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Some of us just love our cats too much to leave them behind when we are planning to travel. They must always be with us, because: why not? The fact is, nobody knows your cat the way you do, so you cannot expect anybody to treat your cat the way you do. Also, what is a vacation without the sugar of your favorite feline friend rubbing themselves against you all the time? All you need is the very best cat carrier to transport your furry friend wherever you go, in comfort and style.

The simple solution here is to get yourself a stellar pet carrier that is suitable for your precious feline. There are some pretty cool ones on the market today that are less like space capsules and more like portable hotel suites for pets. And yes, you do not have to buy them for inordinate sums. And the designers have not forgotten your role as the caretaker either. They have gone right ahead and included some crucial features that make life almost as comfortable for you as it is for your cat.

How to Choose the Right Size Cat Carrier

Your choice for your best cat carrier should depend upon allowing the proper amount of space for your pet to travel comfortably. A comfortable cat carrier is always the best option. Your cat should be able to stand comfortably without crouching and should be able to turn completely around. If you’re planning long-distance travel — any trip farther than a short car ride around the block or a brief jaunt to the local veterinarian’s office — be sure your cat carrier has enough space for food and water bowls. You don’t want your cat carrier to be too large, however. You want it “cozy,” so your cat finds it safe and secure. The carrier should be a familiar safe haven to your animal during travel. The best cat carriers for car travel tend to fit comfortably in a car seat, and often have special loops to secure them with a seatbelt, though these features also come in handy for air travel.

Tips For Calming Nervous Cats

If possible you should expose your cat to the pet travel carrier well before you expect the animal to enter it. A good way to do this is to purchase the carrier you want, then leave it unattended with the door open in a convenient spot where your cat can find and explore it for himself. Don’t pressure the animal to enter the carrier until he’s ready to do so: let your cat gradually familiarize himself with the unit. Cats are creatures of habit. You can encourage him to enter the carrier by placing some food or treats inside it for your cat to find. You can also help make the carrier seem friendlier by placing a piece of cloth from your cat’s bed (or any object with your cat’s scent) inside the carrier to make it more welcoming.

Most cats are naturally curious and they will eventually go inside the carrier. Let this happen a few times, so your feline friend sees there’s nothing threatening involved. On the second or third time that your cat enters the carrier, gently close the door and carefully lift the carrier with your kitty inside, transport him to another location in your home, then set the carrier down and open the door, to expose your cat to movement inside the carrier. After your cat is used to the carrier, put it away until needed. When it’s time to travel, bring it back out and place it in front of your cat, opening the door for him. Ideally, the carrier will have become a non-threatening part of your cat’s life, and when it’s time to take a trip, he may simply walk inside it unassisted.

If that doesn’t happen, you may be able to ease the transition by wrapping your fur baby up in a soft towel (without covering your cat’s head). Lots of cats find this comforting. Then you can position your carrier with the door on top and gently lower your cat down into the carrier for the first time. Once inside, secure the door and allow him some time to settle in and get comfy. Ideally, he’ll stretch out inside and quietly go along for the ride.

Care and Maintenance

Always be sure to clean out your carrier after its use. Nervous kitties might make a mess inside, at least the first few times. Keep your carrier as nice and hygienic as possible, so kitty won’t refuse to enter it next time. Waterproof carriers or carriers with hard plastic bottoms are often more easy to clean than non-rigid soft carriers (unless the interior padding and mesh panels of the soft carrier are removable and machine washable).

Our Reviews

Down below, you will see a list of our favorite commercially available pet carriers in which cats are part of the guest list. We have chosen them upon thoroughly reviewing the mandatory criteria they ought to meet as well as any bonus features that they offer. Select any one of these cat carriers as your own best cat carrier and you can expect your kitty to purr in delight.

Pet Magasin Luxury Soft-Sided Cat Carrier


Product Info
  • MAJOR AIRLINE CARRY-ON APPROVED: Product dimensions: 18" x 11" x 10", a perfect size for most cats, puppies and other...
  • SAFETY FIRST: Constructed to keep your pet safe; holds its shape when end panels are zipped up
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & FASHIONABLE DESIGN: Only 2.2 Pounds; and made with durable & luxurious material. Soft-sided pet carrier...
Why we like it: Lightweight but properly luxurious and comes with a money-back guarantee and warranty deal covering a good two years!

Editor’s rating:

Your cat is likely to consider this carrier to be more like a portable penthouse than a crate, thanks to the soft padding that graces its interior. There is nothing particularly hard about it at all, except perhaps that it is extremely hard to damage. It is made of lightweight and durable materials that make it reliable and comfortable for both pet and pet owner. The floor of this carrier is rigid plastic but that hardly makes things uncomfortable once the removable soft padding is put in place.

Another reassuring feature with this cat carrier is waterproofing, which not only provides a crucial safety element but also makes it easier to clean both inside and out. Also, to tame the more lively felines who might make a run for it as soon as they are let out of the carrier, a small leash attached to the inside ought to make sure they won’t get far, be it in the car or airline cabin. For additional incentive to stay where they are, you get a mesh bag to store some tasty treats. A full money-back guarantee and warranty are available up to two years.

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier


Product Info
  • Before purchasing please measure your pet - LENGTH: neck to base of tail; HEIGHT: floor to top of shoulder
  • Medium soft-sided carrier measures approximately 16.5x9.4x9.8 inches (LxWxH)
  • Carrying handles and adjustable shoulder strap
Why we like it: Reliable and durable build quality that comes with several VIP options for your cat.

Editor’s rating:

With this pet carrier, you and your cat can travel a lot more conveniently without drawing too much attention from other people thanks to an adjustable shoulder strap that makes it look like any other piece of hand luggage. The same goes when you are on a flight as well. The shoulder strap is invaluable, and the spring-wire frame on this soft-sided carrier will conform to the special limits you get under your passenger seat so you will not have to wrestle it in and cuss out your woes when it does not work.

Highly breathable meshing runs on all sides so your cat can easily see out of it and breathe easily. You can have this pet carrier with a removable base platform, which enables your cat to stand firmly, and a fleece bed for when it is time for them to sleep. The carrier is one of the best cat carriers for large cats, should be ideal for your cat as long as he or she weighs under 16 pounds. With most cats, this will not be a problem. Just make sure your feline friend is not an adolescent lion.

Petpeppy Premium Expandable Cat Carrier


Product Info
  • AIRLINE APPROVED PET CARRIER: Dont you think your pet deserves the same kind of love and care in an airplane that it...
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: This masterfully crafted airline pet carrier tote is made from high quality safe, eco friendly and...
  • DOUBLE EXPANDABLE DUAL ENTRY DESIGN: What good is a travel pet carrier if it isnt convenient. Double zippers on top and...
Why we like it: Suitable for travel with most airlines and spacious enough to move around in.

Editor’s rating:

It is a tremendous burden off your chest when you know that your cat carrier is loved by your vet and accepted by most airlines as suitable and stable enough to be approved for air travel. This particular one from Pet Peppy handsomely meets the requirements of some of the most reputable airline companies including Alaska, Allegiant Air, American, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Virgin America, Southwest, Spirit, and United Airlines. And even though it is basically a container, it does well to make your pet feel as comfortable and safe on a plane as possible while traveling.

One of the main irritations with expandable pet carriers is that they tend to sag upon being expanded. But this one benefits from a thick wire frame that maintains its form a lot better. The maximum weight your pet can be to fit comfortably inside is 14 pounds. The expansion facility also offers some precious moving space and good ventilation so it does not feel like a punishment. And even if your cat does not take kindly to it, you have the reassurance of a full money-back guarantee valid for a whole year.

Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co Cat Carrier


Product Info
  • TSA APPROVED for under-seat requirements. PLEASE measure your pet before ordering. Carrier measures 18”L x 10”W x...
  • PUNCTURE RESISTANT 1680D polyester shell provides long-lasting durability. Rigid bottom panel provides a stable surface...
  • ENHANCED STRUCTURAL DESIGN features flexible plastic supports to hold its shape. This deters the Caldwell Pet Carrier...
Why we like it: It is made from durable and tough materials but is a real softie on the inside.

Editor’s rating:

Sometimes, taking your cat along with you wherever you go is a better alternative to leaving them at home, especially if you will be away for a long time. When it comes to finding an ideal temporary dwelling for them before your final stop, you cannot do much better than Caldwell’s pet carrier. It is perfectly suited for travel on most airlines and possesses durable and comfortable design features to make the airline or car journey as fun and stress-free as possible for you and your feline companion.

Building materials include a 1680D polyester shell that is resistant to tear and a non-toxic PVC liner. A detachable fleece pad sits on a rigid bottom when your cat can easily curl up in comfortably for an indefinitely long nap. Mesh paneling all around ensures there is plenty of air circulation and visibility to go around which makes the carrier a lot less stressful to be in. And there are numerous ways of carrying it around such as with a shoulder strap, twin handles, or a side strap.

Mr. Peanut’s Soft Sided Cat Carrier


Product Info
  • PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that we show the exterior dimensions as well as approximate interior dimensions to best portray the...
  • AIRLINE REQUIREMENTS - Always keep in mind each airline sets their own specific requirements, and they can even vary...
Why we like it: Compliant with the requirements of most airlines and keeps your pet in a light, comfortable and waterproof capsule.

Editor’s rating:

Often times, finding out that a pet carrier is not eligible for air travel can be a deal breaker for a lot of customers. Rest assured, this one can find its way into the cabin or cargo hold of almost any commercial airline you care to use. It is proper lightweight weighing in at just 2.7 pounds. However it still remarkably strong and durable… and waterproof. The Nylon fabric on the outside ensures it. It is, in fact, a similar grade of Nylon used to make parachutes for the military.

Another benefit of the nylon material is that is easy to clean and does not absorb stains, a must when traveling with cats. This airline approved pet carrier is extremely cat safe and also does away with cheap quality zippers and other seals that are easily-prone to breaking. Instead, it uses high-quality zippers and metal locking-clasps, which are long-lasting and more efficient. Overall, it is a sturdy and lightweight carrier that will keep your little cat in a safe, breathable, and waterproof home while you are both traveling.

Ferplast Atlas 10 Cat and Dog Carrier


Product Info
  • Size: 17"L x 9"W x 12"H. Airline approved pet carrier for cats, small dogs, and other small pets. Measure your pet's...
  • Special Features: A removable fleece bed cover with an insertable hard support board keeps the carrier in good shape and...
  • Made from durable, lightweight, waterproof material. Easy to clean. Top and sides made of mesh netting for added...
Why we like it: Simple, elementary design and functionality are really enough to satisfy most people and their pets.

Editor’s rating:

When searching for a material that is both strong and lightweight, the go-to option is usually high-quality plastic. And that is just the case with this pet carrier. It provides excellent ventilation and strength and is an ideal little capsule for your cat to spend time in as you travel, provided the kitty weighs under 11 pounds. It is quite a simply-made carrier, and that opens it up for all kinds of custom features that only your cat would enjoy.

The handle on the top is standard hard plastic like the rest of the carrier and feels no different than a grocery basket. It is also fitted with firm side locks that do not give in easily. Its very basic design overall makes it great for cat travel, easy to use and transport. It is plenty spacious for the occupant inside to move in. Just be sure you have chosen the correct sized model and all will be well.

EliteField Soft Sided Pet Carrier


Product Info
  • Size: 17"L x 9"W x 12"H. Airline approved pet carrier for cats, small dogs, and other small pets. Measure your pet's...
  • Special Features: A removable fleece bed cover with an insertable hard support board keeps the carrier in good shape and...
  • Made from durable, lightweight, waterproof material. Easy to clean. Top and sides made of mesh netting for added...
Why we like it: Safe as houses and perfectly comfortable for you and your cat to enjoy your long distance travels together.

Editor’s rating:

Once you have properly made sure your pet is the ideal size to fit inside it, there is very little else to trouble you with the EliteField soft sided pet carrier. Its building materials are durable, lightweight, and waterproof. That means easy to clean. And few elements can bother the occupant inside. Mesh paneling covers the top and sides to aid air circulation and your cat’s field of vision. And that is not all. It houses additional features to make it more convenient and accessible, making it an excellent lightweight cat carrier.

There are two storage pockets that provide ample space for essential items like treats and toys to keep your cat entertained during the journey. In the interests of safety, there is an integrated leash that is will keep your pet from straying too far away when you are not looking. Other integrated safety features include belt-buckle loops which are compatible with the seat belts in your car, making this excellent for long distances involving car travel, and of course the removable shoulder strap. And it is even more trustworthy thanks to a full money-back guarantee and three-year warranty period.

Playay Soft Sided Pet Carrier


Product Info
  • TSA APPROVED for under-seat requirements. PLEASE ensure your pet will fit BEFORE PURCHASE. Measures 18"L x 10.5"W x...
  • With 360-degree mesh panels, your pet has proper air circulation for comfort and you have full visibility for peace of...
  • PUNCTURE RESISTANT 1680D polyester shell provides long-lasting durability. Rigid bottom panel provides a stable surface...
Why we like it: Flight worthy, comfortable and light on your shoulders, just what the vet ordered for a long journey with you and your cat.

Editor’s rating:

As you might gather from the name, it is good enough allow your pet to fly with you on most of your plane flights thanks to its TSA airline travel approval, which allows it to go right under your seat. Inside, ventilation and visibility are not at a premium thanks to mesh panels that cover 360 degrees of it. It weighs just 2.7 pounds but it is strong enough to take the weight of anything up to 14 pounds. We do not suspect you have a kitty that weighs more than that.

With a pet carrier, it is always helpful to have some extra storage space for essentials like a few treats and toys that your cat might like while traveling (especially on a plane). The Playay travel carrier comes with a pocket with ample space for all that, including ID documenting your veterinarian’s phone number and address. No doubt, your cat will feel comfy inside thanks to a fleece padded bottom. As for you, it might also provide the perfect backdrop for a cute Instagram update on your travels. You also get a padded shoulder strap to make sure those 14 pounds do not weigh on you too much.

Pawfect Pets Airline Approved Pet Carrier


Product Info
  • ★ KEEP YOUR SMALL/TOY BREED DOG OR CAT WITH YOU ON FLIGHTS- Small cats, tiny dogs and toy breeds find this carrier...
  • ★ ULTRA-SAFE, EXTRA DURABLE- UPGRADED to REINFORCED Polyester & CLAW-DEFENSE MESH on top & 4 sides ensures your pet...
Why we like it: Passes the quality standards of most airlines and loaded with features that make it a comfortable travel capsule for your cat.

Editor’s rating:

This pet carrier is packed with all kinds of safety features and creature comforts a kitty could want. The mesh walls ensure that enough air passes in and out of it so that your cat can breathe perfectly. The mesh parts are claw-defensive and not at all flimsy, so, you don’t need to worry about the walls tearing. the mini zipper buckles also ensure that your pet stays safely tucked inside the carrier.

It is also airline approved and quite compatible for air travel, meeting safety regulations of most airline companies. It has a shoulder strap and handles so it can be easily transported with minimal effort.

Inside the carrier lie  two fleece padded mats which help to keep your pet clean and comfortable for the duration of the trip. Accidents and spills are not an issue as these fleece pads can easily be removed. They wash quickly by hand with a little bit of soap and water so there is no cleaning fuss with this carrier.

If you are looking for an airline-approved carrier that keeps your pet safe and comfortable for the duration of your flight then this pet carrier is the perfect choice for you.

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