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You know them as instant film cameras or Polaroid cameras. The fact is that in recent times, these devices have seen quite a surge in popularity. That might seem weird given that other devices like smartphones provide the same feature. But there is no sentimentality in using a smartphone.

Believe it or not, capturing a moment and being able to instantly obtain the printed result can be a rather catchy experience, even among millennials. It just makes photography that much more engaging and tactile. Hence, instant film cameras are back in business. There have been many that have been released as the trend kept rising. So which one should you buy?

To help you decide, we have taken a long hard look at the market ourselves and reviewed its most popular Polaroid cameras against our standards of quality, functionality and ergonomics. The result is the list we have featured below containing 9 of our top selections. They have made the grade quite effortlessly, each in their own unique style. We are pretty confident that the instant film you are looking for down there is waiting to be discovered.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera with Fuji Instant Film


Product Info
  • START SNAPPING IN SECONDS – You’ll be the talk of the party and the center of attention with your new FujiFilm...
  • JUST ADD THE MOMENT – Don’t let another moment slip away! This Polaroid-style Fuji Camera and Accessories Bundle by...
  • ENJOY YOUR PHOTOS, INSTANTLY – Miss the days when you had to get your pictures developed? Feeling nostalgic about your...

Why we like it: An excellent instant camera set with a lot of amazing additional accessories.
Editor’s rating:

Start snapping in a matter of seconds! – The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera is so simple to use and the results give you vibrant and crystal clear instant photos. The built-in flash feature and Fujinon 60mm f/12.7 lens are enclosed in the ice-blue package which is stylish and fun for everyone to use.
The accessories with this set include everything you need to capture the perfect photos. Savor every precious memory with this amazing camera set.
The set includes the following accessories to ensure you can get started and capture every moment right away – Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera, 2 Instant Film 20-Packs, Camera Case with Adjustable Strap, 64-Photo Album, Selfie Lens, 4 Colored Filters, 10 Hanging Frames, 10 Clips and String, 60 Sticker Frames, 5 Plastic Stand-Up Frames, and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.
As an added bonus, Fujifilm offers a 90-day money-back guarantee with this camera and offer unparalleled customer service. If you are unhappy with your purchase in any way then you can simply contact Fujifilm and they will offer you a full refund.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera


Product Info
  • Automatically detects the brightness of the surrounding and adjusts the amount of flash and shutter speed to optimize...
  • Double exposure mode 2 images are produced on 1 film sheet by pressing the shutter twice; Shutter release: Programmed...
  • Bulb mode the shutter remains open while the shutter button is depressed (10 seconds maximum) and a light trail can be...
Why we like it: Combines a charming retro design with modern build quality and plenty of settings to play with.

Editor’s rating:

You have got to love a retro-style camera with a thoroughly modern build quality. The Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic offers you just such a combo. It is conveniently compact in its dimensions but contains all the necessary features for producing some truly satisfying photography. It can automatically identify the level of brightness in the surrounding area and adjust its flash and shutter speed accordingly. Its double exposure mode prints two images in a single film sheet if you press the shutter twice.

Consequently, the pictures that are produced are of a superior quality. There is also a bulb mode which is quite cool as it enables you to capture a trail of light by keeping the shutter open even when the shutter button is pressed. Then there is kids’ mode with increased shutter speed to help capture images of fast-moving subjects like animals or remote control cars. That is a lot of toys for a small, simple-looking camera and as a result, it is not the cheapest one out there, but certainly one of the best.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Instant Camera


Product Info
  • New sleek streamlined design. Selfie mode with built in selfie mirror
  • The mini70 captures bright backgrounds as well as bright subjects even in dark scenes
  • Improved picture quality. Tripod Socket
Why we like it: If you thought the Mini 8 was good, prepare to be blown away by what the Mini 70 is capable of.

Editor’s rating:

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 combines all the best elements of a top-notch instant camera. Sporting a signature sleek and elegant design typical of modern times, it is ideally compact, easy to hold and travel-happy. The Mini 70 is in many ways an improved version of the Mini 8. All of its main features – the design, quality of images, selfie mode, mirror and tripod socket have all been given substantial improvements. It is the latest addition to a very popular line of Instax cameras.

The improvements made to picture quality really show when you attempt to capture images in low-light conditions. They are just so much clearer and satisfying. Meanwhile, the integrated selfie mirror makes the camera’s already fun selfie mode that much more capable and enjoyable. And when the occasion calls for a group picture or capturing a breathtaking landscape, you have a brilliant tripod socket to which you can attach your tripod and snap them all up hands-free. This camera can be your best friend just about anywhere you care to try it.

Polaroid Pic-300 Instant Film Camera


No products found.

Why we like it: Rejuvenates the mechanism of a bygone era and refines it with some modern tech.

Editor’s rating:

Do you suffer from withdrawal of the classic Polaroid instant camera? The Polaroid Pic-300 is a modern take on the good ol’ days that gives you pictures that can be developed right in front of your eyes in a matter of minutes. It is the ideal camera to have for a big wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or other significant day. It is certainly going to help out with the registrations, dishing out photographs that are only the size of business card.

The specific size of the pictures are 1.8 inches by 2.4 inches. The shutter speed is mighty quick, just 1/60th of a second. The images are captured in color and in high quality. As many as 4 scene settings allow the photographer to achieve the best possible shot, irrespective of the surrounding light. In any case, low light conditions will always trigger the automated flash. What’s more, the camera is compatible with 300 instant film, which you will have no trouble purchasing.


Fujifilm Instax 210 Instant Wide Photo Camera


Product Info
  • LCD control panel displaying focal distance and film count
  • Programmed electronic shutter, 1/64-1/200 sec
  • Automatic flash for low-light shooting
Why we like it: Rounded design makes it easy to grip and controls are ideally placed to be operated by your fingers.

Editor’s rating:

You will not take long to pick out the Fujifilm Instax 210. It has a distinctly rounded shape but that is no mistake. It makes this instant camera easy to hold and operate just with your fingertips. It retains all of the good stuff you can expect from any high-quality instant camera. The flash is automated to work whenever the light is dim. The lens sees in high resolution and a clear and large viewfinder helps this camera perform exceptionally well.

The electronic shutter is simply electric with speeds ranging from 1/64 to 1/200th of a second. Shooting options are available in two separate ranges – 0.9 to 3m or 3m to infinity. The LCD control panel gives you an informative display of the film count, as well as focal distance, which are crucial details to be aware of. Not only will you be able to manage your film better, you will also be able to achieve proper depth and focus for each shot.


Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Instant Film Camera


Product Info
  • Automatic extending 95 millimeter f14 lens with two focus zones (0.9 to 3 meter and 3 meter to infinity)
  • Optical viewfinder. Tri-pod socket. Four size AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries (Best with Polaroid AA batteries). Dimensions-...
  • Picture size 62 millimeter × 99 millimeter, close-up lens for shots up to 40 centimeter from the subject. Shutter...
Why we like it: Ideal for wide format images as it is for selfies, there aren’t many situations that this camera would not feel right at home in.

Editor’s rating:

Anytime people come together is an occasion for some wide format photography. But that does not mean the Instax Wide 300 has in any way compromised its ability to capture those pretty and easy selfies. After all, it has a very good close-up lens. An automatic flash is a given in low light environments. The camera itself is of a brand new, highly modernized design with improved functions such as the focus zone setting, lens ring dial, real image finder, and tripod socket.

You can use it for instant prints that are both vivid and of very high quality, thus allowing you to capture images that would double the width of Instax Mini Film. The official picture size is 62mm by 99mm. The close-up lens is effective for images taken right up to 40 centimeters from the subject. The Light and Dark control assists in bringing high as well as low-key effects to the image. But do not be alarmed, it is still very user-friendly.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 26 Rainbow Film Bundle


Product Info
  • Selfie mirror for perfect framing of your selfie photos
  • Two shutter buttons allowing comfortable and convenient vertical and horizontal shooting
  • The Lighten-Darken Control allows you to make the print finish brighter or darker
Why we like it: Fantastic picture quality and easy usability brought to you in an attractive selection of 4 colors, all simple, all beautiful.

Editor’s rating:

Take the Fujifilm Instax Mini 26 Rainbow Film Bundle to just about anywhere that takes your fancy and enjoy an unmatched quality of photography with your family and friends. You can pick yours from a range of 4 colors – black, white, blue/white and pink/white. The design is elegant and streamlined and operating it is easy-peasy. A Fujinon lens offers splendid 2”x3” instant images in just one and a half minutes. The integrated automatic exposure compensation ensures that just the right amount of light is let in to achieve the perfect shot.

The close-up lens lets you get up close and personal to capture details like you have never done before. The Light/Dark control gives you more control over the final look of your images. For less serious occasions, there is the selfie mirror, which will frame your selfie images and is compatible with both horizontal and vertical shots, thanks to a couple of shutter buttons. It is a major reason why this camera is so well-regarded among customers and makes it onto our list.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S Camera


Product Info
  • Simple operation and easy to carry
  • Auto built-in intelligent flash
  • Triple socket self portrait timer
Why we like it: A camera that functions as simple and easy as it looks, packing a versatile range of capabilities and applicability.

Editor’s rating:

You will seldom come across a camera as sleek and minimalistic as this, the Instax Mini 50S by Fujifilm. It is a clean-looking piano-black camera that in addition to its simple good looks, is also very compact and portable. And if it looks so simple, that is because it is. It can be managed by anyone from children to senior citizens more akin to the technologies of yesteryear. Like most other good examples, it has an automated flash that is activated depending on the lighting condition of the surrounding environment.

The camera itself comes with a tripod socket as well as a couple of CR2 batteries. That further makes for convenient and versatile usage. In addition to the flash, the shutter speed is automated as well and it is mighty quick, ranging between 1/3 and 1/400th of a second. There is a timer mode which enables you to capture two images in a single click. The close-up lens is operable from just 30 centimeters away from the subject. As a package, this camera really has pulled out all the stops.


Polaroid One Step Close-up Instant Camera


Product Info
  • Vintage camera
  • Just point and shoot
  • Focus range 2 feet to infinity
Why we like it: For those of us with back-in-the-day withdrawal symptoms, here is a camera made with the refinery of this century and the same sense of design and functionality from the last.

Editor’s rating:

Welcome to a proper vintage camera that is about as simple and old-school as cameras get. It is so simple in fact, that it does not actually contain many technological advancements of the present day. So why ever did we include it here on our list? Well, the answer is quite simple. As much as we know how much you appreciate having the latest design and technology at your disposal, we also appreciate those people who are forever charmed with the old-fashioned way of doing things.

Heck, even we find it charming. And believe it or not, on some occasions – rare, special occasions – old-school photography is the way to go. Taking pictures with this camera is a simple ‘point and shoot’, nothing more. The focus range will not take you any closer than 2 feet from your subject. The flash is still automatic, so the all-important light factor is taken care of. Anyway, everything has been configured just so that you can revel in the nostalgia of using a vintage camera.

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