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Whether you’re sitting in the office or sitting at home gaming like a champion, you know exactly what happens to your body after long hours of sitting down. While there’s only so much you can do about those cheap office chairs that the company provides you, you can at least do something about the chair you use at home. Your home office deserves a chair worthy of you, one that will provide you with the proper body support for the long haul. That’s why many companies now produce ergonomic chairs, designed to mold right onto your body, providing you with pillow-like comfort while sitting for long periods at a time. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to sneak one of these ergonomic chairs into your office as well?

Sayl Chair by Herman Miller


Product Info
  • This "life unframed" chair is an amazing mix of sophisticated engineering, design and ergonomics that promotes a real...
  • Height: 34.25-38.75" Width: 24.5" Depth: 24.5"
  • Basic Model: Fixed Arms

You shouldn’t be surprised that Herman Miller makes it on our list once again. In fact, you would have to be surprised if they only had one entry. If the Aeron Chair is a bit too much for you, the Sayl Chair may be just what you need to find the comfort that you’re looking for, at a price point that is completely and utterly satisfying. The Sayl Chair offers many of the same features of the Aeron Chair, with many of the same patented designs that Herman Miller put into their original ergonomic chair. However, the Sayl Chair is a much more futuristic looking chair with an eye to modern design and ergonomic engineering.

This Herman Miller chair design is completely based on support. The Sayl Chair is directly inspired by suspension bridges. That much can be seen from the mesh back, which itself looks like it could be supporting a suspension bridge. It’s like the Chuo Ohashi bridge in Japan, for your back! The cross-crossing mesh back utilizes what Herman Miller calls their 3D Intelligent back. The design allows you to move every which way while still supporting your back. It does not compromise on freedom, however, so you’ll never feel trapped in the chair as you might with other form-fitting chairs. The chair is specifically designed to give you continued support along the spine, so as long as you’re sitting in the chair correctly (and not hanging upside down from it in despair and confusion), you should be able to reap the benefits of the elastomer strands.

Customers will find that this chair comes with excellent reviews. A 4.3/5 average rating on Amazon is a happy greeting to future relationship with this ergonomically designed chair. Just be careful with the back. Negative reviews seem pretty consistent in mentioning that the mesh back of the seat has holes wide enough to rip buttons for your shirt or blouse. However, most customers (55% even), gave this chair a whopping 5/5 stars. You’ll likely be happy with it too.


  • Suspension-bridge inspired back fully distributes weight
  • Comfortable elastomer strands
  • Provides comfort of movement without compromising support


  • Holes in the mesh may be too big
  • May become noisy over time

Zody Chair by Haworth


No products found.

Why we like it: A direct competitor to the Aeron Chair, the Zody Chair by Haworth is a pricey, comfortable piece of modern engineering. Unlike most chairs, this chair is designed to be utilized by a vast majority of the population, and comes with all of the features you’ve come to expect out of a chair at its price point. As the only chair supported by the American Physical Therapy Association, you can expect that the mesh backing, spine-supporting metal frame and asymmetrical lumbar support will offer great comfort over the long term. Available in silver or black, the chair has a three-point tilt feature that provides for greater control.


  • Three-point tilt
  • Mesh backing
  • Environmentally-friendly materials


  • Extremely high price point


SPACE Seating Professional Air Grid


Product Info
  • Eco Leather seat with mesh siding for breathability and comfort
  • One touch Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control with Adjustable Tilt Tension,Dimensions:25.2 D x 26.5 W x 42 H inches

Why we like it: This ergonomically designed chair from Office Grid is designed with the latest and greatest in modern chair comfort. A form-fitting, back-supporting mesh back comes standard on this unit. The chair has all of the adjustability options that you may not find with more expensive modern ergonomic office chairs. Lumbar support also comes standard with this chair, as well as adjustable arms, height and back that can be moved forward or backward. The chair can be purchased in three different settings, from lower to higher end, with the Executive form having all of the bells and whistles, including an extra attachment for head support.


  • Feature-rich with additional options


  • Relatively cheap construction


Mid Back Mesh Swivel Task Chair


Product Info
  • Not just for your office, this mesh desk chair will be a comfortable ergonomic gaming chair for online gamers and video...
  • Contemporary executive chair offers superior comfort
  • Ventilated curved back provides lumbar support, adjustable back height, back angle adjustments with infinite lock...

Why we like it: There’s a general trend with ergonomics: get rid of the fluff. Whether it’s chairs or shoes, most companies now designing products with the human factor have quickly learned that long-term comfort (which is what ergonomics is primarily focused on) cannot be found in fluffy pillows. There has to be more than cushions to really support the human body in the long run. That’s where mesh comes in. The Aeron chair defined it. The Mid Back Mesh Swivel Task Chair by Flash provides you with all of your ergonomically-enhanced desires, with an extremely wallet-happy price.

The only foam you’ll find on this chair is the seat. A dense, foam padded seat is in place to give you the best rear end support over the long haul. Regardless of whether that long haul is a few extra hours at the office, or a few extra hours on your favorite shooter, you’ll find this chair gives added support to make that sitting experience wholly worthwhile. The mesh back evenly distributes your weight, and the metal spine support encourages great posture. Want more? This chair comes in a wide range of colors, perfect for the individualizing your gaming or working experience.The triple paddle control system on the back is unique, offering a wide range of customization with forward, backward and height settings. All for under $100. For those who have a need for back and body support, but don’t have the funds for the high end, this is most definitely your go-to chair.

You’ll find that this chair comes with above-average ratings, with a 3.8/5 average rating on Amazon. Over 300 customers have voiced their opinions on this chair’s benefits, with over 50% giving it a 5 star rating. Easy to assemble and perfectly designed for adjustability, the primary concerns with this chair were in the back and the height. Customers caution that you will want to be careful when putting the chair’s back together, as it can be weak if not put on correctly. They also report that despite the massive amounts of ways you can adjust the chair, it does not go low enough for many peoples’ desire.


  • Great features for a low price
  • Mesh backing for form-fitting back support


  • Cheaper materials


Why you should Avoid the “Gaming Chair” Gimmick

Shopping for a new PC gaming chair can be a hassle. Every model and brand purports to have that one, solid piece of furniture that will be the end-all for gaming chairs. Almost every chair that is marketed as a gaming chair will also come at a very pricey cost for what you’re actually getting, simply because they are marketed as a niche item. Unfortunately, companies know gamers very well. We like to spend money on the things that we love, and we’ll give in to the extra expense if we believe that it will provide us with a better gaming experience.

The more is true for competitive PC gamers, as anything that might give an advantage over your opponents is going to be something you’ll want to consider seriously. While true gaming chairs exist, many of them are not what they appear to be. Most chairs marketed as “gaming chairs” offer little more than extra color and softer padding on the seat and back. Unfortunately, this means that many of them are not designed ergonomically, either.

Correct PC sitting posture.

Correct PC sitting posture.

If you’re really into the concept of ergonomics, then you need to be into long-term comfort. That’s what ergonomics is all about. Although the scientific study is focuswith an emphasis on how products that are used daily in the work place can be innovatively redesigned to maximize productivity. The concept was born out of the strong desire to increase efficiency in corporate offices. However, that same concept can easily be applied to gaming experiences as well. Many companies designing chairs for office comfort have realized the value in how these chairs can work for gamers as well. Most products marketed as “gaming chairs” will not help to put an end to the soreness, pain and discomfort that result from long-term gaming sessions. However, buying a chair marketed specifically for ergonomic purposes can.

After several hours in a chair not designed for the human body, you may feel just like your 90 year old grandmother. And with repeated use, you may end up with severe back problems over time. Yes, most “gaming chairs” will look a lot more interesting. They’ll be flashier, sport leather and maybe even some added features, such as built-in speakers. But they’re designed to be flashy. That’s the point. Their designs are unfortunately not always well suited for long term comfort. They’re typically just made with extra cushions on the back and seat to make them overly soft. As wonderful as that is, it’s simply not enough to save your back from the hours of strain you’re putting on it. There are undoubtedly some good gaming chairs on the market, but their ergonomic office chair counterparts will offer a much better value for the money

Ergonomic Chairs: The Nuts and Bolts

A standard ergonomic chair with a mesh back.

For those serious about their hunt for a great a “gaming chair”, look no further than what a great, ergonomically designed office chair can give you. After all, your gaming experience is all about what is on the screen in front of you, not on what your chair can accomplish. The best long-term gaming experiences can leave you feeling tired in both body and mind. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can help with the mind issue (other than taking breaks), but if you want to ensure that your body makes it through those several hours-long sessions, a chair designed specifically for that purpose is your best bet. Although they are typically marketed for office work, ergonomic office chairs are advanced pieces of engineering, designed more for the body than for the experience. To that end, a great ergonomic office chair is sure to fit all of your gaming needs.

So what goes into a great ergonomic chair? It all starts with the design on the back. Most new ergonomic chairs are designed with a mesh back of some sort, or a elastic or elastic polymer strand, crisscrossing a metal light metal frame. The importance of this mesh is in how it holds up the body. As you lean back, your weight is pushed onto the back of the chair. A typical office chair (and most “gaming” chairs at that), have a soft, but solid pillow-topped back. While this may add comfort for a short time, it does not form around the contours of your back, causing a lack of even weight distribution. That even weight distribution is important to comfort over the course of several hours. The more your weight is distributed evenly, the less any one part of your back has to strain itself to take on the extra work. This allows you to spend longer amounts of time in your chair without having to worry about back pain.

Most ergonomic chairs also include an important spine supporting metal frame behind the mesh. Typically this metal frame will support the lower spine, promoting proper posture as well as helping to alleviate strain on the back. Many of these chairs also come with lumbar supporting features, for extra lower back support. Further still, many ergonomic chairs place emphasis on the importance of your legs to long term sitting. While your upper body is doing most of the work, your legs are integral to the balancing process, and do take on some of the stress. Many ergonomic chair brands have a contoured front seat. This helps take some strain off of your legs.

Why it Really Matters

Much like modern ergonomic keyboards, an ergonomic chair may take some getting used to. The rethinking of the chair design can throw some customers off. Over time, however, most users find that the difference is felt significantly in the long run. The ability to continue your gaming sessions long term is important. Finding the right chair to help aid you in that task is just as important. Don’t be fooled by the “gaming chair” hype. While there are some great chairs on the market specifically designed for gamers, the price point on these chairs is often a bit on the high end. More often than not, the best option is a chair designed specifically for long term sitting and productivity that supports the back and takes strain off of your body. Most gaming chairs simply won’t do that. Chairs designed to increase work efficiency, however, are made for just that purpose.

Ergonomic Chair Buyer’s Guide

A Short History on Ergonomics

Ergonomics. It’s a term we have all heard thrown around, left and right, with seemingly very little meaning. All we know is that it has something to do with comfort. Right? Well, only partially, and only recently. Before we delve into the office and gaming chairs that will provide you with the best experience, let’s dispel some myths behind the this mysterious concept called “ergonomics”.

First, the definition. Ergonomics (n.) is “the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment”. Not quite what you were thinking, is it? By definition, ergonomics has absolutely nothing to do with comfort. It is the science and the study behind how to increase workers’ productivity. Businesses around the world have realized the importance of keeping their workers happy and comfortable. As a result, ergonomic devices of all shapes and sizes have popped up to meet the demand.

Regardless of what the concept is actually about, the study has led to the production of devices that emphasize comfort, beyond just the work place. This includes such things as computer mice (including gaming mice and budget mice), shoes, keyboards and, yes, PC gaming chairs, among many other things. The concept is simple, really. If there is a product or device that you might use over an extended period of time, it will inevitably cause fatigue of some sort. If that product or device can be redesigned with a human’s extended use in mind, it can be made more ergonomically sound through innovative redesign.

Believe it or not, the term “ergonomics” was first devised in the mid 1800s. Polish scientist Wojciech Jastrzębowski coined the term while exploring the science behind work and workers. Now, the term “human factors” has been applied as an emphasis on the idea that ergonomics is no longer simply about work efficiency, but on the interaction between humans and objects that they utilize. The idea goes something like this: if we can alter the way an object is used, we can maximize the comfort for the human using it. While ergonomics now covers three specific areas (physical, cognitive and organizational), the only one we’re concerned about here is physical.

So what does ergonomics look like when taking into account the “human factor”? That all depends on the product. Mice, for example, can be made more ergonomic by redesigning the outer casing to fit snugly into the hand. Years ago, computer mice were made completely square or rectangular. This of course makes no sense for how the hand works. It forces the human hand to grab the object in a manner that, over time, is highly uncomfortable. Eventually, product designers began making mice with rounded corners. Thank the engineers who realized this was a much better fit for the human hand! However, the designs were still not optimal. After all, hands can certainly grab rounded objects more easily than rectangular ones, but the palm itself is not perfectly round. There are recesses on the inside of the palm. Now, mice are available that are designed in a way that makes the hand mold right into them. More comfort over longer periods of use means much more productivity and efficiency, whether the user is at work or play.

Ergonomic Chairs and the Search for Better Health

One of the most obvious applications for ergonomics is in chair design. Few people do all of their work while standing. Many global studies have found that the average person sits for more than 7 hours a day. The American Medical Association likewise identifies long periods of sitting as bad for your health. The term “sitting disease” has made its rounds in medical communities, but it is not an actual illness. It is, however, a term applied to the negative effects that come from a sedentary lifestyle. Although many of us may still work out in the mornings and evenings, much of this is counteracted or completely negated by sitting for a good ⅓ of the entire day.

WebMD provides some helpful information about why sitting for long periods is such a bad idea. Among these are:

This does not, of course, include the issues that can come with sitting incorrectly as well. Spine issues, back pain and other body aches and soreness can occur from extended periods of sitting, day after day, with very little relief. Other issues include cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, obesity and heart attacks. None of these are enjoyable, and all of them are equally attributed to sitting for long periods of time.

Unfortunately for many of us, long periods of sitting are simply unavoidable. Standing desks are certainly an option, and many of them are adjustable (allowing for periods of standing and sitting), but eventually, you’re going to have to sit. And when you do, you’ll want a chair that is not only comfortable, but that provides all of the proper back and body support that you’re going to need over an extended period of time.

What To Look For

Ergonomic chairs will offer a multitude of different features. However, most ergonomic chairs will have some key features that are basic essentials for the chairs themselves.

Back and Spine Support

Most ergonomic chairs have gotten rid of the plushy back to the chair. You’ll find that almost every ergonomic chair on the market instead opts for a mesh back. This is because the mesh back more fluidly distributes weight. Part of the strain that comes with long periods of sitting is that the area on most chairs does not form fit to distribute weight. This causes strain for the part of the back that’s not resting against the chair, as it has to do more work to keep the body upright. Mesh backs form to the back, allowing for a more even weight distribution. However, a wholly mesh back would not be comfortable in the long term. This is why most of these chairs also have a metal frame to support the spine, and often a cushion on the lower back part for lumbar support. This way, the back receives support along the areas of tension, and the metal frame supports the middle and lower spine for greater posture.

Leg Support

While it sometimes goes unrecognized, your legs play a pivotal role in your sitting process. After all, your legs are use to help support your body even while sitting. Remember when you were a child, and chairs were so large that your feet didn’t touch the ground? Sitting like this is highly uncomfortable. You have to put your back to work more to keep sitting straight up. When your legs are long enough to hit the floor, they are able to do more to support your body, distribute weight and keep your sitting straight. However, in the long run, your legs can get tired, as the seat itself can be poorly designed for your legs. Many ergonomic chairs are designed to help alleviate strain on the legs. The Aeron Chair by Miller, for example, has a “waterfall” front that flows downward, so that the upper back of your legs receive a bit of a reprieve for all of the hard work they’re doing.

Adjustability and Movement

Stiffness is one of the key problems with traditional office chairs. They simply do not move with you, and you spend too much energy forcing them to go in directions they weren’t designed to go. Many ergonomic chairs are made to swivel with the body’s movements. This takes a lot of strain off of your muscles, as even the micromovements that you make throughout your long sitting periods are accommodated by the chair’s movement mechanisms. If you move around in your chair quite often, you’re going to want a chair that accommodates those movements, and that provides adjustability in how much it can accommodate as well.

The Basic Features

Office and gaming chairs have had adjustability features for a long time. Many modern ergonomic chairs are shirking some of these features for more automatic mechanisms that react to your movements. However, if you’re still a fan of direct user control, make sure to look for a chair that has what you need. Does it adjust in height? Can you adjust the arms up and down? Can you adjust the position of the back forward or backward? These may seem like basic features, but again, many modern ergonomic engineers have engineered these features out of modern chair design. If these are still important features to you, do not buy a chair unless it specifically states that these features are available.

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