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With the busy schedule of many current work schedules, it can be hard finding time to unwind at the end of the day. When we do not take time to detach ourselves from the stressors of the day, then they can quickly build up and affect our thoughts, behavior, and personality. 


Luckily, there are a variety of ways you can achieve a sense of inner peace, even amid a hectic life. One of the most popular methods of relaxing is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is not a recent development. Cultures utilized the scent power of perfumes and oils since ancient times. 


And the benefits of aromatherapy are not just based on the legend. Recent scientific studies show that our sense of smell is our most powerful sense. It is also linked closely to our understanding of memory. As such, scents we enjoy can transport us back in time to a peaceful, happy place. 


If you are interested in gaining the benefits of aromatherapy, then essential oil diffusers are a great place to start. Essential oil diffusers disperse the essential extract from plants and herbs into the air. The method with which the diffuser disperses the oil differs from product to product. 


However, the most popular type is ultrasonic. But which type do people consider the best essential oil diffuser? With so many different options, choosing the right one can feel like a lot of pressure. If you do not know much about aromatherapy from essential oils, then you came to the right place. 


In this article, we will take a closer look at seven of the best essential oil diffusers out there. We include a variety of different kinds that will fit the needs of any scent enthusiast. We also include a buyer’s guide for first-time users. But first, let us take a look at how we rate the products on this list.

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How We Choose the Essential Oil Diffusers on This List

Blue light Oil Diffuser

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We rank the essential oil diffusers on this list by putting them through rigorous ranking criteria. When ranking the diffusers, we look at three distinct areas. Specifically, we look at the performance, reliability and overall price of each product that we list.


Then, we ask a series of questions for each area we investigate. These questions help us determine what the diffusers excel at and where they need improvement. We then assign the product a score out of five stars. Here are some of the questions we ask during the ranking process:

  • ​Performance — Does the diffuser disperse the oil well? Does it offer different options for using it? Are there any good bonus features?
  • ​Reliability — Does the diffuser hold up well over time? Is cleaning the diffuser easy or hard? How is the company’s customer service?
  • ​Overall price — How much does the essential oil diffuser cost? How does the company justify this price? Does the essential oil diffuser represent a good value?

Top Seven Best Essential Oil Diffusers for Achieving Peace

VicTsing purple Oil Diffuser on the table

​Image Source: ​Amazon

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser, 150ml Mini Wood Grain Aroma Diffuser,...
  • MINI HANDHELD DESIGN. This essential oil diffuser boasts of small and exquisite size. Without occupying much space, it...
  • WHISPER-QUIET AND AUTO-OFF. Adopted ultrasonic technology, this aroma diffuser is ultra quiet when working. This...
  • 7 LIGHTS AND 15 MODES. 7 soothing colors and each color has 2 light options (dim and bright). You can cycle it through...

The VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser is without a doubt one of the most popular oil diffusers currently on the market. At twenty dollars, it is also one of the more affordable models out there. Not only that, but the stylish wood design of the product compliments much different room style.

We think this model is great for achieving peace since it fits the relaxing vibe of a lot of Eastern styles design techniques. As such, it brings an outside element of calm to stressful rooms like work offices and kitchens. Or, if you practice yoga, then you can use the model while focusing on poses. 

The VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser features fourteen different colored lights that gradually change depending on your settings. It also features a three-hour timer setting, auto-off features, and color brightness modes. The diffuser runs between five and eight hours for each filling of water. 

The device is small — it fits into the palm of your hand — and it plugs into an outlet via a cord. People also say the customer service for the company is excellent. One customer received a unit that was too noisy and the VicTsing shipped him another one right away. As such, we think it is the best essential oil diffuser on this list. 

However, keep in mind that since the model is a high style of diffuser you will need to clean the VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser often. Otherwise, the water residue leftover on the diffuser will develop bacteria on it, which you do not want to inhale into your lungs. 

Five stars out of five stars

Portable Air Purifier,4-in-1 Home Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter...
  • Effectively Purify Air: True HEPA Filter Adopts HEPA technology & Activated Carbon Filter, can remove more than 99.97%...
  • 4 Level of Powerful Filtration: Powerful Air Purifier have 4 levels advanced filtration to provide the cleanest air...
  • Ultra-Silent Sleep Mode: Sleep mode sets the purifier to its lowest setting. Only 32dB at low setting is "whisper"...

If you do not mind dropping a little money, then you can receive one of the best diffusers on the market right now. The primary justification for charging more for the product is that the product is not only an essential oil diffuser, but it is also an air filter. From a purely technical standpoint, this product may be the best essential oil diffuser on this list.


This fact means that the device takes in air pollutants like dust, smokes, dirt and other things, and then filters them out of your breathing space. If you suffer from allergies, then a Zepst Portable Air Purifier will become one of your best friends when you try and go to sleep with allergies. 


The model comes with seven different light schemes and an auto-shutoff feature if you use it while you go to sleep. It also comes with four different time modes: one hour, three hours, six hours or nonstop. The Zepst Portable Air Purifier is one of the quietest ultrasonic diffusers on the market right now. 


However, as we mentioned, the asking price for the device remains pretty high. One unit costs eighty-seven dollars. However, if you do not mind putting up the money, then the Zepst Portable Air Purifier will be an investment you will not regret. We found the device typically lasts quite a bit longer than diffusers like the VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser. 


While the VicTsing product certainly comes with the added convenience of an affordable price, this also means that the diffuser is more susceptible to malfunction — especially if someone does not take proper care of the product. 


Thus we find if someone is a little more neglectful of their unit’s maintenance health, then they might be better off going with the slightly more expensive Zepst Portable Air Purifier.


Five stars out of five stars

ComSaf Ceramic Tealight Candle Holder Oil Burner, Essential Oil...
  • ♨ The oil burner size: bowl diameter 3.75 inch/9.5cm; height 4.5inch/11.5cm; bowl capacity: 3oz. Set of 2.
  • ♨ Tealight Holder made of glazed ceramic with hollow-carved design, giving an artful appeal to your indoor space....
  • ♨ The essential oil burner has beautiful cut-out star and floral patterns. Hollowed-out design allows tealight to...

If you do not prefer the humidifying nature of high diffuser products, then the T4U Mucihom Ceramic Tealight will be a refreshing break from the other two products. Instead of relying on ultrasonic vibrations, the T4U product heats the essential oils using small candles under a ceramic basin holding the oil. 


As such, the T4U Mucihom Ceramic Tealight helps present a more authentic meditation vibe than the simulated light show of many of the ultrasonic models. The cute star and floral shapes cut into the ceramic also help improve stressful situations by casting reflective shadows in the dark.


The candle holders are small — four inches in diameter and four in half inches tall. You can also use candle wax instead of essential oils if you desire. However, you will need separate small candles for heating whatever you put in the small basin. 


It is also pretty affordable — two candle holders cost nineteen dollars. However, there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of before buying the product. First off, the candle holder can represent a fire hazard in some environments, so it might not be allowed in some office settings. 


Also, when you heat essential oils, they lose a lot of their medical benefits since the heat changes the chemical composition of whatever essential oil you use. However, if you care about a relaxing smell and environment in your home, then the T4U Mucihom Ceramic Tealight is a great match.

​4.5 stars out of five stars

InnoGear 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser Wood Grain Aromatherapy...
  • HIGH-QUALITY: This aromatherapy diffuser is not only practical to use but also elegant in design. Sleek style with...
  • MULTIFUNCIONAL: This aromatherapy diffuser has 4 timers (ON/1/3/6HRS), 2 mist levels ( STRONG/WEAK) for you to choose...
  • NO DISTURBING SOUNDS: Ultra-quiet technology provides soft smooth mist and pleasant aromas, which ensures a quiet,...

The InnoGear 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser captures the same zen-style as the VicTsing product — this time in a lighter, sandalwood style. The product holds five hundred milliliters of water and comes with a high and low mist setting. Essentially, it is a slightly different version of the VicTsing product. 


This feature helps you control the quantity of mist sprayed by the device which can make it last longer or shorter. It also comes with the standard seven light functions, which makes it ideal possibly for children’s bedrooms if they suffer from a fear of the dark. 


As we mentioned before, the ultrasonic diffuser can also help deliver some good medical benefits if you spend a lot of time in a dry room or environment. If you suffer from chapped lips or dry, peeling skin, then we recommend getting a product like this. One model costs twenty-six dollars. 


However, keep in mind that some people reported that the device is very fragile. A slight bump of a table can spill the water of a full unit. If you do not immediately take off wet internal diffusers, then the product will likely break. As such, you should be extra careful when filling and setting up the product.

​​Four stars out of five stars

Essential Oil Diffuser -160ml Cool Mist Humidifiers -7 Color LED Night...
  • THE ROUND RICH ADVANTAGE: Quiet and Healthy.The Fog is more fine and more uniform,spread quickly. Not only has a...
  • Extra fine ceramic filter filters and ADVANCED Ultrasonic Diffusing technology which produces vibrations at a frequency...
  • 7 Soothing LED Light:The color can be cycled through or set it to one fixed color. .press the button for 3 seconds light...

If you want an ultrasonic diffuser, but do not like the standard, circular design, then the Round Rich Essential Oil Diffuser will be a refreshing change of pace. Bird lovers will enjoy the unique ceramic owl design on the outside of the product. The product comes with fourteen different colored LED lights. 


The product claims to create roughly two point four million vibrations each second which translates to an extra fine, continuous spray of cool mist. One Round Rich Essential Oil Diffuser costs around thirty-five dollars. The product comes with an eighteen-month warranty in case an issue arises while using it. 


The diffusers can expel more than two gallons of water every day you use it. The product also does not contain any BPA material, which some of the cheaper models use. BPA stands for bisphenol which is a harmful ingredient that some companies use when they make plastic products.

​​Four stars out of five stars

EQUSUPRO Essential Oil Diffuser 100ml Metal Aromatherapy Diffuser...
  • [Unique Design] A perfect addition to any contemporary home, office, gym, spa or studio. Compact and portable, the aroma...
  • [All In One Function] Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, Cool Mist Humidifier, Night Light. Multifunction: Moisten...
  • [Whisper Quiet Ultrasonic Technology] Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser adopted advanced ultrasonic technology, it is...

The QUSUP Ultrasonic Cool Mist Essential Oil Diffuser does not offer much in terms of improvement from the standard ultrasonic diffuser. It includes the standard auto-off, three mist, and light features, but only comes with a one hundred milliliter water capacity — not much compared to the other models.


However, the main selling point for the model is the beautiful exterior design of the product. Unlike a smooth, faux-wood plastic, the QUSUP Ultrasonic Cool Mist Essential Oil Diffuser uses a metal grating to produce a beautiful woodland design. 


As such, it may fit the style or preferences of a specific individual perfectly. One QUSUP Ultrasonic Cool Mist Essential Oil Diffuser costs twenty-six dollars. 


Unfortunately, some areas leave a lot to be desired with the product. For example, many users complained that their product broke within a few days of using it. As such, the company's forty-five day warranty period seems like an insidious attempt to push damaged goods on their consumers.

​3.5 stars out of five stars

Sofia Waterless Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser For Best...
  • 💐 MINIMALIST DESIGN: Designed in Italy, Sofia is a nebulizing aromatherapy diffuser made of oak wood (FSC certified)...
  • 💐 WATERLESS + 2 GLASS RESERVOIRS INCLUDED: it makes it easy to change essential oils whenever you want without having...
  • 💐 SAFE + PROFESSIONAL: Sofia has an adjustable mist level and functions on a cycle of 2 minutes ON and 1 minute OFF....

If you care a lot about the chemical quality of the essential oils you use, then the Sofia Waterless Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser will provide you with an unchanged version of whatever you use. The model, which the company makes in Italy, features a beautifully minimalist design. 


Unfortunately, this version of the essential oil diffuser will cost you a pretty penny. One model costs around one hundred dollars. As such, it can be quite an investment — especially for people just starting. What is more, cleaning the product is not easy. You should expect frequent clogs while using it.


Many people also complained that the material the company uses does not justify the high price offered. Cheap plastic lines the bottom and the machine manages to get louder and louder every day. The product also does not work well when used in a large, open room. 


Since it is so small and ineffective, many people will not notice the smells coming from the product after one use. Considering the prohibitive price tag that comes with the model, you would think that the outcome would work a little better. As such, we cannot recommend it to anyone. 

​Three stars out of five stars

Essential Oil Diffuser Buyer’s Guide

best essential oil diffuser on the table with bottles of essential oils

​Image Source: Amazon

If you never purchased an essential oil diffuser, then you might be overwhelmed by the wide selection of models available on this list. As such, it is helpful when shopping to learn the differences between the major types of products. Luckily, in this section, we provide you with some easy answers.


We also provide you with a brief list of essential oils that work well for creating a peaceful environment in your home or work situation. But first, let us distinguish the features between the main types of diffusers included on this list.

Ultrasonic Diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers use water and electromagnetic vibrations for dispersing a scented mist into the air. You mix your essential oils with water and the waves created by the motor in the product breakdown the molecules. 


There are some benefits and drawbacks with ultrasonic diffusers. First, there is the added medical benefit of a humidifier. Since these types of diffusers put water back into the air, they can help everything from breathing issues to dry skin. However, they also dilute you oils which reduces some of the medical benefits. 


You also need to clean them frequently, or else bacteria will buildup on the device and make it unsafe for daily use. If you want a standard diffuser that is not too fancy, then an ultrasonic diffuser is the place you should start. They are affordable and represent a sizeable entry-level diffuser for beginners.

Nebulizing Diffusers

If you do not want anything interfering with the purity of your essential oils, then the nebulizing diffusers can be a great option. Some health enthusiasts prefer nebulizing diffusers since that do not use water, heat or plastic chambers. 


These types of models create a vacuum using pressurized air to project the oil molecules into the air. This feature means that nothing affects the essential oils you use in this product. However, nebulizing diffusers usually costs quite a lot more than traditional models since they need custom glass chambers.

Heat Diffusers

Heat diffusers use something like a candle or similar heat source for heating the essential oils. The heated oil then enters the air and permeates the room. One great benefit associated with heat diffusers is they are cheap and incredibly quiet (especially compared to ultrasonic models).


However, you should also know that when you apply heat to an essential oil, it changes the chemical composition of the fuel you use. In many cases, the temperature may make the scent of the oil more robust, but it also takes away a lot of the medicinal qualities of the substance. 


If you insist on a heat diffuser, then we recommend limiting the amount of heat you apply to it. Low levels of heat can keep the health benefits attached, but you need to monitor it regularly. It can also be a little annoying needing to buy new candles for your diffuser regularly.

Evaporative Diffusers

Evaporative diffusers rely either on bamboo reeds or small fans for blowing the oil into the air naturally. Like the nebulizing diffusers, these types of models do not apply heat or water to your essential oils. However, keep in mind that they still affect the chemical composition of your oils. 


For example, the oil gets into the air by transforming into a gas. This transformation means that the lighter compounds get into the air, leaving the heavier compounds behind. As such, you find yourself going through oil much more quickly.

Great Essential Oils for Achieving Peace

If you are not sure which essential oil to use in your new diffuser, then here are some of our favorite types. Most of the kinds of essential oils can be blended depending on your personal preferences. Blends can add an incredible diversity to the traditional standard smells. 

  • ​Lavender — One of the most popular types of essential oils that helps promote feelings of calm and restfulness.
  • ​Patchouli — Relaxes the emotional center of your brain.
  • ​Neroli — Stabilizes your attention span allowing you to focus on what matters.
  • ​Bergamont — This natural ingredient found in Earl Grey tea helps your brain get rid of anxious or negative feelings.
  • Lemon — If you want a sense of alertness combined with general wellbeing, then you cannot go wrong with the citrusy scent of lemon.

We hope this guide helps you find the best essential oil diffuser possible. If you want to play it safe, then ultrasonic diffusers offer an affordable and enjoyable experience for most people who use it. However, this acceptance might not be the case for everyone.


Some people might not prefer the amount of moisture that ultrasonic diffusers leave in the air. As such, you should experiment with some different options before deciding firmly on one. But regardless of which one you choose, all the products on this list offer an excellent opportunity for achieving inner peace.  


​Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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