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It’s no secret that a woman’s body undergoes a major transformation to prepare for the superhuman task of giving birth, both before and after the baby comes. 

A lot of those changes require adjustments in the wardrobe department like stretchy pants with built-in tummy panels, comfy shoes for possibly swelling feet, and a bra that provides support and makes it easy for you to breastfeed.  

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Honesty is vital to us, so to come up with our ratings, we examined multiple customer reviews and testimonials, combined with data about maternity bras, and the general reputation of the brands.

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Top 6 Best Maternity Bras for New Moms

Bravado Body Silk

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With the Bravado Body Silk two-pack, you’ll get two of their underwire-free bras that are designed to mold to your shape to provide the best support possible. With a 12 percent spandex composition, you’ll get plenty of stretch and flexibility which is useful when your body is going through so many changes. 

The straps have built-in nursing clips on the front that allow you to unhook each strap so that the front of the bra can be pushed away to allow easy access for nursing or pumping. Bravado makes the clips easy to unhook so that you should be able to do it with one hand for those times you might be holding your baby and can’t spare two hands.

The cups on the Body Silk bra have removable foam cups which gives you extra room if you need to wear breast pads to absorb leaks or you can leave the foam cups in for discrete nipple coverage. 

You can choose a pack of two black, two nude, or one black and one nude bra and you can use the size chart to help you find your size. The Body Silk bras can fit from sizes 32B to 46F with three clasps in the back so that you can make the necessary adjustments. You also get a conversion kit to help you transition the maternity bra to a standard bra so that you can get extended wear out of it.  

Over 80 percent of women who have purchased the Bravado Body Silk two-pack have given the bras a five- star rating with buyers noting that the bras were extremely comfortable, provided ample coverage, and were even great for sleeping. Some reviewers said it was the best maternity bra they had tried. 

Although some buyers were hesitant to spend almost $100 on two bras, many say they were glad they took the risk because they found it was well worth it.

Ratings : 5 out of 5

iLoveSia Maternity Bra

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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly but quality maternity bra option, then you might like the iLoveSia Maternity Bra. A three-pack varies in price from $25.99 to $30.99 and comes in a variety of color combinations including:

  • Black, nude, pink
  • Purple, black, nude
  • Pink, beige, black

The straps are adjustable and include nursing clips on the front that you should be able to open with one hand, making it useful for when you need to nurse or pump. The bras provide full coverage and are made with stretchy fabric to allow for size fluctuations, and they are seamless so that they can blend into your clothing. 

The back closure has four hooks to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions and also has four rows so that you can make it as wide or as narrow as you need to accommodate changes in size. You can use the foam cups that come with the bras as a liner for nipple coverage, or you can remove them when they are no longer necessary. 

With the help of the sizing chart, you can find a bra that fits anywhere from size 30A to 42DD. The bras have 8 percent spandex to provide added stretch. 

Nearly 3,000 women have reviewed the iLoveSia Maternity Bras on Amazon, and about 85 percent of moms would give them a rating of four or five stars. Buyers said the bras are easy to clip and unclip with one hand when nursing, they liked the variety of available sizes and felt that the fabric was very comfortable and had just the right amount of stretch.  

Motherhood Maternity Nursing Bra

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Motherhood Maternity’s Nursing Bra is available in a variety of colors including: 

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Radicchio

The bras vary in price from $18.73 to $43.71, depending on if you buy a single bra or get a two-pack. The Nursing bra is lightly lined but provides full seamless coverage so that you don’t see bulky bra straps under your clothing. The straps also have nursing clips which allow you to remove the front on each side when it’s time to nurse or pump. 

The band is ribbed to make it breathable and allow for more stretch, and the bra is available in two different silhouettes that provide a medium-level of support. You can choose regular coverage for cup sizes A-C or full coverage for bra sizes Small to 3X. The soft fabric is machine-washable so that you don’t have to worry about the bra getting damaged in the washer. 

Close to 75 percent of women who have reviewed their Motherhood Maternity nursing bra have rated it with five stars. Buyers noted that the bra was comfortable, practical, and stood up well to being cleaned in the washing machine. Some moms say the bra wasn’t easy to unclip one-handed which made it less than ideal when trying to nurse and having your hands full with a hungry baby.

Rumina Essential Pump & Nurse Bra

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When you’re a new mom anything that can save you time so that you can spend more time with baby can feel like a godsend, so a bra that can multi-task is a lifesaver. The Essential Pump & Nurse Bra pulls double duty by giving you the option to nurse and pump at the same time.  

The flexible, stretchy material can be pulled aside for skin-to-skin nursing and has a hands-free design to let you attach the pumps to achieve the desired level of suction. Unlike some nursing bras that have holes cut into the bra for pump-insertion, the Essential has layers of fabric that you can leave up for standard coverage or fold down for pump access. 

However, one downside of the material being so easy to pull aside is that it only offers light to medium support. The Essential Pump & Nurse Bra is 10 percent spandex and 90 percent cotton. Cotton is a great breathable material that is ideal for women who might have swollen and sensitive breasts or nipple issues from breastfeeding.

Also, the back of the bra doesn’t have any hook closures to allow for expansion or adjustment, but if you’re looking for comfort, then no hook closure could be a better option, especially if you’re dealing with engorgement.  

Dawn Alva is a mom who started the Rumina brand because she couldn’t find the maternity bras she needed. Alva created a line to help other moms have access to products she wished were on the market. Rumina is based in the United States and owned and operated by women. 

Moms who have bought the Essential Pump & Nurse say that it takes a little work to get the pump on, but once you do, it’s one of the best options for hands-free pumping, especially if you’re back at work or want to nurse at the same time. Nearly 80 percent of women who bought Rumina’s Pump & Nurse deemed it worthy of four or five stars.

Hofish Maternity Bras

The Hofish Maternity Bra three-pack costs between $19 to $29.99, depending on the size and color selection. Using the sizing chart, you can find bras ranging from 32B to 40AB and Hofish recommends going up one size from what you normally wear. As for colors, you can choose from:

  • Pink, black, beige
  • All beige, all pink, or all black
  • Grey, beige, black

The bra is designed to fit snugly and offers compression to keep everything in place and maximize support. You can adjust the shoulder straps for extra comfort. The sideband is four inches wide and has eight percent spandex for greater elasticity. 

You should be able to open the clasps built into the straps with one hand, and the Hofish has foam cups that you can remove. Besides the bras, the three-pack includes extenders that let you expand the back’s four hook closure and clips to allow you to change the style of the bra from standard to racerback so that you can hide the straps to fit the top you’re wearing. 

Hofish offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that will refund your money if you don’t like the replacement bra they send you first. If the bra is defective, they can get you a replacement bra regardless of whether you’ve taken the tags off or washed it. 

Over 6,500 women have reviewed their purchase of the Hofish Maternity Bras, and about 85 percent of them have rated the product with four or five stars. Moms who provided feedback said that they enjoyed the extension clips, the bras were comfortable, and provided a good level of support. 

Some buyers who were not completely satisfied and had to get replacement bras noted that Hofish was easy to work with.  

La Leche League Nursing Sleep Bra

After the baby is born, you’ll probably have to wear a maternity bra to sleep with bra pads in them to prevent possibly leaking all over your bed. And when baby wakes up hungry in the middle of the night, the last thing you’re going to want to do when you’re half asleep is to mess around with hooks and bra straps. 

La Leche League’s Nursing Sleep Bra is perfect for those late night/early morning feedings so that instead of unhooking straps, you can simply pull aside the fabric for whichever breast you need to nurse from at the time. The soft blend of cotton and spandex is folded over crisscross style in the front, but with a simple tug, you can provide access to your baby. 

No need to worry about hooks digging into your back while your asleep over since the Nursing Sleep Bra is a pullover style. The bras run from size 32A to 42DD and come in black, blue, pink, and white for $10.50. 

Over 500 women who purchased the La Leche League Nursing Sleep Bra shared their thoughts on their experience with the product. Some mothers felt that the bra has quality materials, made it easy to nurse, and would highly recommend it to other mothers who breastfeed or pump. 

However, many buyers had sizing issues and said the bra ran very small which made it very snug for some, so they recommend going up a size to avoid running into the same issue.

Buyer’s Guide

Although this guide has given you what we think are the best maternity bras for new mothers, there are some general things to look for to help you decide which could be the best for you. 

Typically, your breasts will become larger after you give birth and your breast milk comes in, and they may become very tender and sensitive, so you’re probably going to want to find a bra that:

  • Is made from breathable material and is absorbent for possible leaks. 
  • Has broad shoulder straps that can help support the weight. 
  • Doesn’t have underwire and has cups that have room if you need to insert breast pads.
  • Has more than one closure so that you can adjust the width as your body changes.

Finding the right maternity bra can be helpful for nursing, pumping, and even sleeping (when you can actually achieve that, right new moms?).

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