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Brushing teeth is an essential life habit that parents should teach little kids starting from a very young age. Unfortunately, brushing teeth is also that one morning ritual little kids absolutely loathe. So what’s a good parent to do? Buy a children’s toothpaste they’ll love of course.

Children’s toothpaste is gently flavored to get the little ones to like the hygienic activity of brushing teeth. But toothpaste also performs a more important task. The paste contains important minerals like fluoride that strengthens the enamel of little teeth and keeps them free of cavities. But fluoride is also dangerous to swallow. If you have small kids, you should use a fluoride-free toothpaste.

Some parents will understandably be concerned about various chemicals in toothpaste. In that case, parents can use natural toothpaste that substitutes harsh chemicals with gently refreshing ingredients like calendula. Here is a list of children’s toothpaste that is safe and tastes pleasant:

Tom’s of Maine Anticavity Children’s Toothpaste

Tom's of Maine Anticavity Fluoride Children's Toothpaste, Kids...
  • HELPS PREVENT CAVITIES: Contains 3 to 4.2 ounce tubes of Toms kids natural toothpaste; Our natural toothpaste has anti...
  • TASTE THEY LOVE: Our all natural toothpaste comes in a fun, fruity flavor that will help kids develop healthy brushing...
  • ADA APPROVED: Our toothpaste for children uses calcium and silica to gently clean and is ADA Accepted which means it's...

Why we like it: This toothpaste is ADA approved and prevents cavities in little mouths. It also tastes great without artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Editor’s rating:

If you have small kids, you know that they swallow everything. Toothpaste is no exception. This is one of the best kiddie toothpaste brands that are actually safe to swallow. Regular toothpaste contains fluoride, which is important for enamel health but can be dangerous if swallowed in large amounts. The makers of Tom’s are definitely aware of this fact. This is practically a heaven-sent toothpaste product for parents of finicky little kids. The toothpaste has a lovely aroma and tastes sweet. So it’s a great product for those little ones who hate brushing their teeth in the morning.

This toothpaste uses silica and calcium compounds to clean gently. Kids won’t feel a harsh sting in the mouth with this product. This toothpaste is also good for adults who don’t like the rough minty taste of adult toothpaste. This brand is accepted by the American Dental Association. It contains no artificial dyes, flavors, or sweeteners that might harm your children. The toothpaste will prevent cavities with regular use. You should teach your kids to brush their teeth at least twice a day. It won’t be hard to do with this wonderful children’s toothpaste.

Tom’s of Maine Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

Tom's of Maine Fluoride-Free Children's Toothpaste, Kids Toothpaste,...
  • TASTE THEY LOVE: Contains 3 to 4.2 ounce tubes of Toms toothpaste for kids; This all natural toothpaste is a favorite...
  • FLUORIDE FREE: Inside every tube of Toms fluoride free kids toothpaste are ingredients that are all derived from nature....
  • GENTLY CLEANS: Toms toothpaste is safe for your child's teeth; The natural toothpaste uses calcium and silica to gently...
Why we like it: This is the best fluoride-free toothpaste brand on the market. It’s also flavored with natural fruit juice and contains no artificial sweeteners.

Editor’s rating:

Brand-conscious parents know that pretty much all toothpaste brands come with fluoride. It is a mineral that promotes teeth health, but in large quantities, it can also create health issues. Some kids are allergic to fluoride. If your kid belongs to this category, then this is the best toothpaste to use. This Tom’s toothpaste contains zero fluorides, so you won’t have to worry even if your child swallows the toothpaste. If your children are really small and cannot refrain from swallowing toothpaste, then we highly recommend switching to this product.

Instead of fluoride, this toothpaste contains natural silica to clean teeth and protect enamel. This toothpaste prevents cavities and improves bad breath just like any other brand, even without the fluoride. What’s more, this toothpaste is flavored with natural fruit extracts. There are no artificial flavors or dyes that could harm kids. The toothpaste is also gluten free. It’s really the perfect product for allergy-prone kids or very young children. It’s ideal for regular use because of lack of fluoride and is a great choice to teach toddlers how to brush their teeth.


Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste

Aquafresh Kids Pump Cavity Protection Bubble Mint Fluoride Toothpaste...
  • Cavity-fighting toothpaste in a kid-friendly bubble mint fresh flavor
  • Special stand-up pump is easy for little hands to use
  • For supervised use by children 2 and older

Why we like it: This is a great toothpaste for kids that comes in a unique bottle package with a pump. It reduces both waste and messiness in the mornings.

Editor’s rating:

Some parents will be familiar with the Aquafresh brand that also makes toothpaste for adults. The Aquafresh children’s toothpaste is nothing like the adult version. It’s amazingly smooth and feels very gentle in the mouth. It has a bubble mint flavor, which is rather sweet but has none of the sharp sting of the adult Aquafresh toothpaste. Kids will not complain when using this brand every morning. When properly used, this toothpaste will remove plaque and food particles remaining in the mouth. This toothpaste also contains fluoride, which fights against cavities. Regular brushing with this toothpaste will definitely reduce the number of emergency dentist visits.

There’s one other reason we particularly love this toothpaste brand. It comes in a bottle, not a tube as usual! Yes, some of you might find this surprising, but it’s actually really convenient. There’s no tube for kids to squeeze all the time and waste toothpaste. The bottle is easier to handle for smaller hands. The bottle has a pump, like a hand wash bottle, so it’s easier for a small child to pump a pea-sized amount of toothpaste onto a brush, just like the dentists recommend. This neat packaging reduces waste, mess, and fuss in the mornings.

Orajel Fluoride-Free Training Toothpaste

Orajel Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Fluoride-Free Training Toothpaste...
  • Fluoride-free, safe if swallowed when used as directed
  • Free of alcohol, parabens, aspartame, dyes, sugar, SLS, dairy, gluten
  • Combo pack with a Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Toothbrush
Why we like it: This fluoride-free toothpaste comes with a training brush to teach young children the good habit of brushing their teeth twice a day.

Editor’s rating:

This is the next best fluoride-free toothpaste for kids that is perfectly safe to swallow. It’s ADA approved and makes brushing with its fruity flavors fun and pain-free for kids. This toothpaste is mainly made out of natural ingredients and contains little to no artificial chemicals. It’s perfectly safe to use if your children are allergy prone. The toothpaste tastes like a fruit flavored dessert, but without the bad sugar of course. If your children still complain about having to use toothpaste in the mornings, then the Orajel flavor will most likely fix that problem.

The toothpaste comes in a box with pictures of Thomas the Tank Engine, so that should encourage kids to get brushing. It would be a plus if your kid is already a fan of the show. You can purchase the toothpaste with a training brush to start teaching your children the hygienic morning and nightly ritual. Kids can fuss a lot when it comes to brushing teeth. This toothpaste and brush kit would be a great starting point to reduce the complaining. It will help you to instill brushing teeth as a good habit in kids.

Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel

Weleda Childrens Tooth Gel, 1.7-ounce (Pack of 2)
  • Contains 1 - 1.7 Ounce Children's Tooth Gel
  • Gentle effective cleanser with pleasant-tasting, essential oils.
  • Silica gently cleans teeth to help keep teeth clean and refreshed.
Why we like it: This is a cleaning tooth gel that has a soothing effect on the gums of children and infants. It cleans without the minty sting.

Editor’s rating:

This is not toothpaste, but a tooth gel. In case you are wondering what the difference is, the tooth gel is gentler on the gums of toddlers and babies. It’s free of peppermint, which tastes rather harsh to small children, and also fluoride, which is dangerous in toothpaste for babies. Unlike young children, babies and small toddlers cannot control swallowing. So this tooth gel is a wonderful, soothing product to keep your baby’s teeth clean and free of plaque. It uses natural silica as a cleaning ingredient, which is highly unlikely to cause bad side effects.

This tooth gel is perfect to use on teething babies. The newly emerging teeth can inflame and irritate the gums of babies, resulting in a lot of crying. You may even notice that your baby is biting on things to soothe the discomfort. You can use this toothpaste to soothe the gums and reduce the irritation and inflammation somewhat. It will also keep the new teeth clean and free of infections. The gel doesn’t have a strong flavor, so your baby or toddler will not spit it out or start crying when you clean their teeth.

Crest Kid’s Anti-Cavity Fluoride Toothpaste

best children's toothpaste

Crest Kid's Cavity Protection Fluoride Toothpaste, Strawberry Rush, 3...
  • Includes 3 cartons of Crest Kid's Anticavity Cavity Protection Fluoride Toothpaste, Strawberry Rush, 4.2 oz. each
  • Provides effective cavity protection
  • Kids toothpaste with fluoride
Why we like it: It protects against cavities while providing a great flavor that children love!

Editor’s rating:

The Strawberry Rush flavor will make brushing fun for your child while giving them cavity protection and fresh breath. It even strengthens enamel! This is also a wonderful option to transition your kid from children’s toothpaste to regular toothpaste.


Tom’s Of Maine Cool Mild Mint Toothpaste

Tom's of Maine Natural Wicked Cool Fluoride Toothpaste, Mild Mint, 4.2...
  • HELPS PREVENT CAVITIES: Contains 6 - 4.2-ounce tubes of natural kid’s toothpaste in Mild Mint flavor with fluoride....
  • TASTE THEY LOVE: Tom’s toothpaste for kids has a Mild Mint flavor that will freshen breath without being too...
  • ADA APPROVED: Trust your child’s teeth with Toms toothpaste, which strengthens enamel and freshens breath. There are...
Why we like it: This kiddie toothpaste is refreshingly different in more ways than one. Unlike the common fruity flavors, this is flavored with mint.

Editor’s rating:

This is another fluoride-free toothpaste from Tom’s. We recommend this toothpaste for older children or children with serious plaque issues. This toothpaste has a gentle aroma and a lovely mint taste. It can definitely make little mouths feel refreshed in the morning. It comes with the tag “wicked cool,” which we think the toothpaste really lives up to. This toothpaste will instantly eliminate the bad tastes or feeling in the mouth some kids get as soon as they wake up. We love this toothpaste because it’s really a great alternative to all the fruity-tasting kid’s toothpaste out there.

The mint taste of the toothpaste isn’t too strong like in some adult toothpaste. It’s smooth and leaves the gums feeling coolly tingly. We suppose even some adults can come to like this toothpaste for the gently reinvigorating feeling. Concerned parents need not worry; this toothpaste does not contain any artificial flavors. It’s flavored with natural minerals that won’t harm preschoolers and toddlers. It’s safe even for allergy-prone kids. Just make sure your child doesn’t love the taste too much and swallow the toothpaste. It contains fluoride, which is harmful when swallowed.

JASON Kids Only, Orange Toothpaste

JASON Kids Only, Toothpaste
  • Helps prevent build-up for a healthier smile
  • Orange flavored toothpaste with calcium carbonate
  • Contains natural and/or organic ingredients
Why we like it: This deliciously citrusy toothpaste is free of chemicals and other potentially harmful substances like gluten. It’s the perfect product to get the kids ready for the day.

Editor’s rating:

As a modern parent, you are probably concerned about harmful chemicals that can even appear in seemingly innocuous products like children’s toothpaste. Jason is a brand you can trust to make kiddie toothpaste free of artificial chemicals that can cause long-term harm. This citrus toothpaste is flavored with natural ingredients and does not contain any potential harmful sweeteners, dyes, or other chemicals. It’s also free of substances like gluten that can appear in some children’s oral products. It’s citrus flavored, which is also something wonderfully new. Your kids will come to love brushing teeth with this toothpaste.

Jason is a brand big on holistic natural treatment. The name is actually Greek that translates to “heal.” This toothpaste contains many ingredients that fight off plaque, bad breath, and cavities. One of the ingredients is calcium carbonate, which easily removes food buildup and plaque, protecting the enamel of baby teeth. Using this toothpaste regularly would strengthen enamel and reduce the instances of cavities. The orange flavor is also very gentle. It’s citrusy and feels really great in the morning soon after waking up. And no, this orange flavor doesn’t taste like the orange flavor of medicines. It’s very candy-like.

Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste

Why we like it: This is a gentle and soothing all-natural toothpaste with organic substances like calendula and blueberry, and no harsh chemicals.

Editor’s rating:

Finally, an organic natural toothpaste. If you don’t want to expose your children to commercially processed toothpaste, this would be the best alternative. As the name suggests, this is an all-natural product that uses plant-based treatments to protect teeth from cavities. Instead of lab-made chemicals, this toothpaste contains blueberry to fight off cavity-causing bacteria. Blueberry also contains xylitol, which is a substitute for sugar that makes the toothpaste taste great and feel refreshing in the mouth. It also contains organic calendula, which is a natural compound that can soothe inflammation and irritation in the gums.

We recommend this toothpaste for children who are prone to cavities and have particularly sensitive gums. The toothpaste has a near instant soothing and refreshing effect when brushing. It’s suitable for teething babies too (but consult with your pediatrician first). This toothpaste doesn’t contain any fluoride because it has calendula, so it’s okay if a baby or a toddler accidentally swallows a mouthful. It cleanses the teeth gently and doesn’t leave any harsh tastes. It’s so smooth like candy fluff, it would be a real surprise if they don’t like using this.


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