perfect selfie partner. Also, this selfie stick is compatible across various smartphones sizes apart from Windows OS devices. Apart from the selfie stick itself, you will also get a wrist strap, welcome guide and an 18-month warranty.


Zivachi Selfie Stick

No products found.

Why we like it: This product of Zivachi has a portable and smart design. The manufacturer has designed the product according to the right aesthetics by keeping the customers in mind. The selfie stick is 9 inches long in the folded position and is capable of stretching up to 38 inches. The device is incredibly easy to use since you can start taking pictures with the touch of a button. This button is conveniently located on the handle itself. Thus, you have got nothing to worry about. The product also comes with a lightweight quality since it weighs no more than 5 ounces. This means that you can definitely take it with you on your travels since it will not be a burden at all. Also, the device is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. Moreover, you can use the device consecutively for three days and only take an hour for you to fully recharge it.


PerfectDay Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Product Info
  • Built-in bluetooth remote control & great battery, allows you to take a self-photograph or group photos easily with a...
  • Simple to Use: Just turn it on, pair it with smart phone via Bluetooth and then Snap.
  • 270 DEGREE ADJUSTABLE HEAD: The mount at the top of the selfie stick can be positioned at any point through a 180 degree...

Why we like it: If you do not want to leave anyone out in a group selfie, then you need to get yourself a PerfectDay selfie stick. This device comes with a built-in Bluetooth remote control. This means that you will be able to control your phone through this stick once both devices are paired. The selfie stick also has great battery power which enables it to last for a long time. This long lasting battery life will enable you to snap as many pictures as you want without having to worry about the battery. Also, the device is incredible easy to use. All you have to do is switch it on, pair it with your phone and start taking pictures! There is also a 270 degree adjustable head which will enable you to snap selfies in various angles. Make sure to position the head in the right way before you click the button. PerfectDay also offers a lifetime guarantee for the consumers. This way, your money will be refunded or you will be given a replacement if something happens to the selfie stick.


TaoTronics Selfie Stick

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Why we like it: If your hands are not long enough to snap a good picture, then this product is perfect for you. This selfie stick is a product of TaoTronics and it enables you to get the best and widest view possible. This particular selfie stick has a number of strong features. Firstly, it will fit right into your hand. The product features an ergonomic, non-slip handle. This means that you will not drop the stick and damage your phone. The handle offers further protection through the adjustable wrist strap as well. Secondly, the stick includes an extremely comfortable cradle. Since the arm cradle is extendable and has a silicone grip, it will be compatible with smartphones with a width between 5.5 cm – 8.5 cm. Finally, the selfie stick has a rotating head which is capable of turning on a 270 degree angle. This way, you will be able take pictures in any angle without any restrictions!

Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick

No products found.

Why we like it: Anker has utilized industry-leading technology in order to ensure that this selfie stick will make your selfie experiences more comfortable and less stressful. This particular selfie stick is one of the best offers in the market since it has many things to offer you. This selfie stick will be compatible with any Android or Apple phone as long as it is within the width of 2.2. – 3.3 centimeters. The selfie stick itself is super long since you can adjust it up to 31 inches. This will make the stick three times longer than your arm and thereby will enable you to get everyone in the group inside the frame. Also, the device has a battery life of 20 hours, which is enough time to take more than 3000 selfies! Moreover, thanks to Bluetooth pairing, it is incredibly easy for you to use this device. All you need to do is press a button. Apart from these beneficial features, the manufacturer also offers an 18-month warranty and accessible customer support for all customers.

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