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In cold, wintery countries, there is little that feels as good as curling up in bed with a good book, hot chocolate and warm blanket. Electric blankets in particular as fabulous, because they automatically heat up your bed for a toasty tuck in when the weather is less than. Many people are opting for electric blankets over regular blankets because unlike the latter they do not get cold. There are electric blankets in many sizes and types today so you have plenty of choice. Of course, you want it to last a while too so make sure you choose one that is durable. They are particularly useful to those with high sensitivity to cold weather since it helps regulates their body temperature. Ranging in price, you have the liberty of choosing one that fits your budget the best. Here are some of our picks.

Serta Luxe Plush Electric Heated Micro-Fleece Blanket


Serta | Luxurious Velvet Plush Heated Electric Warming Blanket with...
  • INCLUDES: (1) Microplush electric heated throw
  • MATERIALS: Made of incredibly soft micro-plush fabric with built in micro-thin wires for more even heat distribution...
  • FEATURES: Patented Safe & Warm non-hazardous low voltage technology is safe in the presence of moisture, will not harm...

The Serta electric blanket is expensive, at around $175 but very effective and useful. It is built out of a luxe, plush material making it super comfortable. It includes low voltage which is both safe and patented. It saves energy and also helps you beat the cold. What is more, unlike other electric blankets, they do not come with bulky wires. This features super thin wires well-placed within the blanket; in fact, so well-placed they can barely be felt. It also has a convenient pre-heat and hold functionality that heats your bed completely without any cold spots. The micro-fleece material is indulgently luxurious and is easily machine washable. Dry as normal without worrying about shrinking. As you can see, its many advanced qualities warrant its price, so it is still worth it if you can afford it. You are definitely assured of quality and durability so you have complete satisfaction.

Reversible Sherpa/Fleece Heated Electric Throw Blanket, Slate Blue

Upgraded! Instant Heat Blanket, the Electric Blanket Eliminator!
  • Instant Heat Blanket 36" X 60"
  • This Blanket Reflects Back Your Own Body Heat.
  • Turn Down The Thermostat And Still Stay Warm.

This amazing microplush reversible electric heated throw comes with 5 different heat settings. The included easy-to-use controller allows you to control the heat and maintain the optimum heat level for your own personal comfort.

This throw is made up of ultra-soft 100% polyester brushed microplush that can be reversed to a plush and cozy sherpa lining for a wonderfully cozy feel.

For safety, this blanket features a 4-hour automatic  shut off timer. This helps to keep you safe but also preserves the life of the blanket and saves power.

Conveniently, it is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about any special care with this product – simply pop it in the wash like you would any ordinary blanket.

Measuring at 50×60 inches, you can be sure of full coverage from this cozy blanket. It is perfect for sunggling under on the couch while you watch your favorite TV show.

Sunbeam Fleece Heated Throw, Garnet


If you like your electric blanket to be more of a statement piece, then this garnet shaded one by Sunbeam is yours. It is quite affordable as well, and if garnet is not really your color you can choose from a range of others. The ergonomic controllers come with 3 different heat settings and an automatic 3-hour shutoff system. It is also built to be able to deliver continuous warmth for your convenience and added comfort. The 100% polyester fleece material makes it both machine washable and safe for the dryer so cleaning is a breeze. You have more flexibility too with the 6ft long cord. Just remember that the controller might be different to what is pictured. As far as functionality goes, though, it ticks off all the requirements. A must-have on trips away to cold climates or just during winter and a great choice.

Beautyrest Cozy Plush Heated Electric Blanket


This microplush electric blanket by Beautyrest really does help you get your beauty sleep even with cold weather outside. At just under a $100, this king blue blanket features dual controls. It comes with an expansive temperature control system including 20 temperature settings and 2 controllers. As far as electric blankets go, this one is ridiculously advanced. Whilst the controllers act independently, though they both have an automatic 10-hour shutoff. No need to worry about keeping it clean since it is machine washable. You can also choose from a range of colors depending on your preference. It is definitely worth it and will be an invaluable asset come winter. Plus, since it has so many settings, you are assured of one that will be most comfortable to you. If anyone else wants to use it, they can adjust it accordingly for their requirements making it a versatile choice too.

Trademark Tools Electric Blanket


Stalwart 75-hblanket Electric Car Blanket- Heated 12 Volt Fleece...
  • CAR ADAPTABLE- This soft 12-volt electric blanket plugs into any car, truck, SUV or RV cigarette lighter. Heats up...
  • LONG CORD- Equipped with a 96-inch-long cord, even passengers in the backseat can stay cozy on cool weather road trips...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND WARM-This lightweight auto blanket has thin wire that still gives off warm and comfortable heat. Blanket...

If you want an electric blanket for an affordable price, this one will cost you around $25 so you should be fine. That is the navy, though. Their blue and black options are a little more. It is actually suited for your vehicle which can be very useful when stuck in traffic in the freezing cold. Complete with an LED indicator light and able to function on any 12-volt outlet, it also has a cigarette lighter socket. Made out of 100% polyester fleece, it is comfortable and offers additional warmth through the material. It can be tough getting into your car during winter after work so this is a welcome respite. It features an 8 foot long cord which means it can reach beyond the backseat too. Keep your kids warm at the back as well. Great for trips and travelling in the cold. It is completely safe for use and does not drain your car battery excessively.


Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket


Biddeford 2064-9052140-500 MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket...
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE – Never climb into cold sheets again. Electric Heated Blanket in ultra soft comfortable...
  • THERAPUETIC FULL BODY RELIEF WITH ADJUSTABLE HEAT SETTINGS – The cozy microplush Sherpa blanket has ultra-thin heating...
  • SAFETY - ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – The controller includes an auto shut-off timer for safety and reliability. All...

Biddeford offers electric blankets that are as visually pleasing as they are effective. From denim blue to red, sage and beige, the choices are varied and fun. They have blankets for both King and Queen Beds depending on your needs. You will be able to save up on your bills as well since you can turn down the heating in your home when using this. It is quite a modern electric blanket too, with digital controls. Choose from ten different heat settings for warmth that is more comfortable to you. It also comes with an auto shutoff facility for your safety. Best of all, it is not only machine washable but also comes with a zipper bag so you can take it around with you. So if you travel, this is a great item to carry. Made out of 100% polyester, the ultra-thin wire provides added comfort. For your peace of mind, it includes a 5-year warranty.


Shavel Home Products Thermee Electric Blanket


Thermee Micro Flannel Electric Blanket, Slate Grey, Full
  • WARMTH & COMFORT: Luxuriously soft and warm with innovative 7 layers of quilted micro flannel comfort, this mid-weight...
  • UPDATED CONTROLLER: New for 2020, a redesigned large-number controller with automatic backlit shut-off after 40 seconds,...
  • ANTI-SHRINK & ANTI-PILL: Designed to never fade, shrink, or pill, Micro Flannel fabric stays smooth, soft, and the right...

This electric blanket will cost you $150 and comes in an elegant slate gray color. It fits in with pretty much any décor, no matter where you want to use it. Made out of 100% polyester, they have options for different beds so you have a wide variety when it comes to choice. It features 7 layers of micro flannel that is quilted for extra comfort and warmth. You can easily wash it in the washing machine since the material does not shrink. In fact, they have a patent currently pending for the micro flannel. Choose from 8 different heat settings, and use it with peace of mind thanks to its 10-hour automatic shutoff. Not only does this make it more secure, it also cuts down drastically on your heating bills. Tested and approved, they come with 16ft electrical cords and a 5-year warranty. Definitely a worthwhile buy.


SoftHeat Luxury Micro-Fleece Electric Heated Blanket


SoftHeat by Perfect Fit | Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric...
  • INCLUDES: (1) Electric Heated Blanket
  • MATERIALS: Made from luxurious ultra-soft micro-fleece with built in micro-thin wires for more even heat distribution...
  • FEATURES: Patented Safe & Warm non-hazardous low voltage technology is safe in the presence of moisture, will not harm...

Soft Heat electric blankets come in a range of colors for you to choose from. They also cater to a variety of bed sizes. Made in the USA with 100% polyester, it includes a super luxe micro fleece fabric that feels absolutely divine. It can also be safely machine washed and dried without any issues. Whilst it comes with specific heat settings such as pre-heating and control, it also incorporates a 10-hour automatic shutoff system and prevents overheating. This not only ensures optimal comfort but also safety. It also reduces energy wastage since you need not have the room heated too high. Suitable for use by everyone, although kids should have an adult set it up for them. Durable and of high quality, it is an investment for the winter days not just for you, but your entire family. It is just over $175 but is a great choice.

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