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It is a gardening hose after all. How complicated can it be to get one? There are plenty of them out there and they all perform essentially the exact same function. Or do they? Yeah, that is a good question.

As it turns out, not even the simplest devices are simple anymore. Of course, the primary reason remains that you buy a gardening hose to help you distribute water where it is needed more efficiently than you otherwise would. But with that purpose already satisfied, who’s to stop you from wanting a little more from your hose than just that? What if the water coming out of it was also drinkable? What if it was able to last you a lot longer than you would normally expect? What if it affords you varying levels of water temperature to suit particular environments and plants? And what if it would be a lot more compliant with storage, mobility, and maneuverability? Well, the modern range of top-notch garden hoses aspire to answer all those questions with real gusto.

The list we have given below features the most sought after and reputed garden hoses that are currently on the market. They have been brutally tested and tried to prove their worthiness to customers. Not only do they satisfy our strict standards for quality but do so with their own unique technology and design. So have a good look and see which one you would take off the shelf.

Tiabo Metal Garden Hose

Product Info
  • Super tough 304 stainless steel and extremely flexible
  • Designed with upgraded material to be very light for carrying and extra durable
  • Cool to the touch - reflects heat from the sun

Why we like it: Offers impeccable customer support and is splendidly designed and engineered all round.
Editor’s rating:

If you are the type of customer who is very particular about the quality of a product as well as post-sale customer service, this garden hose was designed with you in mind.
It is made up of super tough 304 stainless steel and is extremely flexible. The upgraded material is designed to be very light and easy to carry, and it is also very durable. This amazing hose benefits from being weather proof, puncture proof, thorn proof, kink proof, tear proof, dog proof, and tangle resistant.
The included nozzle features seven different spray patterns – shower, flat, center, cone, mist, jet, and full.
If you are looking for a great hose which is very flexible and extremely durable then this is definitely the choice for you.

Flexzilla Garden Hose

Product Info
  • Extremely flexible – Our distinctive green hoses are built from a special polymer blend that allows for all-weather...
  • Extremely durable – Purpose built to handle any industry and environment. Abrasion resistant outer cover and crush...
  • Won't kink under pressure – Our hoses are made from a special hybrid polymer that is memoryless, meaning it will lay...
Why we like it: Absolutely no questions on build quality or durability with this one.

Editor’s rating:

Much like the mythical monster that inspired its name, Flexzilla is based on a revolutionary new design featuring hybrid polymer material that gives flexibility a whole new meaning. The properties of the material give it zero memory so it adopts precisely the same position that you leave it in and does not recoil at all. It is a rather weird sight at first but eventually, we began to appreciate it very much. And that was just the start.

What’s more, it even works in several different weather conditions including sub-zero temperatures. It is so good that it has even earned the trust of oil companies in Alaska. But how is that possible with a hose that stretches to only 50 feet? You are quite right, 50 feet just would not cut it for an oil company, which is why you can also acquire this hose at double that length at 100 feet. But you can also go extremely short too, down to a minimum length of 3 feet.

Camco 22853 Premium Drinking Water Hose

Product Info
  • Heavy duty hose is 20 percent thicker than standard drinking water hoses
  • Drinking water safe, lead free, BPA free, phthalate free and leaves no strong plastic taste in your drinking water
  • Machined fittings and strain relief ends for added durability
Why we like it: Comes with all the usual perks of a high-end garden hose with the added benefit of supplying drinkable water.

Editor’s rating:

We like to think that a step up from an already durable and well-built hose is one that also lets out drinkable water. And Camco has gone ahead and provided one, the 22853 Premium drinking water hose. And perhaps one more thing it offers over most other high-quality garden hoses is different options in size, ranging from 10 feet to 50 feet. It all comes at not too bad a price, certainly a very reasonable one what it offers.

However, when you read that the water coming out of it is safe enough to drink, it is only natural to wonder “Well, how safe is it?” Well, safe enough to comply with federal laws so, pretty safe. The key here is that it does not use any toxic chemicals or materials in its construction. So the water flowing through it is pure and uncompromised. So you can not only use it as a gardening hose but as an extension for your water filter or drinking water faucet.


Water Right 400 Series Polyurethane Garden Hose

Product Info
  • Soft, flexible, slim, lightweight, & effortless to use. Will not permanently kink.
  • NSF and FDA certified polyurethane resin for safe drinking water. Tasteless and odorless as compared to pvc or vinyl...
  • Contains no lead, BPA, Phthalates or other toxic chemicals.
Why we like it: You probably have come across products before that kill two birds with one stone. This one kills three.

Editor’s rating:

The polyurethane garden hose from Water Right is a genuine all-rounder. Not only is it extremely beneficial for your gardening activities but to the environment and your health as well. “Wait, how on earth is a garden hose able to that? It is, after all, a garden hose… right?” It most certainly is, and due to a number of crucial reasons, it manages to deliver on all three fronts. To see what we are on about, you have to take a closer look at the makings of it.

It is a fairly slim structure and therefore lightweight as well. It is also rather soft, and immensely flexible. The water coming out of it is entirely drinkable. That checks out health benefits. It is constructed out of the highest quality in materials from Bayer Material Science whose NSF grade polyurethane is entirely free of toxic substances. The brass components of the hose are crush proof, tough and trivalent chrome plated. That checks out your environmental benefits. And finally, for gardening services, it stretches up to 50 feet, has a flow rate of 4 gallons a minute, and can withstand all weather conditions.

VicTsing 50ft Expanding Garden Hose

Product Info
  • 50-FEET EXPANDABLE LENGTH: This hose could be expanded up to 50 feet when it is filled with water, 3 times of its...
  • HEAVY-DUTY BRASS VALVE: You could control the water flow though the solid ON/OFF brass valve. The corrosion-resistant...
  • 100% POLYESTER WOVEN COVER: Shielded by a 3750 x 3750 woven protecting cover, our durable hose could bear wearing and...
Why we like it: Affords you all the perks you would expect from a high-quality garden hose at an unbelievably low price.

Editor’s rating:

Do you want an incredibly tough garden hose but want it at a bargain price? If you have not already met the VicTsing expanding garden hose, you are in luck. This is one of the main best sellers to be included on the list and it is not hard to see why. It is after all 50 feet long but its cost would indicate it measures nothing close to that at all. So far we have not spotted a catch to its extraordinarily low price tag.

Only positives to look for wherever you look. You still get brass fittings that are firmly fitted and are extremely tough and durable. Even extreme temperatures are not enough to flummox this hose. It will remain supremely flexible through them all and it can expand up to 3 times its original length. They should have called it “The Squid.” Its original length is 50 feet as standard. Lifetime technical support is available absolutely free and warranty is valid for a solid 12 months.


Apex 8695 All Rubber Hot Water Hose

No products found.

Why we like it: It is the perfect hose on a budget that yields almost identical benefits to its more premium-priced competitors.

Editor’s rating:

The Apex 8695 is all rubber and you can tell just by that detail that it is a heavy duty tool for your garden. That includes applications where hot water would be necessary, as hot as 180 degrees Fahrenheit. You can select yours from a range of three different size options beginning from 25 feet, then on to 50 feet, and finally maxing out at 100 feet. And yes, rubber may be a bit last week in terms of material quality but does yield some good gains elsewhere.

The rubber construction makes this hose remarkably cheap. In fact, it is one of the cheapest items on our list. However, make no mistake; this hose does not take kindly to leakage. It is about as tight as a Victorian-era headmaster. Not that you will be worrying about leakage that much since it also comes with a lifetime guarantee attached to it. As for the brass fittings, you can expect those to be leak proof too as well as rust-proof.

Arbour Expandable Garden Hose

Arbour Expandable Garden Hose with Solid Brass Connectors, On/Off...
  • STRONGEST EXPANDABLE HOSE ON THE MARKET: Made to the highest standard in quality, safety and reliability period....
  • TRIPLE LAYER LATEX CORE: Stronger, durable and more reliable than the double layer core. Our Triple Layer Latex core...
Why we like it: You can buy this hose with absolutely no reservations on safety, durability, or reliability.

Editor’s rating:

We are yet to be completely rid of the previous generation of garden hoses that tend to kink and tangle themselves and prove to be just bulky irritation overall. But it is not like the new generation of hoses is all perfect either. Many people have found themselves purchasing brand new products that malfunctioned on their very first task and laid waste to all the faith that had been placed on their advertising. The Arbour expandable garden hose is not one of those hoses.

It is just the most delightful 50-foot long appliance with a nozzle up front and full on safety and build quality to rely on. Its shrink-friendly design makes it as compact and lightweight as possible which in turn makes it easily portable. It is quite a stretchy thing too. Thanks to its triple layer latex core, it is capable of expanding up to three times its normal length. And It is safe enough to operate even for a child.

Sosoon Garden Hose

No products found.

Why we like it: Ergonomically designed and tough against the elements. Plus, there is a two-year warranty on it.

Editor’s rating:

It is important for a garden hose to remain as simple and elegant as possible because the task it is used for can be quite complicated and messy. Consider, for instance, watering your garden, washing your car, or giving your dog a bath. They can all be quite taxing on both time and energy. The people at Sosoon seem to have thought this out very well as evidenced by their garden hose. This baby is lightweight, highly mobile, stretchy, and does not incur damages easily.

It even comes with a special sack for storing it away when you are not using it or want to bring it along with you on the road. Its stretchy and expandable frame has been designed to not tangle, twist or kink and its brass connectors to not burst or leak. For storage, you get a special hanger included in the package as well as a sack for shifting it around easily when you need to. Warranty lasts for 24 months.

HongMai Compact Garden Hose

No products found.

Why we like it: Build quality and environmental responsibility are recognized by several esteemed institutions and it can last much longer than your average hose.

Editor’s rating:

It would be incredibly difficult to come up with another name that is as certified and recognized as this one. Hongmai’s products adhere to such a standard the brand has been certified by BSCI, REACH, RoHS, CE, and IOS. Over the past decade or so, going green has radically grown to become a commercial theme and Hongmai’s gardening hose incorporates that ethos as well. And its designers were not afraid to take risks and try out new ideas.

This hose features a unique design that does not pollute the environment and is totally expendable. And that is great news considering how most hoses that are not expendable are tossed away irresponsibly after they are no longer functional. And anyway, you are not likely to dispose of this one anytime soon thanks to its exceptional durability from its high tensile Denier Woven Casing. To put that into perspective, while your average hose can be used for roughly 500-600 times before wear sets in, this one can last anywhere between 1000 and 2000.


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