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When it comes to your home, various smells can be present, from the scent of food cooking to the less pleasant odors of an area you haven't gotten to cleaning up yet. No matter what the natural aromas in your home are, though, you can ultimately create a fresh-scented experience in more ways than opening up your windows when the weather permits the chance.

Candles are easily one of the best ways to impact the scents in your home. In fact, with the right combination of candles, you can create a welcoming environment that guests know what's in your home. No matter if it's the middle of winter or even summertime, it's always a good time to light up some candles and let them create a fresh environment.

But how do you know when you've found the best candles? While it will take a little time to find the perfect balance for your scents, our buying guide is here to show you what the top picks are.

Best Scented Candles

Jonathan Adler Women's Muse d'Or Candle

Image from Amazon

Shopping for candles may seem simple, but there are still some choices that are far better than the others. In selecting our top picks, we considered:

  • Scent. Everyone has their preferences for the scents they like, but no one wants an ineffective candle. We've chosen products that will give a distinctive smell to your home that doesn't fade with use.
  • Longevity. Generally, you want a candle to last as long as possible. We've looked for the brands that will burn reliably for much longer than the competition.
  • Price. The cost of a candle isn't always indicative of quality. We've searched for candles that give results across a variety of price points to ensure you get the best value.

Now it's time to get started on just what our top picks are!

To start this list is this unique candle. The translucent porcelain bowl has an artsy design that certainly won't fit into every home, but it will make a statement wherever it goes. Though pricey, this candle does gain some extra value in that, once you've burnt through the wax, the bowl is perfect for making an extra decoration or desk ornament.

Of course, it will take you some time to get to that point, as the candle itself has a forty-eight hour burn time and will give you several uses. As for the scent, you can expect black plum, vetiver, and bergamot to make a deep aroma that's just as distinctive as the look of the bowl. Perfect for anyone who enjoys the arts and has a unique décor.

Having a hard time equating candles with the summertime? This offering from Paddywax is sure to do the trick as its multi-layered smell captures the experience of the beach in a candle. The first scents are ocean water and sea salt, but there's more to it than that. You'll find other hints of sand and sunblock that help complete the experience.

Aside from its fresh scent, there's also the benefit of not needing to worry about the cost. Paddywax's candles are very inexpensive, so you can pick up this product along with a few others to fill out your home without breaking the bank. Whether you want to bring that summer feeling into your home, you can't make it to the beach, or even you want to keep winter at bay, then this scent is worthwhile.

While you can certainly burn candles at any point of the year, the holiday season seems to be one where people want to make use of them the most. If you want a fresh scent for that time of year, Diptyque's pine tree scented offering is one of your top choices. Again, we're looking at a pricier brand here, but they last long enough that you may be able to use them for more than one holiday season.

The jar the candle comes in is also beautiful so that it will look great as part of your décor, during and after it is in use. While the scene from the box may seem overwhelming, it's much more pleasant once you light up the wick. If you're willing to pay for a luxury holiday candle, consider this top pick as one of your options.

Any book lover will likely attest that nothing beats the smell of cracking open the pages of a beloved novel. This candle offers that experience in a jar, and it comes very close. It's not just a simple book, and extra nutmeg and vanilla notes complete the sweet and comforting aroma that's perfect for settling down after a long day to get cozy.

The very simplistic design of this candle makes it easy to fit into almost any décor (regardless if actual books are around or not). The price also falls into the moderate range, and it will last a while, so it's worth the cost. If you can picture no better evening than settling down with a candle burning and a book in hand, this top pick is the one for you.

Another Paddywax product that we can't help but recommend is this one that offers a blend of wild fig and cedar scents into one jar. The effect is more than just adding a bit of freshness into your home, but it also creates a calming effect—especially if your idea of a relaxing time is enjoying nature in the great outdoors.

Already this candle shows off what can happen when you bring two scents into one experience. Whether on its own or burnt in tandem with other woodsy scents. If you opt for the larger, fifteen-ounce candles that this Nashville-based company has to offer, then you'll pay an easily affordable price that will bring many hours of delightful aromas into your home.

Trapp Signature Home Pure Peony Candle

Image from Amazon

If you prioritize all-natural products in your home, then this candle will give you that benefit through its coconut wax. While it does have coconuts in the build, though, that's not the original scent you'll get when you burn it. Instead, the peony scent creates a fresh and uplifting atmosphere that has extra notes in its aroma for a complete smell.

Aside from the main floral smell, you'll have an experience that's like vanilla and candy. EJH Brand accomplishes its scents through the use of essential oils. This offering is another reasonably priced candle, and it's only one of the offerings that EJH has on their website. You can also find aromas like nectarine mint, wild ginger, and wisteria lilac, among others.

For another holiday scent, we have this Yankee style Balsam and Cedar candle that will certainly last you for hours upon hours. Aside from those scents, juniper berry also adds a lovely accent that's perfectly fitting for the holiday season while it can still make your home have that perfect holiday tree aroma. Even if it's not the season, it's still appealing enough to burn year round.

Again, thanks to how large this candle is, it will give you plenty of burning time without any fuss. The cap of the jar also has a seal which makes it easy to extinguish by merely putting the top back on. The size is also excellent for adding any accessories to the top, such as "lampshades" that add an appealing look to the candle.

This candle choice from Chesapeake Bay is another product that perfectly encapsulates that combination of a fresh smell that can also help you relax. The "mind and body" in the name isn't just for show, and it has a refreshing smell that's perfect for those who want to unwind. We like the "balance + harmony" mix, which brings in fruity smells like peach and pear that aren't overwhelming.

The overall look of this candle is charming, too. While the wax doesn't have any colors, the soft blue of the jar is appealing. The lid is also attractive, with a wooden design that will make the candle look appealing whenever it's not in use. Chesapeake Bay's candles are also on the lower end of the price spectrum, making them an affordable addition to your home.

Santal 26 has a very simplistic look, but that only belies the complexities of its scent. The twenty-six in the name refers to the numbers of different aroma notes that are present in the candle. Some elements include cocoa, cedar, musk, amber, spices, sandalwood, vanilla, and more. While that sort of mix does have the potential to become overwhelming, Santal 26 has struck the perfect balance here.

The glass jar that these candles come in is durable, and it will stand the rest of time as you burn through the wax. All candles also are hand-poured, ensuring that you get a product that has received care every step of the way. Production company Le Labo does put a rather high price on their candles despite their size, but the result is almost irresistible.

Whenever we think of fresh scents, lemon may be one option that springs to mind, and it's no surprise why. Between the aromas of cleaning products and just the crisp effect of citrus, lemon scents are just appealing. This product from Candeo takes that lemon aroma and combines it with hints of herbal for a slightly energetic punch mixed in,

The price isn't too high for a candle at all, and it has an estimated burn time of around sixty hours, which is more than enough to get your money's worth. The jars are also appealing with their amber design, which gives a warm feeling. The wax itself is entirely non-toxic and made with sustainable resources in mind. It's even vegan-friendly, with no beeswax involved.

If you want to freshen your air with something a bit sweeter, then you'll want to consider this line of candles from Anthropologie. One of the aroma options from Capri Blue has included orange, vanilla orchid, mandarin, and spun sugar combined to create a delightful aroma. Another scent is the mint truffle, which can be an excellent scent for candy lovers.

Depending on the aroma you choose, the color of the jar will change, which makes its round design even cuter. From an entirely fluffy pink to more subtle shades of peach to even all-out orange, this candle will fit right into any aesthetic that relies on warm colors. If you want to save the jars, be careful with handling and removing the wax, as they can be a bit fragile.

Okay, so our top picks have already included one book-based scent, but we had to add this Byredo candle as well. Yes, it is a pricey candle, but the high customer ratings suggest that it's more than worth it. The minimalistic design of the label and the black jar provide a modern look that won't stick out too much, instead of letting the aroma take center stage.

And the aroma does deliver, with a scent that's akin to a library. There's the scent of pages, and both the patchouli and plum accents add an almost fruity element that manages to stay deep and bring book covers to mind. Entirely handmade in France (from the candle wax to the mouthblown glass), these candles bring a sense of luxury and freshness to any home.

Tips for Buying Scented Candles

scented candles

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As you start to burn scented candles in your home, you'll likely find yourself using them more often. As you do, you'll want to purchase more and possibly even expand your repertoire. To give your home the best fresh air feeling, follow these tips as you search for scented candles.

Think About Your Space

scented candle

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Even if you have a particular scent that you adore, that doesn't mean you should use the same candle in every part of your home. A mix of scents will give a better overall experience, plus it will help you establish the mood in different rooms. That variety will ensure that you can enjoy the fragrances rather than not taking notice of it after an extended period.

You can also coordinate your overall décor with the scents you choose. Woody aromas can go well with wood colors, while herbal smells pair well with blues and grays. You can also pick candles that match the themes of your decorations if you have set designs for your room. This setup will not only give you a fresh experience but also establish a mood that's your home.

Give Yourself Options

Sometimes, your mood can impact the kind of smell you want to experience. You may have your staple scents but try some more exotic scents for when you need a mood boost. Our sense of smell can have more of an impact on us than you may expect, so keep some other fragrances around for those days when you're not at your best.

Find Compatible Scents

Don't feel like you need to restrict yourself to one aroma per area, though! Certain combinations of candles can enhance each other for a fuller, fresher experience. Aside from improving your air, you'll also create a delightful atmosphere with several flames burning at once.

Take Chances and Experiment

If you're not sure what you want your space to smell like, the only thing to do is try new things until you find something that you like! Even if you don't think you'll enjoy a candle, at least give it a test to see if you enjoy the general scent. Trying out new things is the best way to find what you like, including finding combinations of candles that work for your home.

On the flipside, you are allowed to settle into your favorites. Once you figure out the best-scented candles for your home, it's perfectly acceptable to stick to them. That way, both you and any guests will know what to expect when they come to your place. Whether you just like a combination of candles for the smell or you have sentimental reasons, embrace what you enjoy.

Wrapping Up

Candles can do a lot for your home, such as set the mood and freshen the air. Even when summer rolls around, your home can benefit a lot from burning some candles with the right scents. Whether it's to provide something sweet, something relaxing, or even imbue a sense of the holiday season, candles are excellent for improving the air in your home any time of the year.

In our guide to the best candles, we've shared some of our top picks as well as tips for enhancing the atmosphere in your home. Now it's up to you to find the ones you like the most and start to reap the benefits!

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