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At some point in time, we’ve all come to the point where we had to take notes for a class or meeting. You know how hard it is, trying to jot down all the information your teacher is saying in your notebook or type up key points during an office meeting. If only there was an easier way to remember all of that important information.

Well, we’re here to tell you that there is! An audio recorder is the perfect device to store all that information without tiring out your hands (or fingers!). An audio recorder discreetly records any sound it hears and allows you to play it back later. More than recording class lectures or work meetings, you can use audio recorders to get footage of conversations you may need to hear again or even evidence!

So now you may be wondering what audio recorder should you get. Audio recorders come in different sizes and may even come disguised as different objects! Audio recorders also have varying features and of course come at different prices. Don’t fret! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best audio recorders you can get!

Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder


Product Info
  • Stereo X/Y mic configuration captures perfect stereo images
  • Same frequency and SPL handling as popular Zoom H2
  • Records Broadcast WAV (BWF) at 96kHz/48kHz/44.1kHz at 16-bit or 24-bit
Why we like it: A compact digital audio recorder that features a built-in stereo X/Y microphone, Auto Level control, and a low cut filter, making it perfect for recording even live concerts.

Editor’s rating:

Next up on our list is a digital audio recorder made by the brand Zoom. Zoom clearly takes making quality products seriously with this audio recorder. The Zoom H1 Portable Digital Recorder is winning in the audio recording game with its superior stereo recording quality and stellar features. The audio recorder sports a compact, portable design which makes it easy to carry this device anywhere and surely hide it in anything! Though the recorder itself is small, it produces a big sound. This recorder changes the game with its built-in X/Y microphone. The two matched, unidirectional microphones are set at a 90 degree angle to capture the most sound.

That’s not all! This audio recorder features a Line/Headphones output with a dedicated volume control so that you can plug in your headphones or interconnect the recorder with other equipment such as a DSLR. With its professional grade audio output, this recorder is perfect for recording musical performances, songwriting sessions, rehearsals, seminars, conferences, and interviews or simply capturing audio for video. The recorder only requires one rechargeable battery which gives you 10 working hours on a full charge. Though the recorder supports a storage space of up to 32GB, you will initially get a microSD card with only 2GB of storage with your purchase. Speaking of purchase, be prepared to pay a hefty amount of $100 for this recorder (price also varies by color option). Nonetheless, for its high quality features, this is an option worth considering!

Evistr 8GB Digital Audio Sound Recorder


Product Info
  • Upgraded Recording Quality: new design digital voice recorder, dynamic noise cancellation microphone, capture 1536kbps...
  • Voice Recorder Easy Transfer File to Computer : this mini recorder device can set recording quality at MP3 (128kpbs,...
  • Simple & Powerful Recording Device: easy to figure out, press REC: starts to record; press STOP, save the recordings...
Why we like it: This sleek voice recorder contains a built-in mp3 player, allowing you to listen to music and auto saves audio files every 5 seconds!

Editor’s rating:

The first audio recorder to be mentioned on our list is by the brand Evistr. If you’re looking for a reliable and also versatile audio recorder, then this could be the one for you! The Evistr Digital Audio Sound Recorder is a #1 Best Seller for a reason, and that’s thanks to its versatility and practical features. First off, the audio recorder features a high quality PCM recording output at 384 kbps max. The audio recorder also contains 8GB of storage, allowing you to store up to 560 hours of recording files (when the recorder is set to a recording quality at 32 kbps). This reliable audio recorder even has a built-in rechargeable battery, which lets you continuously record for 11 hours off a single charge.

With this recorder, it is important to note that if you have a Mac computer and want to playback your recordings, you may have to download VLC MEDIA Player (nicely enough, it’s free). Nevertheless, this recorder is great to use to record a lecture, a speech, a podcast, or even an interview! The recorder has a convenient instant auto saving feature which allows it to autosave recordings every 5 seconds. More than that, this recorder also contains a built-in mp3 player meaning you can playback files directly and also listen to music with it! With its lightweight design, the recorder is easy to carry around or place into your pocket. Coming at a reasonable price of about $27, this is a solid option!

MAXPRO Usb Flash Drive Voice Recorder


Product Info
  • ✅ CRYSTAL CLEAR AUDIO QUALITY: Awe Digital voice recorder features a sensitive microphone that records audio at...
  • ✅ PROVEN RESULTS, PROVEN TECHNOLOGY - Sporting a high-end, long-lasting battery with a super-easy-to-use one button...
  • ✅ DOUBLE PORT FOR MAC/ PHONE/ PC: The USB Flash drive features both a standard 2.0 USB port and a Mobile port, that...
Why we like it: A voice recorder smartly disguised as a USB flash drive that comes with 8GB of storage, can work for 16 hours off just one charge, and is easy to operate.

Editor’s rating:

If the last product was a little too costly for you, then take a look at this affordable option. The brand MAXPRO gives us proof that a product can have quality and be reasonably priced with their audio recorder. The MAXPRO USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder sports a great price and a clever design as a, well, flash drive! This audio recorder also contains some pretty stellar features. The audio recorder contains an 8GB memory storage, being able to store up to 100 hours of audio and is easy to use with its simple plug and play functionality. More than that, this audio recorder has a charging time of just 2 hours, yet provide you with up to 16 working hours off a single charge!

This handy audio recorder can also be used as what it’s designed as. That’s right. This audio recorder doubles as a functional flash drive. This audio recorder produces clear sound and records with just the push of a button. This audio recorder is great for recording conversations, meetings, discussions, verbal business agreements, lectures, and more. Although the recorder is compatible with Windows, ME, LINUX, and XP operating systems, it is unfortunately not compatible with Mac OS. What is fortunate is this product’s reasonable price of just about $19. With this audio recorder, you will also get a 1 year warranty. With its great value, features, and warranty, we’re happy to recommend this product!

Yemenren 8GB Sound Audio Recorder


Product Info
  • OUTSTANDING AUDIO QUALITY. Comes with 2 high-fidelity microphones, the voice recorder reduces background noise, records...
  • MULTI-RECORDING MODE. One-touch operation in normal recording. Timed recording will auto turn it on, record and save the...
  • ENORMOUS INTERNAL MEMORY. Comes with 8GB memory, enough space for 500+ hours of recording recorded at 32kbps in MP3 and...
Why we like it: This audio recorder is a #1 New Release and features a superior recording output and 8GB of storage which can store 576 hours of recordings.

Editor’s rating:

We’re on a roll with high quality audio recorders with this next product by the brand Yemenren. Although new to the market, Yemenren quickly establishes their place in the game with their audio recorder, branded as the #1 New Release on Amazon. The Yemenren Audio Recorder contains a solid design and some even more solid features. This audio recorder features a 1.4 inch LCD screen and is built with a metal casing, making the recorder both elegant and durable. The audio recorder also comes with 3 ultra-sensitive omnidirectional microphones with dynamic noise reduction, which lets the recorder capture every bit of sound at up to 1536 kbps for crystal clear recording output.

This audio recorder is perfect to use for recording lectures, classes, meetings, a doctor’s advice, and interviews. The recorder is also equipped with a multi-recording mode: Normal recording records everything, Voice Activation recording picks up sound and omits all silence to save memory space and for easy playback, and Timing recording initiates recording at a specific time once or daily. The recorder also has an 8GB internal memory which stores up to 576 hours of recordings or 1500 songs. Its built-in 360mAh rechargeable battery enables it to record continuously for 15 hours. The recorder will even save your recordings automatically when it’s shut down by accident or due to low battery. This recorder lets you easily transfer files to your PC or Mac and even contains a built-in mp3 player! At just $25, this product is a worthy choice!

BOOCOSA 8GB Audio Sound Recorder


Why we like it: A portable and easily rechargeable audio recorder that is equipped with 8GB of storage, playback noise cancellation, and a sleep timer!

Editor’s rating:

If you liked the design and features of the last audio recorder, then you’ll like this product by the brand BOOCOSA as well! BOOCOSA delivers to us a classy yet stylish recorder that is made to impress its users. The BOOCOSA Audio Sound Recorder sports an attractive design, but contains some even more attractive features. The audio recorder is designed out of a highly polished aluminum case. This recorder is sturdy yet lightweight and portable, making it convenient for fitting into your briefcase, bag, purse, palm or pocket. The recorder contains a built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium battery, which gives you more than 10 hours of working time with every full charge.

With the recorder’s 8GB of storage, you can store up to 560 hours of audio recordings. The recorder also features two dedicated 1536 kbps microphones for optimized voice recording and precise sound. This recorder’s innovative noise reduction technology enables you to capture CD-quality recordings in a noisy cafe, lecture room, or classroom, for example. The recorder also features a sleep timer and A-B repeat function. You can also easily transfer recorded files to your Mac or Windows PC via the provided USB Cable with this recorder. The one flaw we saw among some customers is that they wished the recorder’s mic was more adjustable and sensitive. Nonetheless, priced at a decent $33, this recorder is worth recommending!

WJLING Digital Audio Voice Recorder


Product Info
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY- Sleek design with chrome finish, color LED display. Superior sound quality, built-in Speaker, One key...
  • TRANSCRIBE AUDIO RECORDINGS- Transcribe the audio directly from the recorder using custom Android app (non-google store...
  • RECORDING VIA DUAL MICROPHONE AND NOISE REDUCTION – Powerful double-microphone system with dynamic noise reduction,...
Why we like it: This discreetly designed, digital audio recorder is compact in size, can store up to 150 hours of audio recordings, and delivers clear audio.

Editor’s rating:

We keep the list going with the next audio recorder on our list by WJLING. WJLING designs their audio recorder as a discreet, USB drive and we must say, it actually looks like a flash drive! The WJLING Digital Audio Voice Recorder is more than just impressive in design, it also contains some impressive features. For starters, the audio recorder sports a crystal clear audio output. The recorder is designed with double ultra-sensitive microphones equipped with dynamic noise reduction, meaning you can enjoy quality recordings even if you’re 40 ft away. This recorder is perfect for recording quiet or discreet conversations (we won’t judge your nosiness *ehem*).

More than having a discreet design, the audio recorder is also very portable and easy to carry around or place in a bag, thanks to its small size. The audio recorder also contains 8GB of internal memory which lets you store up to 150 hours of recordings without the need for additional memory cards. Of course, if you want more storage than 8GB, you can opt for this product’s 16GB option (which, of course, will cost you more money). The recorder also lets you easily transfer files to your Mac or PC by simply connecting it to your computer using the supplied USB cable and dragging the files over to your PC. Enjoy built-in, high capacity rechargeable battery and its ability to charge fast via mini USB port. With a price of just $16, we’re happy to recommend this product!


aTTo Digital Mini Voice Recorder


Why we like it: This mini voice recorder can support 286 hours of recordings, has a battery life that can last all day, and features password protection for recordings.

Editor’s rating:

Looking for an audio recorder that’s even smaller in size compared to the other recorders we mentioned? Well, look no further! aTTo Digital has created a recording voice so miniature in size, you can hide it under or in practically anything! The aTTo Digital Mini Voice Recorder contains more than just a discreet size however, it also comes with some pretty great features! The audio recorder sports a long lasting battery life of 24 hours battery life when fully charged, and only requires a 1 hour charging time. This recorder can support a maximum of 286 hours or recordings. The recorded files can be easily listened to with any device that can play audio from a USB flash drive including: a laptop or PC, smart TV, audio car system, and more.

Do note that in order to listen to your audio files, you will have to download the VLC player. Nevertheless, this recorder supports voice activated recording with selectable levels and time/date stamps on audio files. The recorder will automatically start recording when sound is detected, letting you avoid long hours of silent recordings. You can also choose continuous recording if you’d like. What sets this recorder apart from other is its password protection feature. 4 digits password can be added onto its 4GB built-in memory so that nobody can access your recordings. Unfortunately, the recorder has a costly price of about $80, but considering its features, this product is worth recommending!


WJLING Mini USB Voice Recorder


No products found.

Why we like it: This voice recorder sports a compact, easy-to-carry size, offers 8GB of storage, and can even be used as an mp3 player to play songs!

Editor’s rating:

We make our way back to the world of mini audio recorders with this next product by the brand WJLING. More than its miniature size, this audio recorder leaves us impressed with its great features. Thanks to its size, the WJLING Mini USB Voice Recorder is easy to carry and hide in any object if necessary. This audio recorder allows you to covertly record anywhere, such as during classes and lectures, meetings, interviews, sporting events, concerts, and more. With this audio recorder, you will get 8GB of storage which supports 96 hours of recordings. The audio recorder also features a long battery life that can last for about 14 hours.

Did we mention that this audio recorder takes the discreet form of a USB drive? Not only that, it can also function as a real USB drive. This audio recorder is also compatible With Mac and Windows OS systems and lets you easily transfer files to a Mac or PC. Do note, however, that if you have Windows 10 or a Mac, you will have to fully update your chipset drivers before attempting to use the recorder. Also, for all you Mac users, you will also need to download the VLC Media Player. Aside from those setup requirements, this recorder has an autosave feature which saves your files instantly. When you plug in earphones, the recorder automatically enters playback mode and you can review your file. With a great price of just $20, this product is worth recommending!


RECJOY Digital Voice Recorder Pen


No products found.

Why we like it: This digital voice recorder comes disguised as a sleek pen and features high quality audio, 8GB of storage, and noise cancellation.

Editor’s rating:

We keep the list going with audio recorders disguised as objects with this next recorder by the brand RECJOY. RECJOY kicks it up a notch by smartly disguising their audio recorder as a pen! The RECJOY Digital Voice Recorder Pen wins when it comes to clever disguises, but it is also winning in terms of features. The audio recorder provides high quality audio and is perfect for recording meetings, presentations, lectures, and more. Designed as a professional-looking, sleek pen, this audio recorder can also function as an actual pen, meaning you can write and record. The audio recorder also features DSP de-noising technology, which offers a more natural sound and allows long distance recording without damaging the audio quality.

The audio recorder is easy to use by simply pressing the bottom of the voice recorder for 2 seconds to make the recording start, and pressing the bottom for 2 seconds again to make it stop. To playback your recorded files, you can connect the recorder to a computer. This recorder supports low-profile recording, meaning the indicator light is turned off automatically while recording is in progress. The recorder contains a built-in, rechargeable lithium battery, that, although only gives you 6 continuous working hours, has a standby time that can reach up to 360 hours at full charge. With great ratings and a decent price of $47, this is product worth considering.

RecorderGear FD10 USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder


Product Info
  • WORKS WITH ANY BLUETOOTH CELL PHONE; Wirelessly Record both sides of a conversation on any bluetooth compatible mobile...
  • VOICE RECORDER MODE; Use the PR200 as a general voice recorder; record meetings, lectures, dictations, or memos!
  • BUILT-IN SPEAKER & USB CONNECTOR; Listen to recordings directly from the device. No software or cables needed, it turns...
Why we like it: Another voice recorder disguised as a flash drive! This voice recorder has a 16 hour working battery, high quality audio, and several cool color options!

Editor’s rating:

We bring our list to a close with the last audio recorder to be disguised as a USB flash drive. The brand RecorderGear sets their audio recorder apart from the rest of the flash drive-designed recorders, due to its unique and modern look. The RecorderGear FD10 USB Voice Recorder is more than just appealing in design, it’s also got some pretty appealing features! The audio recorder provides “CD quality” audio encoded at 192 kbps. The audio recordings can be played back via any audio program including iTunes or windows media player. More than looking like a flash drive, this audio recorder also functions as a real flash drive so you can also store documents and photos on this device, along with your audio recordings.

This nifty audio recorder features 8GB of storage which can hold up to 90 hours of audio recordings and contains a rechargeable battery that can record continuously for up to 16hrs. As the manufacturer makes note of, this audio recorder is not a voice activated recorder, so it cannot detect sound on its own and has to be manually turned on (bummer). Nonetheless, the recorder is easy to operate by sliding the switch on the side to start and stop recording. This audio recorder also works on any Mac or Windows computer. One of the best things about this recorder is its cool color options. All coming at the same price, your color option are: Blue, gold, gray, and, silver. Speaking of price, this audio recorder has a reasonable price of $29. With its trendy look and cool features, we’re happy to recommend this product!

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