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Whether you’re gearing up for your first fight or your hundredth, having the right sets of boxing gloves can sometimes mean the difference between winning and losing. Yeah, you might have better moves and stronger tactics, but at the end of the day, if the gloves don’t fit with your speed and power, you’re likely going to be out of luck. Professional boxing has a long and studied history, and the science behind boxing gloves gets more and more technical by the day. Modern boxing gloves combine significant elements of comfort, weight distribution, compression control and safety features that enable even the most amateur of boxers to feel like a champ when they put them on. The market for boxing gloves is huge, and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. In order to make your life easier, we’ve scoured the reviews across the web to determine which boxing gloves across all four categories are the best. Whether you’re itching to be the next Mayweather or the next Pacquiao, each of these gloves will help get you there!

Cleto Reyes Official Fight Boxing Gloves

CLETO REYES Safetec Professional Fight Gloves
  • Now you can wear official fight gloves for training
  • Contoured with Safetec foam, which lasts up to 200 times longer than regular fight gloves
  • Formulated for a density equivalent to that of official fight gloves

Why we like it: Mayweather? Pacquiao? Forman? Tyson? None of them have what it takes to take you on. At least, that’s what you’re hoping. If you’re really ready for the big leagues, or at least ready to start your path to glory, you’re going to need to wear the same gloves worn by the best of the best. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’re going to have to go back to the beginning. You started with Cleto Reyes, and now it’s time to reach the top with Cleto Reyes. The Cleto Reyes Official Fight Boxing Gloves are what you’re going to want on your hands when step into the ring, whether it’s your first time or your last.

Cleto Reyes Official Fight Boxing Gloves are indeed the gloves of champions. These gloves are popular among many top boxers, such as Pacquiao, Marquez, Pavlik, Maidana, and Khan, and with good reason. They’re made with the highest quality materials and made with victory in mind. Your victory. And victorious you will be when you slip these gloves on and head into the ring. Cleto Reyes goes back to its founding with these gloves. Inside you’ll find a mixture of both traditional horse hair as well as modern, multi-layered Safetec foam. On the outside, you’ll find an all-leather construction that will last through countless championship fights. With both Safetec foam on the inside, and leather on the outside, these gloves are made to last 200 times longer than your standard, cheaper gloves.

The slim shape, attached thumb, and nylon and cowhide inner lining are all stitched together by hand on these gloves. Indeed, they’re designed for long bouts but with maximum comfort in mind. You’ll be able to go toe-to-toe for as many rounds as necessary to win each and every match. If popularity matters to you, these gloves have it: a 4.2/5 average star rating on Amazon. While there are many fight gloves out there, you’re going to want the best. Don’t settle for cheap vinyl. Get these, and be a champion!


  • Full leather design for comfort
  • Favored by many top boxers
  • Comfortable and heavy


  • Costlier than many rival brands


Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

best boxing gloves

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, Black, 16 oz
  • Triple Density foam
  • Strengthened seams for long lasting quality
  • Reinforced palm for maximum impact absorption

Why we like it: Venum is a well-known brand in the boxing community. They have been making boxing gloves for quite a few years now, and are most popular when it comes to MMA-style and modern boxing gloves.

The Elite gloves are a moderate range option from Venum, and are mainly for casual to regular use in the gym. You can use these about four to five days per week with general training. If you’re looking for hard training usage or you’re a professional looking for the best of the best, then these gloves may not be the right choice for you.

However, these gloves do have decent protection and are comfortable. There is a good amount of support around the wrist and front areas. There is even an attached thumb design, which helps from catching your thumb on the side of your bag. This means less chance of injury, which is always a positive.

Although these gloves are not made out of real leather, they are made out of a synthetic one (Venum’s SkinTex leather), which feels nice and holds up well.

These gloves tend to fit comfortably and are on the larger size. Because of this, they extend a little bit down your forearm.

Additionally, these gloves are ventilated due to the mesh covering, which allows some air flow to the inside of your hands.


  • Comfortable
  • Numerous style options
  • Nice bang for your buck


  • Extra space inside glove and thumb area
  • Not made from real leather


Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Closure Training Gloves

Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Boxing Training Gloves
  • All the quality and craftsmanship you have come to expect from an authentically produced Cleto Reyes product
  • These training gloves are manufactured under strict quality control in goatskin leather with water-repellent lining to...
  • Complete with an attached thumb for safety to help prevent eye and thumb injuries and 2 inches of latex foam padding to...

Why we like it: Every boxer has to start somewhere. Even Rocky Balboa and Little Mac had some origin. Starting small doesn’t mean you have to end small. But you’ll definitely want to get the right start. Donning a pair of Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Closure Training Boxing Gloves is your first step. The story behind the gloves, told by the Mexican factory workers who make them, is as inspiring and unique as the gloves themselves. If you’re ready to begin your rise to the top, a good pair of Cleto Reyes Training Gloves is likely where you should start.

The Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Closure Training Gloves are designed with quality in mind. While many different training gloves skimp on the quality, Cleto Reyes believes that quality should begin at the beginning with training, as well as at the end with the competition. These gloves are crafted with 100% full-grain leather. Many of the competitors may use synthetic leather or even cheaper vinyl. Not Cleto Reyes. These leather gloves will look and feel great on the outside. But for a training glove, it’s not so much what’s on the outside that matters, it’s what’s on the inside.

On the inside, you’ll find the best in comfort and temperature control. The hand compartment is lined with satin nylon. You’ll find that the hand sweat that comes with intense training will be much more minimal than with other training gloves. The lining will repel moisture to a much higher degree than a cotton or polyester lining, keeping away the foul smells that long-term training can cause. As for padding, you can be sure these gloves will keep your hands safe while you’re smacking the training bag around. The latex foam padding was designed for longevity. These gloves will be able to take a beating (or the beating you’re dealing out) for a good, long time. As high quality materials are the name of the game, these Cleto Reyes gloves are made from the best in the industry. A 5 star rating on Amazon should tell you all you need to know about why customers love these gloves. These gloves also come in weights of 8 oz to 18 oz, making them suitable for the entire gamut of boxers. If you’re ready to start your boxing career, or looking for replacements for your old training gloves, look no further!


  • Built for longevity and long term use
  • Extremely favored among current customers
  • Wide range of weight options


  • Costlier than many comparable models and brands

Title Gel World Bag Gloves

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves, Black, Large
  • All-leather outer
  • Special hand compartment lining for cool, dry and comfortable wear
  • Wraparound adjustable wrist strap

Why we like it: When you’re ready to increase the intensity of your training, it’s time to move up from the kid gloves (pun intended) and move on to the real deal. A good pair of bag gloves will help you get ready for your first sparring match. The Title Gel World Bag Gloves offer the best on the market for bag gloves with some of the best features and technology available. If you’re looking for comfort, safety and strength, these are the gloves you’ll need to add to your bag glove short list.

The Title Gel World Bag Gloves are designed with strength and longevity in mind. If you’re all about the leather, then you’re in luck! These gloves come with a 100% leather skin. You’ll be able to keep those punches flying against punching bags long term. Don’t settle for cheaper vinyl of synthetic leather! If you want your gloves to last, you need the best quality materials. On the inside, you’ll find that Title has prepared these gloves with some high tech linings. While most gloves use a fabric lining on the inside, Title uses their exclusive and proprietary Gel Enforced Lining. You’ll find that these gloves are not only more comfortable than the old, ratty bag gloves you’ve been using, but will also keep the sweat and stink away much better than almost every other pair of bag gloves on the market today. The impact resistance delivered by the gel lining is also nearly unbeatable over the other, fabric-lined gloves currently on the market.

Protecting your hands during those intense training sessions is of the utmost importance as well. The multi-layered foam padding will absorb the shock against your hands during your daily training sessions. Endurance training will be a breeze when you put on a pair of these excellently designed gloves. The popularity of these gloves is almost unmatched. Across over 100 reviews on Amazon, these gloves have an astounding 4.8/5 star average. The only negative complaints that exist for these gloves (and there aren’t many) all relate to size issues. Before you dive in make make the purchase, make sure you’re fully cognizant of what weight gloves you’ll need based on your own weight and hand size.


  • Extremely popular design
  • Leather skin for longer life
  • Unique gel lining for comfort and moisture control


  • Some complaints about gloves being too tight and ill fitting


Boxing Glove Buyer’s Guide

Boxing gloves are an interesting mix of simple and complex. For those who need a little bit more information before making your decision, this guide should help you on the right path. Don’t worry: we aren’t overloading you with information. Below are the basic facts you’ll need to make the right choice.

Glove Sizes and Weights

Accidentally buying the wrong boxing gloves can be one of the most disheartening experiences for those just starting out. Often you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, and buying the wrong pair can be a huge set back. When it comes to sizes and weights, there are several things to consider for each glove category. Everlast, another boxing glove maker, provides very handy charts for breaking down glove sizes and weights.

Boxing GlovesBoxing Gloves

Glove Materials

On the inside: you’re going to want something comfortable and sweat resistant. Avoid gloves that have purely cotton or polyester inner lining, or that simply use textiles as an inner lining. These will absorb sweat, and not repel them. During continued use, the inside of your gloves can get hot. Different materials, such as satin and nylon, will keep your hands cool and sweat-free.

Under the surface: you’re going to want some type of foam. Traditional gloves used to use horse hair as a protective measure. However, this proved to wear down too quickly, and boxers could too easily cut open the inside and pull out the hair. Foam adds a good layer of protection for your hand by absorbing impact. Increased compression means you’ll deal less damage to both your hands, and your opponent’s body.

On the surface: you’re going to want leather, or at least synthetic leather. Some gloves to come created with a vinyl outer lining. However, you do not want those. Vinyl wears down to quickly, and you’ll find yourself replacing your gloves far too often. While vinyl gloves may be cheaper, you’ll spend more money in the long run. Go for leather, especially if it’s 100% full grain. Your gloves will last longer, and give you much more strength.

Glove Types

There are 4 basic types of boxing gloves. Make sure you are buying the right kind, and using them the right way.

Training/Fitness Gloves
Training/Fitness gloves are the starting point for any boxer. These gloves are very similar to bag gloves. They are designed specifically to be used with punching bags. To that end, you will find that they are much thinner than sparring or fighting gloves, as they are not intended to protect the opponent from unnecessary amounts of damage. If you’re using gloves primarily for exercise or strength training, these are your go-to gloves. These are typically very light weight gloves, between 8 and 20 ounces being typical.

Bag Gloves
The name of these gloves should tell you all you need to know about what their purpose is. They are designed to be used on punching bags of all sorts. These are high-impact gloves that are designed to be used over long periods of time. You’ll find that these gloves are also thinner than sparring or fighting gloves, as they are also not intended to be used while fighting people. These are typically very light weight gloves, between 8 and 20 ounces being typical.

Sparring Gloves
These gloves are designed for sparring matches. They are similar to, but not the same as, fighting gloves, in that they are typically lighter weight than fighting gloves. These gloves will have more padding than training gloves, and typically are heavier than training gloves as well. Anywhere between 14-18 ounces is what you’ll find typical for this glove type. The heavier weights are better to prepare you for the heavier weighted gloves that are used during official matches.

Competition Gloves
These are the gloves you’ll use when you’re going into a competition. Whether it’s an amatuer match or a professional heavyweight fight, you’re going to want gloves that not only fit snuggly and not too tightly, but that are also weighted correctly for competition. For amateurs, the weights will always be 12, 14 or 16 ounces, depending on your weight class.

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