8 Best Ovulation Predictor Kits

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If you’ve decided you’re ready to tackle the challenge of parenthood and want to increase your odds of getting pregnant, then you might be interested in an ovulation predictor kit.

An ovulation predictor kit can help you identify when an egg is about to be released by one of your ovaries by tracking the increase of your luteinizing hormone levels (also known as LH levels). The best time to try to get pregnant is usually a day or two after the hormone peaks which is followed by the release of the egg.

When properly used, the ovulation kits are about 99 percent accurate. However, it is possible for some women’s luteinizing hormone levels to increase but not produce the egg and other women, who may have conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome, might have false readings due to hormone increases, but not peak luteinizing levels.  

Just like pregnancy tests, many companies say they make the most accurate and best ovulation kits, so it can be daunting to find the right one. That’s where this guide can come in handy.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Since accuracy is vital to us, we examine customer reviews and testimonials, data about ovulation prediction kits, and general brand reputation and combine these factors into our rating.

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Top Eight Best Ovulation Predictor Kits

The [email protected] Ovulation Kit is one of Amazon’s top sellers and considered by many to be one of the best ovulation kits. It was specifically designed to help women who are trying to become pregnant naturally by helping to spot your most fertile time frame, even if the length of your cycle may vary every month.

The kit includes 20 pregnancy test strips and 50 ovulation strips to keep track of your cycle and reduce the odds of not tracking the surge in luteinizing hormone levels. With 50 pieces you’re covered for more than one cycle unless there are days you want to test twice a day to make sure you’re reading the dark “hormone surge” lines correctly.

Easy@Home Ovulation Kit

Keep track of your ovulation kit results with the free app called the Premom Ovulation Calculator to ensure you know your peak times. You can even take a picture of your test results with the app to help you visualize your ovulation cycle.

The kit can help you determine if you have gradual LH onset, where you might ovulate up to a week after peak LH levels, or rapid LH onset when ovulation is likely to take place within 24 hours of your peak LH reading.  The pregnancy test strips can pick up on low levels of HCG, and the results are correct 99 percent of the time.

The Premom app can even help women with menstrual cycles that are not regular by predicting your ovulation window five days beforehand so that you can know when you have the best chances of becoming pregnant. You can also use the app to keep track your basal body temperature and your period to further increase your odds of achieving your goal.

The kit sells for a little over $15, but if you are not satisfied with the kit, you can contact the customer service department for your money back or a replacement set. The company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Over 4,000 customers have reviewed the [email protected] Ovulation Kit, and about 77 percent have given it a rating of four or five stars. Many women who have tried it say they would highly recommend it because it helped them on their journey to successfully becoming pregnant and that the kit was easy to use.

The Pregmate 50 Ovulation Predictor Kit includes 50 ovulation test strips that are 99 percent accurate in spotting your surge window. Ovulation should typically take place within 24 to 48 hours after a positive result on your strip, and your egg is fertile for around 24 hours after it is released from ovary so when the Pregmate strip indicates your LH is at peak, there’s no time to waste.

To test your LH levels, you dip the strip in your urine for about three seconds, put the strip down on a flat surface, and in about five minutes you should see if there’s a line that is about as dark as the control line provided on the strip. If you see two dark lines on the strip, then you have a positive result and typically the best time to get busy is between 24 hours to 48 hours after your test.

Pregmate 50 Ovulation Predictor Kit

A faint line is considered negative or a line significantly lighter than the control line is a negative result for hormone surge. The best time to test would be in the afternoon, and you should limit how much you drink for a few hours before you try so that your hormone levels are not diluted and undetectable in your urine.  

The kit with 50 strips sells for just over $15, but there are three other kit sizes available that offer 10, 25, or 100 strips. Over 1,000 Amazon customers who have purchased the Pregmate 50 Ovulation Kit reviewed it, and about 80 percent of them gave it five stars.

Many buyers say it was extremely accurate, a great value, and that they would recommend it to anyone who needs it because it helped them on their journey to conceive. Some women even said they used it as a natural method of birth control to know when not to have intercourse.

If you’re looking for what doctors say is the best ovulation kit, then you might want to try the Clearblue Ovulation Test since it is the brand most recommended by obstetricians and gynecologists. It can determine the two best days that you should be able to get pregnant with 99 percent accuracy at picking up on your LH surge.

The kit includes 20 strips to collect urine and one digital test holder. Instead of comparing line colors and your line against a control line, the Clearblue digital test will let you know your hormones are surging by displaying a smiley face in the window. A flashing test symbol will indicate that the test is functioning, and you should know your result in about three minutes.

Clearblue Ovulation Test

With this test, you don’t urinate on the strip and then insert it into the test holder. The test strip should already be in the holder before you collect your urine sample.

Out of over 2,000 buyers who have rated the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Kit on Amazon, around 75 percent think i’ts worth four or five stars. Many women said reading the digital smiley face was much easier than trying to determine if your line was darker than a control line on some of the other test kits, and other women said it was able to help them determine their fertile period within a cycle or two.

iProven’s Ovulation Test Kit includes 50 ovulation strips and 20 pregnancy test strips so you can know if you’ve been successful at conceiving. The ovulation strips are made to meet FDA standards to pick up on 25mIU per milliliter, and the pregnancy strips can let you know if you’re pregnant as early as the first day that your new cycle is supposed to start.

iProven Ovulation Test

You only have to dip your ovulation strip in your collected urine for about five seconds, and you should have your results within three to five minutes. A solid line that is comparable to the control line tells you that your LH hormones will surge and that you are approaching your fertility window. A faint line or no line means it’s not time yet.

Over 800 Amazon buyers that have tried the iProven Ovulation Test shared their thoughts and provided feedback. About 75 percent gave the kit four or five stars with many women who said they highly recommend the test and said it gave them more consistent results than some other brands that they tried. Many of those buyers were happy to share that they were able to conceive.

With 50 ovulation test strips, the Wondfo Ovulation Kit has enough strips to help you track your ovulation throughout more than one cycle to make sure you don’t miss your LH surge window. The kit also includes 20 pregnancy test strips that, per FDA standards, can pick up on HCG hormone in your urine even before your next period.

Wondfo guarantees customer satisfaction, so if you’re not happy with your kit, you can contact their customer service department for a refund or a replacement. Dip the strip in your urine for about three seconds, and if you see two solid lines, you have a positive result for your LH surge and should be approaching your peak fertile days.

Wondfo Ovulation Test Kit

If you don’t see two lines or the line next to the control line is very faint, that is considered a negative result for LH surge.

Over 3,500 Amazon buyers have reviewed their experience with the Wondfo Ovulation Test, and around 75 percent say its worth four or five stars. Many women felt their results were more evident with the Wondfo strips compared to other brands that they tried and said they would recommend it to other women who may need help tracking their hormone surge.

Some buyers say that the Wondfo Kit works better than some expensive kits they had tried and that it’s well worth the $18.50 price.

The HealthyWiser Ovulation Test Kit has 50 ovulation test strips and 50 pregnancy test strips and costs about $20. Both strips are FDA approved, and HealthyWiser says their results are over 99 percent accurate. To help predict when you’ll be ovulating, dip the ovulation test strip in urine for about three seconds, and you should have your results within five seconds.

The thing about most ovulation strips is that they’re not supposed to go in your urine stream, you’re supposed to collect your urine in a small cup and dip the strip into it. Also, many companies say the best time to test is in the afternoon, so if you’re at work, it’s possible you may not have a container on hand to collect your urine to conduct the test.

HealthyWiser Ovulation Test Kit

Well, HealthyWiser has thought about that which is why if you buy their kit, you’ll receive 100 small cups with your purchase, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about having on you. The company also has a money back guarantee for anyone who is unsatisfied with their product and wants a refund within 30 days. They also offer customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

About 75 percent of customers who gave feedback on their HealthyWiser Ovulation Test Kit gave it four or five stars. Many buyers said the strips worked well if you know what you’re doing, and they would recommend them to those who are trying to track their LH surge and ovulation. However, some women said they were getting false positive results.  

ClinicalGuard’s Ovulation Test Kit comes with 40 ovulation test strips and ten strips that you can use for pregnancy tests for around $12.

To test for your peak LH surge, collect your urine in a receptacle, dip the ovulation strip, and lay it down flat for about five minutes. If you see a dark band that matches the control line, then you’re in a peak fertile period. If your line is faint or no line appears, then you are getting a negative result, and it’s not quite “go time.”

ClinicalGuard Ovulation Test Kit

The pregnancy test strips have a high sensitivity to detect any HCG in your urine that could indicate that you’re pregnant.  

Almost 1,500 women have shared their experience with ClinicalGuard’s Ovulation Test Kit, and about 75 percent of them gave the kit four or five stars. Many buyers felt that ClinicalGuard worked better and more consistently than ClearBlue, even if it wasn’t digital. However, about 15 percent of users who reviewed their purchase would not recommend the kit.

The Clearblue Advanced Ovulation Predictor Kit is slightly different from the standard Clearblue Ovulation Predictor Kit. Like the standard version, the advanced kit does also have a digital display to make it easier to interpret your results, but it will provide you results to let you know when the LH is low, high, and at peak levels.

For the digital readout, if your LH is low, then you’ll only see a circle in the window. When your LH is indicating that you’re in a high fertility time, then the display will show a flashing smiley face. When you’re LH is at peak levels, then the smiley face outline will be dark and stand out more.

Clearblue Advanced Ovulation Predictor Kit

The Advanced Ovulation Kit also tracks two fertility-related hormones. Besides your LH levels, the strips will also test your estrogen levels and let you know which four days of your cycle are best for trying to get pregnant. Once you see that you’ve reached peak fertility time, then there’s no need for further testing during that cycle.

The Clearblue Advanced includes 20 test strips, and the test is supposed to identify your LH surge with 99 percent accuracy. Unlike some other ovulation tests that say you should use the strip in the afternoon, with Clearblue, you test once a day, and they recommend that you do it when you first wake up.

The Clearblue Advanced Ovulation Kit is Amazon’s second best-seller in that category. Over 1,300 customers gave feedback on their experience, and about 60 percent of women rated it three stars and up. Over half of those who shared their testimonials say the kit worked the way it was supposed to and by following it, they were able to get pregnant.

However, some buyers said they received false positives or tests that were dead in the box and never worked and did not feel that the product was worth the nearly $40 price tag.  

Buyer's Guide

What are some things you should look for when you’re about to buy your ovulation prediction kit?

  • Combo kit: It’s a personal choice whether you would like to purchase an ovulation kit with pregnancy tests included.
  • Number of strips: If you have a regular cycle, then you might be fine with a small number of strips to help you determine when your LH surge should be taking place. However, if you have unpredictable or irregular cycles, then you might need a kit with a lot of strips to give yourself the time to pinpoint when your hormones peak.

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