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The curls are back! A beauty trend has been transpiring for a few years now and it appears to have gathered enough steam to be worn by even the Hollywood elites. These days it is not unusual to see models and actresses sporting beautiful, luscious curls on the red carpet and in real life. This is not surprising considering just how sexy and wild curly hair can look on anyone.

Unfortunately, few people are gifted with strands that lie in perfect, natural curls. This is why you need a bit of help from your friendly curling iron. Now, if you have tried out various options, you know that it isn’t all that easy to find the right curling iron. There are all too many out there that leave you with dented locks or curls that fall flat after only a short time.

Well, to make sure that your curls are always springy and full of life, we have taken it upon ourselves to find the best models out there for you. Here are the ones that will help you to keep your hair bouncy and lively each time:

HerStyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron

Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron | Tapered 1/2 to 3/4 Curling...
  • CLASSIC CURLS – The Herstyler Baby Curling Wand is designed to give you those classical tight curls. What’s more -...
  • CARES WHILE YOU CURL – This half inch curling iron is made of ceramic to help curtail any damage while at the same...
  • CONVENIENT & QUICK – Ergonomically designed, this small curling iron allows for convenience while you curl. The Baby...
Why we like it: The HerStyler Baby Curls mini curling iron allows you to create curls in all styles while also maintaining polish and shine.

Editor’s rating:

Just because you may not be rocking curls that genetics has blessed you with, doesn’t mean that you want a final result that looks fake. Instead, you want something that looks as natural as possible. Well, this is precisely the advantage this curling iron offers you. The barrel has a cone-like shape, allowing you to give your curls a more diverse and authentic twist. You will also be able to create looser curls so that you will be able to go for beachy waves, if you are in the mood.

Another one of the benefits of this curling iron is that it can reach high temperatures. This way, even if your hair is quite thick or coarse, you will not have to leave your locks around the wand for too long. The curl will form much faster, letting you complete your hairstyle more quickly. On top of this, the curling iron has been designed to cut down on frizz, giving you perfectly smooth and silky hair instead. You will also not have to worry about any snagging or dents either.

Anjou Curling Iron

The 10 best hair curling irons to buy in 2019

Anjou Curling Iron, 1.25 inch Hair Curler Curling Wand with...
  • For Long & Medium Hair: Benefit from a finely-proportionate build that measures 1.25 in in width
  • Fast Heating & Smooth Operation: PTC technology heats up to 430 ℉ in 60 seconds for a long-lasting hair style; ceramic...
  • Easy to Use: Well-designed holder provides a better grip; digital display shows the current temperature of the wand
Why we like it: The Anjou curling iron is perfect for people with longer and medium hair who want a variety of curl options that can be obtained by using this curling iron.

Editor’s rating:

The barrel on this curling iron has been specifically created for people with longer to medium length hair in mind. Since it is wider and longer, you will be able to curl more hair. This way, you will not have to spend too much time trying to curl just one section of hair. At the same time, the barrel has also been designed so that you are able to coax various different curls out of it. Many different curl styles and patterns can be achieved just by using this one iron. So, whether you are looking for more defined curls or want looser waves, you can easily make it happen with the Anjou Curling Iron.

There is no denying that this is one of the safer irons to use as well. The tip at the end of the barrel is thermally insulated and it comes with a heat resistant glove. So, if you want to hold the curl in place, you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers or hand. Of course, what’s great is that you don’t actually have to hold your locks if you don’t want to, as there is a clamp already in place. As a result, you can save yourself a lot of effort and hassle with this curling iron. It does the trick for anyone with any kind of hair, and it does the trick safely.


Natalie Styx Curl Machine

Natalie Styx Curl Machine with Ceramic Curling Chamber for Layer Wave...
  • TEMPERATURE AND TIME SETTING: Choose temperature between 375 F - 450 F, Start from 375 F/8S for thinning and damaged...
  • ANTI-FRIZZ & ANTI-STATIC: Automatic curler with steam spray function prevent your hair from flyaway or frizzes, And with...
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Universal Dual Voltage (100-240V) for vacation, business trip in Japan, China,Korea,Europe,South and...
Why we like it: The Natalie Styx curl machine requires practically no effort on your part to get beautiful curls of all shapes and sizes.

Editor’s rating:

Let’s face it, curling your hair is an art form. You need to know the direction in which to curl each side of your hair as well as how long to keep your locks wrapped around the barrel. Basically, it is quite easy to mess it all up and end up with a style that you aren’t very happy with. Well, the great thing about this curl machine is that you can’t go wrong, even if you tried. The machine takes the hair up all by itself and uses steam to create the curl for you.

What’s great is while this may seem like you don’t have a lot of choice in how your hair will turn out, you actually do. By adjusting the timer as well as the heat, you get to enjoy a variety of curls. So, you can either opt for tight ringlets or go for looser, bouncier waves – the choice is up to you. Also, because the curl machine relies on steam, you get healthier and shinier curls that are frizz-free. At the same time, there is less amount of damage done to your hair.

VAV Automatic Curling Wand

VAV Curling Iron, Ceramic Negative Ionic Curling Wand, Professional...
  • 【100-240V Dual Voltage】The curling iron designed with dual voltage 100-240V for your international travel use. The...
  • 【Anti-Scald for Safety Use】The high-quality nylon bristles and long cool tip prevent you from burning when styling....
  • 【Ceramic Tourmaline with Negative Ion】Ceramic Tourmaline emits negative ions that counteract the positive ions...
Why we like it: The VAV Automatic curling wand makes it incredibly simple for you to get perfect curls each and every time.

Editor’s rating:

If you are short on time each day and can’t make the effort to use traditional curling wands, you should give this option a try. This wand pretty much curls your hair all by itself and quite quickly as well. So, even if you have long or thick hair, you will find it really easy to get the look that you want. Also, because of the way the wand is designed, it is actually very safe as well. There is a much lower chance that you will burn your hand while doing your hair.

One of the things that make this wand stand out is that you get to choose the direction in which your hair is curled – either to the right or the left. As a result, the curls look more natural and you also get different options in how you want to do your hair. This curling wand heats up quite fast and once heated, manages to maintain an even temperature so that all of your curls are created equal and will last a long time.

xtava Curling Iron Set

5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set - 0.3 to 1.25 Inch...
  • 5 IN 1 CURLING IRON SET - This curling iron kit includes a 0.3 - 0.75 inch tapered clipless barrel, a 0.7 - 1 inch...
  • TOURMALINE CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY - This set provides the best styling results by producing negative ions to seal moisture,...
  • DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL - Each high-powered, styling tool with 9 precise temperature settings features an easy to...
Why we like it: With the xtava curling iron set, you can easily decide how you want to wear curls each day without any fuss at all.

Editor’s rating:

If you are like most people, you probably want your hairstyle to be a reflection of your mood. This means that on some days, you want spunky ringlets that are fun to pull on. On others, you may want sophisticated, sweeping waves that complete an outfit. With this kit, you can create any style that you want, any day. Since there are so many barrel types and sizes to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice and always be able to re-create your ideal hairstyle.

The variety in barrels is not the only impressive thing about this curling iron set. It also has a range of temperatures that you can choose from, depending on what your hair type and thickness is. This way, not only will you be able to enjoy the maximum effect of the curls, you will also be able to avoid doing any unwanted damage to your locks. This set works for people with very short and very long hair equally well.


Remington Pro Curling Wand

Remington CI9538 Pro 1"-1.5" Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand,...
  • 1inch 1½ inch Wide Conical Barrel Creates Tousled Waves
  • Professional Pearl Ceramic for Less Damage and Faster Salon Results
  • Ceramic Coating for Even, Consistent Heat
Why we like it: The Remington Pro curling wand makes it an absolute breeze to create big, loose waves in no time at all.

Editor’s rating:

There is nothing quite as romantic or beautiful as soft, cascading waves. At the same time, these aren’t always that easy to get as many wands leave you with tighter spirals. With this curling wand though, you will have no trouble at all creating the style that you want. This is because the barrel is bigger, allowing you to get a looser curl. On top of this, it is easy to use for people with all types of hair.

The range of temperatures means that you can find your optimal setting whether you have thin or thick hair. It also means that you can create the curls faster as you don’t have to wait as long for the wand to heat up. Due to the greater level of ceramic in the barrel, the wand heats up evenly, so that your curls are perfectly formed each and every time. This is a curling wand that has been designed to be durable, meaning that it will last much longer.

Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron

Hot Tools Professional Mega 1.25 Inch Curling Iron with Multi-Heat...
  • 24K gold-plated barrel with extra-long cool tip and heavy duty, long-life heating element
  • 85 watts of power for fast heat up to 430 F
  • Separate on-off switch allows rheostat to memorize favorite heat setting
Why we like it: The Hot Tools Professional curling iron works well with all hair types and can create bigger, luscious curls.

Editor’s rating:

If you have medium to long hair, you will really love what this curling iron can do for you. One of the perks of this iron is that you can curl your hair that much faster. Since the barrel is a bit wider and longer, you can wrap a bigger section of hair around it. Now, you will not have to spend hours on your hair, even if your locks are quite long. It is also less fussy as you will not have to hold your hair in place and can easily slide it off the barrel and clamp for perfect curls every time.

Now, there is a specific temperature that each person’s hair responds best to. At this point, your hair holds its curl without showing signs of damage. If you have trouble remembering this number every time, this is not something that you need to be concerned with. This is because in this curling iron, the temperature stats and power switch are separate. So, you can always keep the setting on your perfect temperature and never have to change it again. You will be able to recreate your style beautifully every day.

BaBylissPRO Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron
  • The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron uses Nano titanium technology to produce gentle, even far-infrared...
  • The Nano titanium barrel offers even heat distribution without hot spots. Negative ions leave locks smooth & shiny.
  • Use this spring barrel curling iron for tight curls or loose waves. Far-infrared heat leaves hair shiny & smooth.
Why we like it: The BaBylissPRO curling iron offers high, continuous heat so that you can curl even the longest and thickest hair faster.

Editor’s rating:

If your hair is a bit on the thick or coarse side, you know that you need variable heat settings to get the job done. This is exactly what this curling iron offers. It allows you to achieve really high temperatures so that even the most stubborn hair can be curled properly. Not to mention, the heat is constant so that your curls end up the same and also have excellent hold. The clamp makes it easier to keep your locks in place while they are being curled and saves you from hand fatigue.

What’s awesome about this curling iron is that you get to have curls or waves that are incredibly smooth and frizz-free. This is because the iron locks in the moisture and shine into your hair, giving you a much more polished look. It helps to prevent your hair from getting damaged, even if you use the curling iron on a regular basis. All in all, if you are looking for a high quality, traditional curling iron, you will not be disappointed by what this model has to offer.


Infiniti Pro by Conair Curling Wand

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand; 1-Inch to...
  • Ceramic Curling Wand: Instantly create defined to free-flowing curls and beachy waves by wrapping your hair around this...
  • Frizz Fighting Control: Tourmaline Ceramic technology controls frizz for silky shiny hair, and provides ultra high, even...
  • Clamp Free Curls: Conical barrel tapers from 1 inch to 0.5 inch for tighter to looser curls. Style instantly with no...
Why we like it: The Infiniti Pro by Conair curling wand works to quickly give you beautiful curls, regardless of your hair type.

Editor’s rating:

If you want fuss-free curls every time, then you should give this curling wand a try. First of all, the wand takes just seconds to heat up which considerably cuts down on your waiting time. Also, the barrel is snag free, which reduces the chance of you getting crimps or dents in your hair. Then, there is the fact that it can heat up to considerable temperatures. This way, regardless of your hair type, you are sure to get curls that will stay for as long as possible.

One of the things that make this curling wand stand out is how it helps you to get a sleeker, more polished look. It has been designed to reduce frizz and to prevent flyaways as well. This way, your curls look a great deal smoother. More importantly, however, your hair is also protected from unnecessary damage. If you are looking for a safe option, this curling iron is a good bet. It has an auto shut off feature so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn your curling iron off before leaving the house.

Bed Head Wave Artist

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves
  • This is older version: See Newer Model BH365 for features you wanted (Auto shutoff, 2X Tourmaline Coating for smoother...
  • Tourmaline, ceramic technology on plates for reduced frizz and massive shine
  • Unique deep barrels for beach sculpted waves
Why we like it: The Bed Head Wave Artist allows you to create perfect beachy waves every time without any skill at all.

Editor’s rating:

One of the styles that aren’t likely to fade away anytime soon is beachy waves. This hairstyle has proven to be a signature look for many celebrities and has been carefully crafted by professional stylists. Now, if you can’t get hold of a famous hairdresser, you don’t need to fret as the Wave Artist can do all of the heavy lifting for you. In just a matter of seconds, this device will transform even the straightest of locks into beautiful, boho waves.

Now, one of the downsides of trying to create beachy waves is that you end up with a bundle of frizz instead. Thanks to the tourmaline plates on this device, though, you don’t need to worry about it. The plates help to lock in smoothness and shine. What’s also great about this machine is that you get to choose the temperature that is just right for you hair. This way, you can prevent your strands from getting damaged while also ensuring that you have a long hold look.

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