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As human beings, we value our canine friends very much. And as such the convention is to give our dog some form of identification to show that they are in fact part of our household and under our care. For many years now, a collar has been the device for the job.

But as a pet owner, you should not just walk into the pet store and buy the first collar you see. Anything going around such a vulnerable part of the body as the neck is going to warrant some serious reviews. The collar would have to be made of a comfortable and skin-friendly material. Your dog shouldn’t feel strangled by it but at the same time, it ought to have a firm hold on them. You also need to know that the collar you buy should last, not just through time. It should be able to last through the endless punishment it could get from a boisterous, naughty canine that is always getting wet, running down holes and getting into a kerfuffle with other dogs.

In a market so vast, how do you find a collar that can pull off all that? There is no doubt, it will take up quite a bit of your time, but we have made it easy for you. Featured below is a list of what we believe to be the best dog collars you can buy right now. They have all been thoroughly reviewed and proven to excel in all the mandatory criteria that we have subjected them to. Plus, some of them even step up the competition a notch. Find out if the collar you are looking for is featured below.

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs, 8-Month Flea and Tick Collar...
  • Provides 8-months of continuous flea and tick prevention
  • Seresto flea and tick collar for large dogs works through contact, so fleas and ticks do not have to bite your dog to...
  • Veterinarian-recommended flea and tick prevention for dogs in a convenient, odorless and non-greasy collar; No need for...
Why we like it: Sufficiently resistant to the elements and sufficiently capable of eradicating fleas and ticks from your dog.

Editor’s rating:

Fleas and ticks are by far and away pests your dog will ever have to deal with. So it would help if what you put on your dog will contribute in some way to ridding it of the nuisance creepy-crawlies altogether. As it turns out, spelling death for fleas and ticks happens to be a real specialty for the Bayer Seresto collar. Once this thing goes on your dog, you will not have to worry about them awful bloodsuckers for a good 8 months at least.

This collar contains no grease and no odor, and it is very easy to use. It has the potential to kill fleas within 24 hours of being applied while reinvesting fleas are dealt with within a couple hours. The time allocated for preventing tick infestations is 48 hours. Any re-infesting ticks are taken out in as little as 6 hours. The collar is also water-resistant and does not lose any effectiveness even after exposure to the sun or rain, or even multiple shampoo treatments.

Petrainer Waterproof Remote Dog Training Collar

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs, 8-Month Flea and Tick Collar...
  • Provides 8-months of continuous flea and tick prevention
  • Seresto flea and tick collar for large dogs works through contact, so fleas and ticks do not have to bite your dog to...
  • Veterinarian-recommended flea and tick prevention for dogs in a convenient, odorless and non-greasy collar; No need for...
Why we like it: A highly effective device for training your dog to follow your lead and comes with up to 5 years of warranty.

Editor’s rating:

If you are in the market for a remote-controlled dog collar, you have got to give this thing a shot. This training collar from Petrainer is waterproof and available with a 5-year warranty. If you are not already aware, remote-controlled collars are great devices to help you discipline and train your dog. But it does not completely take over training duties. All the while, you are still in control. This collar also comes with a manual.

There are 0-100 levels of control with this collar’s static simulation as well as vibration so that you can pinpoint exactly which setting to use for your dog. It is even possible to train 2 dogs with the same remote. The collar can be effectively controlled within a range of 330 yards. It is also conveniently waterproof. What’s more, the transmitter and receiver are totally rechargeable. Overall it is just a great instrument to help reinforce your command and train your dog efficiently.

GoTags Custom Embroidered Dog Collars

GoTags Personalized Dog Collar, Custom Embroidered with Pet Name and...
  • GREAT IDENTIFICATION FOR YOUR DOG. Our strong nylon dog collar comes personalized with your dog's name and phone number...
  • DURABLY MADE WITH COMFORT IN MIND. Made of high-quality nylon webbing, a stainless steel D-ring for tag and leash...
Why we like it: With just 25 characters, you can create a unique collar that can never be duplicated anywhere else.

Editor’s rating:

The main selling point for the GoTags dog collar is that it can be embroidered to suit your personal taste. So you can, in fact, have your dog’s name and address stitched into the collar from a selection of at least 15 color thread options. However, be smart about how you go about it since you only get 25 characters to play including spaces. The collar itself comes in a selection of 5 colors. There is black, blue, pink, red, and orange.

Whatever personalized text you decide to go with, it will only be stitched in capital letters to make it easier to read. There are 4 different sizes to choose from as well. Suffice to say that nowhere else in the world will a dog be wearing a collar quite like yours if you buy the Go Tags collar. And for all the options it gives, it is also remarkably cheap, not costing anywhere near what you would expect to pay for anything so easily customizable.


PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar

Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar, Fully Waterproof,...
  • THE ULTIMATE DOG TRAINING COLLAR - Immensely Popular, Fully Waterproof E-Collar used by Expert Trainers and First Time...
  • HUGE LCD REMOTE WITH ADJUSTABLE SHOCK AND 4 MODES - 1-100 Level of Customization for both the Static Stimulation and...
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE - Rapid Charging Lithium Ion Battery Provides a long lasting Battery Life. Auto Power Protect...
Why we like it: Controllable from an impressive 1,200 feet away and built to withstand the weather without sustaining any glitches.

Editor’s rating:

As technology continues to advance to make our lives easier and efficient, it also has a way of giving our most elementary gadgets some serious upgrades. The PetTech training collar is a prime example of that. Here is a remote-controlled collar that you can control from up to 1200 feet away. Yes, that is how capable technology is these days. On top of the crazy range of control you get, the collar is also rechargeable and waterproof so even a heavy downpour will not cause the electronics to crash.

And it is not just your dog that you can train with it. Add a second collar for your second dog and you will be able to control both using the same remote. That makes it extremely popular particularly among professional dog trainers. But hey, you certainly do not need to be a professional to figure out how to use it. The design makes it compact and lightweight, and the manufacturer is so confident about its durability, it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Pet Kingdom Rhinestone Bling Leather Dog Collar

Pet Kingdom Autumn Fall Dog Collar Bling Crystal Bowknot Pet Collar...
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Neckerchief designed not only for dress your pets up, but also for walking with your pets
  • Material: Zinc alloy, pu leather
Why we like it: Definitely for those dog owners who have an entire wardrobe dedicated to their best friend and plus one at parties.

Editor’s rating:

It is possible without much discussion, to come to the conclusion that the Pet Kingdom Rhinestone Bling leather dog collar is probably a better choice if you are buying it for a female dog. Also, size options are limited to just medium and small. But those are all the limitations there are to it, really. What really makes this collar so popular among pet owners is its unique and daring sense of style. Plus, it sells for a very reasonable rate.

The metal bits of the collar are made of zinc alloy and the rest is PU leather. Although size options are limited, whichever collar you do get will be fully adjustable for your dog. In fact, this does not even have to be your dog’s everyday collar, it would work a lot better if you want to dress up your dog for a grand occasion. This collar really is a glamor item more than anything else but that is not to say it would not work every bit as well as a high-quality everyday collar.

Weaver Leather Prism Snap-N-Go Collar

Nylon Prism Snap-N-Go Collar by Weaver Leather
  • Made of top quality single-ply nylon
  • Box-stitched at stress points for added durability
  • Snap-n-Go design adjust to a variety of sizes
Why we like it: Takes every step necessary to ensure a safe and comfortable fit for your dog no matter what size they are.

Editor’s rating:

Oftentimes, we buy collars that simply look like they would fit great on your dog, only to be disappointed when it is time for the actual fit-on. Either the collar is too loose and comes off with a few flicks of the head, or is too tight and ends up cutting into the skin, making it hard to breathe. Both are problems that you and your dog could very well do without. If you want a collar that affords your dog a comfortable yet firm fit, consider this one, the Weaver Snap-N-Go collar.

There plenty of reasons why one would buy it. For starters, it does come in a variety of different colors and it does represent good value for money. After all, even a pup can wear it. It is really that comfortable and long-lasting. The sizes on offer are small, medium, and large. That makes it a good choice to wear for virtually any dog breed. And even if you do not have a dog yourself, you may have a friend or two who would appreciate it.


Aolove Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars

AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars for Cats Puppy Small...
  • Please check the pet's exact neck size before you confirm the order / Medium size: 0.8"*16.5"(2.0cm*42cm), Neck...
  • Material: Leather + Alloy
  • 5 adjustment holes for adjustment
Why we like it: Combines an adjustable and comfortable fit with a keen sense of style.

Editor’s rating:

The most fashionable things in life do not always come cheap. But when they do, there is every reason to pounce on them at the first chance you get. And fashionable is exactly what you are getting with the Aolove range of basic classic padded leather pet collars. It is a true bargain just as it is a true fashion statement. It is also available in a broad selection of colors but when it comes to sizes, you can only choose between extra-small, small, and medium.

In any case, it would be best to measure your dog’s neck size before picking between the sizes. The materials used to make it are leather and metal alloy. As a result, this collar is as firm as it is comfortable, and it manages to stay put even on the most boisterous of canines. And it certainly scores bonus points for some pooches with its sense of style. There are also 5 holes for adjusting the fit around your dog’s neck.

ColPet No Bark Collar, Rechargeable Safe Static Shock Collar

ColPet No Bark Collar, Rechargeable Safe Static Shock Collar 7...
  • DUAL-SENSOR CONTROL: This no bark collar only activates a sound, vibration or static shock when its sound and vibration...
  • 7 ADJUSTABLE GEARS: Dogs of different sizes respond to different stimulus. That is why this collar features adjustable...
  • RAINPROOF: Armed with rainproof, the collar will still be able to keep your dog in check even when the skies start to...
Why we like it: An electronic collar that is one of the most reasonably-priced anywhere but is still a serious performer.

Editor’s rating:

This particular collar features dual sensor controls – this basically means that the collar will only activate a sound, vibration, or static shock when both the sound and vibration sensors are activated simultaneously. This causes no harm to your fluffy friend and also prevents any unintentional shocks.

Since dogs of different sizes respond to different stimulus, there are seven adjustable gears on this collar. This means that you can choose the sensitivity level that is best suited for your dog.

This collar benefits from being completely rainproof, so you can continue your training sessions even on those wet outdoor days.

The USB rechargeable feature of this collar is a big bonus as it can be charged in the wall using an adapter, or, anywhere that features a USB out port such as a computer or laptop. It fully charges within an hour and has a 14-day standby time. The digital tube on the collar indicates the current charge so you can be sure to always know when the battery is running low.

This is a “one size fits all” collar. So, no matter how large or small your dog is, you can rest easy knowing that this collar will defnitely fit.

Blueberry Pet Bowtie Dog Collars

Blueberry Pet 4 Patterns Paisley Print Handmade Detachable Bow Tie...
  • Neck 12"-16", Width 5/8", Size Small; The bowtie is 3 * 2". The collar does not stretch itself, please make sure leave...
  • The collar is not for tie out. NEVER leave your dog unattended with a collar on.
  • A paisley print handmade bowtie is attached to the classic solid color dog collar for dressing up. It is detachable and...
Why we like it: With this collar on, your dog will be nothing short of a portrait exuding class and elegance.

Editor’s rating:

If you are a member of the classic collar structure fan club, then the Blueberry Pet Bowtie dog collar is here to bring the shopping spree to a close. It is a timeless piece made for longevity, usage all year round, and finished in navy blue. No doubt the paisley print bowtie is going to make your furry friend a head-turner wherever he goes, even more so because there is no other dog collar in the world quite like it.

But of course, if navy blue does not cut it for you, you can opt for a different color scheme. There is a healthy range of colors and patterns for you to review. But perhaps the best thing about it all is that despite the obvious glamor of sporting an age-old look, this collar is very much on the cheaper side of the price range. That makes it good value. Just make sure that before you buy one, you know precisely which measurements will be ideal for your dog.

Dutch Dog Amsterdam Eco-Friendly Dog Collar

Dutch Dog Amsterdam Eco Friendly Van Gogh Dog Collar, 20-25-Inch,...
  • Made of recyled PET webbing and non toxic materials
  • Design is imprinted on leash
  • PET webbing is softer than nylon
Why we like it: Sporting one of the most critically acclaimed paintings of all time and an eco-friendly design, you simply cannot go wrong with this one.

Editor’s rating:

Being eco-friendly with all our accessories is all the rage nowadays and it is about time too. And now that technology is being integrated into dog collars, it has produced some favorable results. In fact, this manufacturer focuses on eco-friendliness when designing all their collars and leashes. But as you can probably tell from the appearance of this one, there is an arty side to this collar as well. Heck, it was inspired straight from one of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings.

There is no way around it, this collar is a must have if you are a fanatical art follower that happens to own a dog. It is made exclusively out of non-toxic materials which makes it safe for both the environment and your dog. And who would have guessed that Van Gogh’s starry night painting would have made such a huge impression on a dog collar? Perhaps even more astonishing than that would be that this is one of the cheapest items you will ever by that has that iconic starry night featured all over it.

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