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Stuck in doors? Can’t make it to the gym? Don’t worry. Getting your hands on a great jump rope just might solve all of your workout needs! If you’re into exercising indoors, you’re going to need the right equipment. This is especially true if you’re going to get a great cardio workout. You may have already purchased a mini trampoline in order to get your workout started, but that’s certainly not going to be enough. A few pushups, a few sit ups will be a great addition to your daily workout, but your heart wants to join in on the fun as well. Instead of boringly running in place, get your whole body into the action with a great jump rope. The market for jump ropes is incredibly crowded. Hundreds of models are out there. It would be easy to just buy any old jump rope, but believe it or not, jump ropes are more complex than just a piece of nylon with some handles. This is especially true if you’ve just bought a new set of boxing gloves and you’re preparing for your first match. We’ve sifted through the flotsam to discover which jump ropes are going to best suit your exercise needs. If you’re looking for a great jump rope to add to your workout routine, try one of these.

King Athletic Jump Rope


Product Info
  • ✅ FREE SHIPPING for all customers within the USA + 200% Return on Investment. Actually, we offer better than money...
  • ✅ VIDEO & eBOOK Included *SEE EMAIL ATTACHMENT* (usually $36) Workout alongside your personal video trainer and get...
  • ✅ ADJUSTABLE LENGTH - Enjoy the option to adjust the speed rope easily to your desired length. It takes less than 5...

Why we like it: It’s good to be the king. But if you can’t be the king, you might as have the king on your side. Or, in the case of a jump rope, rapidly spinning all around you. The King Athletic Jump Rope is one of undisputed kings in a very crowded jump rope market. King Athletic loves what they do. Helping customers get physically fit is their mission, and daring customers to be their best is what they love. The company’s trademarked motto, “he who dares wins” (sorry grammarians, that’s how they wrote it!), is a challenge to all: if you’re going to dare to buy their product, you’re going to win. And win you shall.

The King Athletic Jump Rope is a speed rope. This means that by design, it’s made to go fast. Unfortunately, that may mean that it goes quite a bit faster than many potential customers are used to. That’s ok, however; with practice and patience, even the clumsiest buyer will find himself or herself soon a master of the jump. This jump rope comes with comfortable foam handles. Trust us, you’ll be holding on for dear life once you start getting the speed which this jump rope was designed to get! Super-speed ball bearings in the handle make it easy for you to get this rope going, helping it to build up those lightning fast speeds.

This rope was designed with every customer in mind. Although the rope is a lengthy 9 foot 4 inches, it is adjustable to better fit individuals of different heights. At its max, it will work for even some of the tallest individuals (up to 6 foot 10 inches of sweaty human). Purchasing this rope not only gets you a top-rated exercise device, but a free eBook on proper jump rope exercise technique and a $1 donation to prostate and breast cancer research with every rope purchased. This is indeed one of the best jump ropes on the market today, with a stunning 4.5/5 average rating on Amazon and over 1,000 reviews, most of which (over 70%, in fact) are 5/5. While negative comments appear consistent regarding the rope’s durability and supposed flimsiness, King Athletic responds to every negative comment, most of which are through offering free replacement ropes. Finally, a company with as conscience!


  • Adjustable length
  • Handles with ball bearings for extra speed
  • Comfortable foam handles
  • Extremely responsive customer service


  • Possibly too light for some users

Crossrope Get Lean – Weighted Jump Rope Set


No products found.

Why we like it: This amazing weighted jump rope set from Crossrope is perfect for helping you to acheive your weight loss and fitness goals. The custom workout app which comes as part of this product provides you with hundreds of fast and effective jump rope workouts for wherever you go. This app works on both iOS and Android.

The fast-clip connection system allows you to switch between light and heavy ropes for a more versatile and fun workout experience. These durable weighted ropes make it incredibly easy for beginners to learn the art of jump roping. The ropes are tangle-free and don’t ever coil, so you shouldn’t ever experience any problems with these ropes.

The Crossrope online community of over 75,000 jumpers will helpt ot keep you both motivated and inspired to acheive your jumping goals.

If you are looking for a jump rope set which is fun, versatile, durable, and exciting then this is definitely the choice for you. Acheive your workout goals in a new and fun way.


  • Comfortable grips
  • Weighted rops
  • No coiling or tangling
  • App and online community


  • Expensive price


Master of Muscle Jump Rope


Product Info
  • 👊 HIT YOUR DOUBLE UNDERS EVERY TIME IN YOUR NEXT WOD! The Master of Muscle WOD Whipper Jump Rope has a fast spin 90...
  • 👊 NO INTERRUPTIONS IN YOUR SPEEDROPE WORKOUT - The Jump Ropes Wire Cable ensures No Kinking, Tangling or Bending like...
  • 👊 GET YOUR WORKOUT IN ANYWHERE - Compact, Light and complete with carry case, the jumping rope can fit inside any...

Why we like it: Muscling through a touch workout routine can be difficult. Don’t worry, however; Master of Muscle has your back (and your biceps, triceps, and whatever other muscle you’re trying to build up). A great workout starts with some few limbering stretches, but should almost certainly include some jump rope activity. Master of Muscle has designed their jump rope as an excellent tool to use for a great workout. You’ll not only love the lightweight design, but the ease of use and the extreme speeds you will receive with this jump rope.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this jump rope is the unique design. A long, wire cable highlights the strength of this rope. Its tightly woven materials are strong, sturdy and somewhat dangerous at high speeds. But the good kind of dangerous. The muscle-building kind. The rope sits at a 90 degree angle to the easy-grip handles, helping to produce and build up speed faster than many other jump ropes. This also allows for easier spinning without rope kinking and tangling, something every expert jump rope user knows is one of the biggest annoyances with using an exercise rope. The 9 foot long adjustable requires wire cutters for adjustment. Keep in mind, this means that you cannot adjust this rope multiple times. It’s a one and done deal.

A carrying case, exercise eBook, spare cable and screws are all a part of the package. This rope was designed with specifically for Crossfit exercise routines. As a speed rope, you’ll soon be achieving quick action with this rope, mastering double unders in quicker succession than with many other ropes on the market. The thermoplastic polyurethane coating protects this rope from wear and tear as well as moisture damage, something extremely important for a wire rope. Current and past customers love this rope, giving it an impressive 4.6/5 average star rating on Amazon with over 1,500 reviews. Positive reviews praise the rope for its ease of use and for the great customer service provided by Master of Muscle. The few negative reviews that exist are consistent in complaining about the need to adjust the rope with wire cutters, with several reviews identifying the rope as “weak” and easy to fall apart.


  • Unique, speed-producing handle design
  • Strong plastic-coated wire design
  • Free exercise eBook
  • Great customer service


  • Needs wire cutters for adjustment
  • If adjustments are done incorrectly, the rope is unusable


Jump Rope Buyer’s Guide

Ah, jump ropes. The classic elementary school workout tool. Most of us fondly remember (or not fondly if your gym class experiences were less-than-preferable) the many days spend doing individual roping, double dutch and other such jump rope activities. Jump ropes have improved since many of us were children, and added technology allows rope jumping as much faster and more intense speeds. For those looking to jump right here, here are a few things to consider before you make your purchase.

Rope Material

Jump ropes can be made from pretty much any material. What material you purchase is mostly going to affect the longevity of the rope, it’s adjustability and it’s strength. The common materials are:

Woven Metal

Woven metal jump ropes will provide more strength than leather and plastic, at least initially. Over time, bending and stretching will eventually cause the metal to snap. As a jump rope will take quite a beating during its lifetime, it is quite likely that a metal rope, while giving you initial strength, will wear down over time and require replacement.

Plastic ropes are much lighter and do provide excellent strength. Users can also expect these ropes to be among the cheapest on the market, but also to come with significant chemical smells due to the material used.

Leather ropes are not common, but can be effective. These will often be a bit heavier than plastic and metal ropes, and will be much for expensive.

Handles and Grips

The grips on a jump rope can be simplistic or complicated, depending on what you’re looking for. In the simplest form, they are either plastic or foam, with the end of the rope inside a mostly hollowed-out grip. The rope is typically knotted and the grip inserted on each end to prevent the rope from slipping off. There are several handle designs and features which may be of interest to users looking for more intense workouts.

Ball bearings may be used in the handles to aid in producing speed. Located at the joint between the grip and the rope, the bearings help the rope rotate faster, allowing the user to spin the rope with significantly less effort and producing much faster speeds.

Angled grips exist where the rope sits at a 90 degree angle to the grip, instead of aligned at the bottom of the grip. This also aids in the production of speed and reduces the effort required to produce faster speeds. However, many users may find this particular grip setup awkward to use as it is highly atypical.

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