The 9 Best Cigarette Rolling Machines To Buy In 2019


If you are a heavy smoker, you know how expensive it is to buy a pack of cigarettes. In some countries, the government may raise the prices of cigarettes to minimize its consumption as it does pose a danger to your health and the environment as well. As an alternative, making your cigarettes using a cigarette rolling machine could be significantly cheaper than purchasing cigarette packs in the long run. The initial costs may vary, as you will need the proper equipment for your cigarette machine. Such materials would include herb grinders, cigarette paper, filters and the rolling machine itself. When purchasing a rolling machine, it is important to make sure it is small enough to carry with you wherever you require it. Apart from this, some rolling machines could serve as storage compartments for keeping your tobacco and cigarette paper. Here are some of the best rolling machines.

Powermatic Electric Cigarette Injector Machine


Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine
  • The Powermatic II plus! New & Improved!
  • Increased motor speed!
  • Improved gear quality!

If you don’t mind getting a rather sophisticated cigarette rolling machine, then this is probably the best choice out there. This electronic cigarette rolling machine comes with different options when purchasing the machine. You can either purchase the Powermatic 2+ machine itself or go for the option that comes with the entire package. If you chose the latter, you would get everything you need to roll your own cigarettes. The third option is the slightly cheaper, previous model of the Powermatic, the Powermatic 1. The electric cigarette machine may not offer much in terms of portability, but it makes up for this with how effectively it can roll the cigarettes. The improvements of the machine from the previous models include a powerful motor and an improved quality of gears. You can use the machine to make large cigarettes which will look quite identical to what you will find in cigarette packs. The only drawback is that the machine is quite expensive, costing over $50. With an electric cigarette rolling machine like this one, however, you can have a rolled cigarette in a matter of seconds!

PoweRoll by TOP-O-Matic Electric Cigarette Machine

PoweRoll by TOP-O-Matic Electric Cigarette Machine
  • By Top-O-Matic
  • Makes King Size Cigarettes
  • Electric, spoon driven injection

The PoweRoll Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine by Top-O-Matic is an amazing and convenient machine for rolling cigarettes. If you hate the hassle of having to hand roll your cigarettes then this is the perfect machine for you. Simply add your tobacco and skins and let the machine do the rest for you. The result will be a number of compact and well-rolled cigarettes that can be smoked straight from the machine. If you are looking for a quick, convenient, and easy way to roll your cigarettes then this is definitely the machine for you!


Zen 79mm Automatic-cigarette Rolling Machine


This is another one of our favorite picks for rolling machines. The machine may not be as popular as some of the others on our list, but it does offer a convenient solution for your cigarette rolling needs. Another good part about this machine is its low price of only around $10. You may not be able to find another machine of similar build quality for this price. The machine is constructed out of stainless steel, which gives it great durability and sturdiness. Another great feature is that it can act as a storage compartment for keeping your tobacco and other rolling materials. This can be carried around with ease and can even fit in your pocket. It does not come bundled with rolling paper or filters, so you should purchase them separately. The machine is quite easy to use, but it may take a bit of practice to increase its efficiency.

Zig-Zag Premium 70mm Rolling Machine


Zig-Zag - 70mm - Plastic Rolling Machine
  • OPTIMAL SOLUTION: The Zig Zag original cigarette roller is a quick and easy way to roll a cigarette without wasting any...
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: All you have to do to get the perfect cigarette is pack the grinded tobacco across the sleeve, move...
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Our 2-way roller machine is lightweight and compact, so it will easily fit into your pocket. This way,...

Zig-Zag and Raw are the two most popular names you will see for rolling papers and rolling machines. They have a great international market. This is the cheapest machine on our list, as it costs about $5. The only real drawback of this machine is that you will only get the machine itself. It does not come bundled with any other tools or rolling papers like you would get with some of the other products we featured. The machine may not be the most durable, but considering its price, it is still quite worth its price. The roller is white, and it has the Zig Zag logo and several other designs on it. The machine is capable of producing 70mm cigarettes. Another benefit of this machine is its small size, which lets you carry it around with you wherever you go.

New Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine


New Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine
  • The new Top-O-Matic has a shorter spoon, a stainless steel chamber, a chamber reducer and a handle.
  • This cigarette machine will make king size as well as 100mm cigarettes.
  • Also comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

If you prefer automatic cigarette rollers, this might be the perfect cigarette rolling machine for you. It can inject perfectly rolled cigarettes, making it one of the best out there. The machine costs less than $50 and comes with a one-year warranty with it as well, giving it great value for its price. The machine is made of stainless steel and has several chambers that can be used to store the tobacco and rolling papers. The machine can roll cigarettes in a variety of sizes, including king size cigarettes. It is capable of rolling 100mm cigarettes, which are the standard when it comes to cigarettes. Apart from the steel chamber, there is a chamber reducer as well, giving it great versatility. The package will include a short spoon as well, so you will have all the necessary equipment to make your cigarettes on the go. The price is also quite reasonable considering its build quality and functionality.

Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector


Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector - White Version!
  • Most Trusted Brand for Roll Your Own!
  • Now, Very Portable!
  • Kingsize & 100mm

This model of the Powermatic Cigarette Injector is quite different compared to the model which took the number one spot on our list. This machine is significantly cheaper, as it costs less than $20 and it is smaller in size. It may not be as effective as the previous model we reviewed, but it is still quite capable of neatly rolling out cigarettes. The machine has a black and white design and uses a plastic body compared to the stainless steel in the Powermatic 2+. The machine is capable of rolling 100mm cigarettes and King-size cigarettes as well. The main benefit of this machine is its portability, as it is quite small and compact. The machine comes bundled with two other tools which can help with maintaining the machine and with rolling the cigarettes. There are no options of choosing a different sized package to include more items in the bundle.


Raw Rolling Tray Bundle


This is one of the best-selling rolling machines out there, due to its popularity and affordable price. The machine typically costs less than $15 if you are purchasing the small bundle. There is a large bundle version for a few extra dollars. The machine itself is quite simple in design and offers great portability, as it can fit in your pockets with ease. When purchasing the roller, you have three different options for its size. You can choose between the small, large, and extra-large bundles. All three options give you good value for your money, but the extra-large bundle has the best value concerning savings. The rolling machine comes bundled with a tray and rolling papers as well. The only thing you should buy is the tobacco itself. We would highly suggest you go for the extra-large bundle, as you will get some useful additions such as a pocket ashtray and a complimentary rolling machine as well.

Elements 79mm Cigarette Rolling Machine


Elements 79mm Cigarette Rolling Machine + 2 Packs of Elements Ultra...
  • 2 Packs of Elements 1 1/4 Rolling papers & 79mm Roller
  • Made of Rice Paper
  • Natural Acacia Gum

This is one of the cheapest rolling machines out there, costing only less than $10. You get great value for your money with the package, as it comes included with a couple of sets of Elements rolling papers. The rolling paper is made of rice paper and Acacia gum, which is a natural gum that can serve as a great adhesive. The rolling machine itself is quite small and simple in design, and can effectively roll out the cigarettes. You will not be able to roll king size cigarettes, but this machine can roll small sized cigarettes. There are no options for selecting different package sizes, but considering how cheap the bundle is, you probably won’t have to spend much even if you purchase the rest of the items separately. The roller comes with a mini case for easy storage when you carry it around.


Juicy Jay’s Strawberry Kiwi Blueberry Pack


Juicy Jay's Strawberry Kiwi Blueberry Pack & Zig Zag 78mm Rolling...
  • One pack of 1 1/4 Juicy Jay's Strawberry Kiwi Rolling Papers
  • One pack of 1 1/4 Juicy Jay's Blueberry Rolling Papers
  • One Zig Zag 1.25 78mm Rolling Machine

This is another cheap manual cigarette rolling machine that comes bundled with the rolling papers as well. The set costs less than $10, and it comes with two sets of rolling papers as well. The machine itself is manufactured by Zig Zag, which is one of the most reputed companies in the cigarette rolling industry. The special feature of this rolling machine set is that the rolling papers are flavored. You get the option of choosing between two different flavors. There is the Strawberry, Kiwi, and Blueberry flavor, which we looked at for this review. There is also an Orange and Cotton Candy flavor. The machine itself isn’t very sophisticated in design, and although it may not be as effective as some of the other cigarette rolling machines, it does offer great portability. The machine is capable of rolling 78mm cigarettes, which are a little bit on the smaller side.

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