Best Play Kitchen Sets for Toddlers: Top 5 Revealed

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Kids love to imitate adults. If you’re glued to your cell phone all day, chances are, your toddler is going to want to take it over or a tablet as soon as possible.

If you like to do yoga or work out in front of them, they’ll probably mimic your movements and try to copy you. Imitating you is an excellent way for toddlers to learn about you, about the world, and themselves. 

So, if you’ve got a budding wannabe chef on your hands that likes to drag all your pots and pans out of your cupboards, what better way to foster that creativity and curiosity than to buy them a play kitchen? 

How We Chose Our Ratings

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For the sake of honesty, we like to share how we came up with our ratings. Each product gets a rating after careful consideration of customer reviews and testimonials, relevant data about the product, and the reputation and strength of the brands. 

Top Five Best Play Kitchen Sets for Toddlers

KidKraft Uptown Kitchen

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen – Amazon Exclusive,Multi,43 x 18 x...
  • Refrigerator, freezer, oven, cabinet and microwave doors open and close
  • Oven and sink knobs click and turn
  • Removable sink for easy cleanup

Once you put together your toddler’s KidKraft Uptown Kitchen, one of the best play kitchen set, don’t be surprised if you find yourself lurking around their play area more often.

This play kitchen set looks like it just came from a modern apartment with “stainless steel” appliances that include a fridge, four-burner stove, microwave, and dishwasher. Because of the small parts, this set is not ideal for children under the age of three. 

A built-in plastic sink lets kids pretend that they’re washing dishes which helps them to learn about cleaning up after themselves. The sink is removable so that an adult can clean it in case a real mess somehow appears.

There’s also a paper towel holder tucked into the side of the kitchen that parents can always use to keep real towels on hand for any potential spills.  

Your child can open the fridge and put things in it or take things out, and it even features an ice-maker with knobs that little one can turn to “make” ice.

The freezer, dishwasher, and microwave all open too so that they can get the full experience of pretending with the appliances.  Children can turn the knobs on the four-burner stove to cook up meals for family and friends.  

The oven and microwave have clear windows that let your kids keep an eye on the food they’re preparing, and the oven has a drawer that slides in and out just like a real one.

A stand built into the side of the fridge holds a cordless phone so that kids can get or make phone calls just like their parents do.

If you’re wondering whether the set can fit in your child’s room or need to know how much space it takes up, keep in mind that the kitchen is about four feet wide, two feet deep, four feet tall, and weighs about 70 pounds.

Over 2,500 people have purchased and reviewed the KidKraft Uptown Kitchen on Amazon, and about 87 percent have rated it with four or five stars.

Parents like that the kitchen is durable, sturdy, and although it has particleboard and plastic, many felt they were still of good quality. They do warn that since the kitchen is so realistic, it does take a few hours to put together all the parts.  

Besides the length of time that the assembly process can take, the kitchen doesn’t have any lights or make any sounds, and you have to buy the pots, pans, and other accessories separately.

However, buyers say it’s still one of the best play kitchen sets for the hours of entertainment it provides, and that it’s well worth the $140 price point. 

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Little Tikes Smart Kitchen

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen – Amazon Exclusive,Multi,43 x 18 x...
  • Refrigerator, freezer, oven, cabinet and microwave doors open and close
  • Oven and sink knobs click and turn
  • Removable sink for easy cleanup

For a kitchen that kids can enjoy interacting with, you might want to check out the Little Tikes Smart Kitchen. When assembled, the kitchen is 30 inches long, 14 inches wide, 39.5 inches tall and weighs about 20 pounds. 

It’s a compact kitchen set but comes loaded with toys your kids can have fun with, and Little Tikes has an app that you can download for Android and iPhone that children can use to enhance their experience.

The kitchen has a built-in tablet holder that’s compatible with Kindle, Samsung, Nook, Apple, and Nabi. 

The app interacts with certain items in the playset while teaching about numbers, colors, letters, and food. The app engages kids in four different modes: 

  • Free play
  • Recipes
  • Music
  • Games
However, kids don’t need the app to enjoy the kitchen, and that’s good for parents who want their kids to take a break from screen time. Even without the app, the kitchen is responsive and can produce sound effects to keep children engaged.

For example, the faucet sounds like running water when it’s switched on, and if they pretend to cut food on the cutting board, children will hear chopping noises.

Besides the play kitchen, which comes with an oven, fridge, sink, and stove, the set also has a multitude of accessories to help kids pretend. They’ll get plates, cups, utensils, foods like pizza and burgers, and more accessories that total 46 different items.

There’s even a small space between the fridge and the oven where kids can hang and then pick their own fruits and vegetables.  

Hundreds of buyers who shared their thoughts on the Little Tikes Smart Kitchen said that the kitchen provides hours of entertainment for kids. Some parents thought assembly could be tricky and it could take more than one person to put the kitchen together.

Others say the kitchen is better suited for smaller toddlers around the ages or two to three. 

American Plastic Interactive Kitchen

American Plastic Toys Interactive Custom Kitchen Set with 22...
  • Includes 22 play kitchen accessories - plates, cups, forks, knives, spoons, Muffin tin, Cell phone, spatula, and more to...
  • Features a Light up burner with sound (requires two AA batteries, not included)
  • Dimensions: 32. 5” x 12. 625” x 37. 625” (assembly required)

The American Plastic Interactive Kitchen, one of the best play kitchen set, is made in America so if you’re interested in buying toys for your children that might meet stricter safety standards than those made outside of the US, then this could be the set for you.

Also, the company has been in business since 1962 so you know you’re dealing with an established brand. 

Before you buy this set, know that it’s recommended for children ages three and up since the small parts present a choking hazard. 

The custom kitchen comes with 22 accessories to make the experience real for the kids. They’ll get muffin tins, pots, pans, and other items to simulate cooking in the kitchen.

The kitchen has an oven, a fridge with icemaker, a sink, two-burner stove, dishwasher, and space for storage.

You’ll need two AA batteries to power the interactive features like sizzling and bubbling sounds when you place pots and pans burners, and lights that activate with certain actions. The kitchen is about three feet tall, a foot and a half wide, and two feet long. 

Over 1,000 customers purchased and provided feedback on the American Plastic Interactive Kitchen.

The main negative issue that many buyers shared was that it felt like it had a million parts and took forever to put together, so if you’re not a patient person, this might not be the right set for you. 

Otherwise, lots of parents thought the kitchen deserved a rating of four or five stars with many saying the kitchen was a good size for toddlers and their kids enjoyed the interactive sounds and many accessories. 

Step2 Lifestyle Kitchen

Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen
  • Stylish kitchen with “window” for loads of imaginative play , Recommended age - 2 and up
  • Special frying pan and boiling pot with lid activate electronic frying and boiling water sounds in stove’s front...
  • Includes coffee pot with molded-in coffee maker

The cute Step2 Lifestyle Kitchen, one of the best play kitchen set,  comes with everything your budding chef needs to cook up a storm including an accessory set of 30 pieces containing salt and pepper shakers, pots and pans with lids, dishes, bowls, and more. 

Your child can enjoy cooking on the stove with the frying pans and boiling pots making realistic noises that sound like sizzling and bubbling on the front burner. 

Among the appliances that come with the kitchen are a molded-in coffee maker with coffee pot, stovetop burners, oven, fridge, microwave, and sink. 

Your kids can pretend they’re getting you a cup of ice-cold water from the fridge’s ice maker and water dispenser that’s built into the door.

Or they can use the electronic keypad on the microwave to heat up some of the pretend food that comes with the accessories.  

The kitchen even has a pass-through window so that you can wait on the other side and not interrupt the cook. When it’s fully assembled, the kitchen is about 41 inches tall, 26 inches wide, 13.5 inches deep, and weighs around 22 pounds. 

About 80 percent of over 600 people who bought and reviewed their Step2 Lifestyle kitchen gave it a rating of five stars. Many parents said the kitchen is great quality, easy to assemble, and felt that you get a lot for the $60 price.

Some buyers liked that the kitchen has gender neutral colors so that any kid can feel comfortable playing with it. 

kitchen toy with plastic egg

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Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen

Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill | Large Kids Kitchen Playset Toy |...
  • Little chefs will want to entertain in this kids’ pretend kitchen Playset that features so many realistic amenities...
  • Kid-friendly appliances, eat-in station, and barbeque grill features are just some of the ways this kitchen Playset...
  • Activate the fun lights and sounds on the stovetop and grill station for realistic kitchen play.

If money and size are no object, and you want to buy your child the Cadillac of toy kitchen sets, then you might be interested in the Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen.

As the name indicates, the set is big enough for most toddlers of the ages two to four to be able to walk in and simulates a huge kitchen that allows more than one child to play at a time.

The floor inside the kitchen looks like hardwood, but it’s actually cushioned foam, so you don’t have to worry about your toddler hurting themselves if they fall. 

The kitchen is 47 inches in height, 50 inches in width, 36 inches in depth from the front of the kitchen to the back, and the set weighs about 55 pounds. The Grand Walk-in Kitchen sells for almost $200. 

It comes with an accessory kit that has 103 pieces including: 

  • An array of pretend food like fruits, vegetables, bread
  • Utensils for cooking and eating
  • Condiments
  • Pots and pans with lids
  • Plates, cups, bowls
The kitchen has three appliances that have electronic features including a grill where kids can prepare hamburgers and hotdogs with sounds that simulate cooking on the grill.

The buttons on the microwave beep will beep when children push them. The burners on the stove make boiling or sizzling noises and light up.  

Besides the kitchen and the grill, the kitchen has a dining area similar to a countertop where kids or parents can eat their meals and even comes with a stool so that you can pull up a seat.

The kitchen comes with “stainless steel” appliances like a microwave, oven, fridge with ice dispenser, sink, stove, and cabinets for storage. 

Over 300 reviewers shared their thoughts on their Grand Walk-in purchase, and about 75 percent of them rated the kitchen with five stars.

Many parents said their kids loved the kitchen and that it’s ideal for parents who have more than one small child so that they can play together. 

Of course, due to the size of the set, the assembly is no easy feat so consider yourself forewarned to bring your patience and a power drill if you decide to buy this one.

However, lots of buyers said that despite the hassle of putting everything together, they felt that it was worth it.  

Buyer’s Guide - Best Play Kitchen Set

kitchen cooking  toy

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What are some things you should keep in mind when you’re trying to find the best play kitchen? 

First, consider the assembly process. Do you have the patience to assemble a million small pieces? If not, try to find the kitchen with the least assembly required. 

Also, how interactive do you want the kitchen to be? Do you mind using an app or do you prefer for your child to use the power of imagination? Or is a kitchen that makes sounds but doesn’t use an app the happy middle ground? 

Whichever kitchen you choose, get ready to see some big smiles and to pretend your way through meals from your future chef. 

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