Best Birthday Gifts for a One-Year-Old Boy

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Baby boys will adore almost any toy you give them for their birthday. They may even enjoy the package more than what’s inside. One-year-olds are typically ever active at this stage and love anything they can get their hands and mouths on. If there is pushing, pulling, throwing, or gnawing on involved, it’s probably going to be a hit. 

Tons of toys can help stimulate a young child’s development and tons that are just plain entertaining for little guys. Either way, it’s probably more straightforward than you would think to come up with the perfect one-year-old gift idea. 

Experts on development agree that open-ended toys are a great idea. Toddlers should be able to do what they want with the toy rather than have a toy that is meant to do something specific if that makes sense. 

We’ve curated the perfect list of birthday gifts for a baby boy, including:

  • Bath time fun
  • Books for the young reader
  • Developmentally appropriate and stimulating toys
  • Age suitable quality and durability
  • Kid tested, parent, approved toy

Comparison Table

Xylophone for Kids Set Of Three Instrument Toys With Two Xylophone,One...
  • Entertain and educate your child effectively. The keys of our xylophones are often in common colors so that your baby...
  • Ensure the safety of your child. The wood used in our xylophones is specially polished and suitable for babies aged 3-6...
  • Gift to your child during holidays. The products are elaborately packed together with carefully designed do-it-yourself...
TOP BRIGHT Wooden Shape Sorter Toys for Toddlers Learning Sort and...
  • MOM’S REASSURING CHOICE: The shape sorter car is fully tested to the highest US ASTM and European EN71 toy safety...
  • ROLE-PLAYING FUN: This shape sorter car simulates the operation of the blender. The barrel can be rotated and...
  • MAKE LEARNING FUN: Put different shapes into the mixing bucket. each shape makes a "crunch" sound,promote 1 2 year old...
Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy
  • WOODEN WALKER WITH ENGAGING ACTIVITIES: The Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy is a wooden activity walker...
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION AND CRAFTSMANSHIP: Our alligator push toy is made with high- quality materials and assembled to...
  • MAKES SOUNDS WHEN MOVED: This child push toy makes a gentle clacking noise when it is pushed. This cheerful toy...
Kidz Delight Tech Too, Tech Set Trio
  • Trilingual, English, Spanish and French
  • 4 Games Modes, real Fun with Lights and Sounds, Learn Colors
Munchkin Bath Toy, Little Boat Train, 6 Count
  • Six boats float and link together to create a "little boat train "
  • Boats have funny faces and are numbered 1-2-3 for counting, ordering and number identification games
  • Boats can scoop up water and strain when turned upside down
BABY LOOVI Non-Toxic Foam Bath Toys for Boys Girls - Bathtub Alphabet...
  • ✅ FUN & EDUCATIONAL BATH ALPHABET! These premium-quality foam bath toys stimulate your child’s senses, making...
  • ✅ FREE TOY ORGANIZER with every purchase! Playtime is fun, but unfortunately leaves a mess. Our mesh-made toy bag...
  • ✅ EARLY LEARNING PRESCHOOL TOYS! Combining fun and education, these foam bath toys help your little one with their...
Alex Rub a Dub Star Crayon in the Tub Kids Bath Activity
  • Chubby star shaped bathtub crayon
  • 6 bright colors
  • Great for little hands
Stacking Cup Bath Toys for Baby, Toddlers, and Kids, Stack-Up Cups in...
  • 💖 BATH TIME STACKING CUPS BUILDING SET FOR BOYS AND GIRLS - These cute and endlessly fun stacking cups for kids are...
  • 💖 MONTESSORI NESTING CUPS THAT ARE EASY TO USE - Made for kids, these cups are easy to stack and unstack by a...
  • 💖 BASIC EARLY EDUCATION CUP STACKER WITH RUBBER DUCKIE - Brightly colored rainbow cups with multiple uses such as:...
Premium Soft Baby Books First Year, Cloth Book Bunny & Puppy with...
  • 😃 PEEK-A-BOO FLAPS, MIRROR, TEETHER, SOUNDS, TOUCH & FEEL: Developed by experts in the US. Our handmade cloth books...
  • 🤓 EDUCATIONAL TOYS FOR LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT & BONDING: Reading the rhymes & stories of these books gives you a chance...
  • 💕 DURABLE, SAFE & MACHINE WASHABLE: Our cloth books are designed to outlast even the roughest toddler! Handcrafted...
Cloth Books for Babies (Set of 6) - Premium Quality Soft Books for...
  • SIX CHILDREN BOOKS: Your purchase includes a complete set of six educational baby books to instill reading concepts and...
  • BRILLIANT AND AMUSING DESIGNS: Full of adorable illustrations, this cute collection of BabyBibi books is certain to...
  • EDUCATIONAL VALUE: Help your child to learn the fundamentals of reading with these bright and colorful learning books.
Little Green Box of Bright and Early Board Books (Bright & Early Board...
  • Dr. Seuss (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 96 Pages - 01/07/2019 (Publication Date) - Random House Books for Young Readers (Publisher)

Our Top Picks for a One-Year-old Boy Birthday This Year!

black and white stripes hat

Image via

Project Nursery Registry

You guys, we’ve got to start this list out with the perfect gift set there ever was. If you want to make the little guy the center of attention on his big day, this is the way to go. The set comes with the book a keepsake dinosaur party hat that matches the character in the book, the matching dinosaur plush wearing a party hat, and the 24-page book, Dino-Mite It’s Your Birthday!

The book is a delightfully engaging story made to rhyme and catch a young child’s attention. Through the story, the dinosaur teachers your child how to celebrate his birthday while wearing his party hat! The hat included is adjustable and meant to grow with your child from his first birthday through age 5! What a cute way to get a yearly “growth” photo!

What parents are saying: This cuteness overload gets 5 out of 5 stars!

This little set up of one will have your little pounding away as they learn fine motor skills. As baby beats the balls through the holes, they fall through the xylophone making music. The xylophone pulls out easily for independent play. This toy is safe for ages 12 months to 3 years. 

Kids will enjoy the bright colors, the music, and the challenge of using the toy. Perfect for on the floor play for still toddling little ones, and on a low table play for babies getting steadier on their feet. 

What parents are saying: Babies everywhere are loving this fun wooden musical toy and parents have rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

A twist on the classic shape sorter, this shape sorting truck resembles a concrete mixing truck. The sorter comes with the typical shapes in various colors helping babies learn shapes, colors, and fine motor skills. Baby will enjoy getting the objects to fit in the cutout and pushing the truck across the floor. 

The mixer easily lifts to dump shapes back out, and baby will have tons of interactive fun. You’ll find this toy stimulating and encourages parent-child involvement. Made of quality pieces and free of harmful chemicals. 

What parents are saying: Littles love this shape sorting truck; it’s earned 5 out of 5 stars. 

It’s no secret that younger babies and new toddling babies love push toys. Of course, there is always the classic push toy as a less expensive alternative, but our top pick is this wooden delight! For babies on the move, pushing this toy around and gaining steadiness on foot is a delight. 

This toy is made of sturdy wood, makes cute noises as baby pushes it along. The alligator heads gently chomp, butterflies and ladybugs spin, and the little painted fish go around and round on the wheels. 

What parents are saying: Parents love that this toy doesn’t cause damage to all types of flooring, it’s strong enough to keep a wobbly toddler steady, and love that baby can push it along or sit and play with it as well—4.5 out of 5 stars. 

This trio set is perfect for the handsome little techie in your life. Babies and young toddlers seem to become enthralled by the tech gadgets they see their parents are always after. This remote, phone, and key set is the perfect compromise for keeping sticky fingers off the real deal!

The keys have various colors and buttons that make the usual fun car noises. The play remote speaks in 3 languages to make learning fun and says number 0-9. The pretend phone has 18 icons sensitive to touch that feature flashing lights and make different noises and sound to keep the little busy!

What parents are saying: This impressive trio earned 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Toys Perfect for a Birthday Boy’s Bath

baby on black pant holding ballon

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Little guys who love the bath will enjoy these small boats that link up like a train and float on the water. For parents who aren’t fond of bath toys that have mold potential, these little boats are great. They come in bold colors, stack, and link together quickly, and don’t have inside parts for water to get trapped inside. 

Make bath time loads of fun with these multipurpose little boats. Turn the boats upside down and show baby how to scoop and strain water. Boats feature little faces and numbers to encourage parent lead learning in the bath!

What parents are saying: Parents and babes love these colorful little boats! They’ve been given a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Younger toddlers love anything in the bath, and these familiar animals and colors alphabet letters are the cutest addition to any fun in the tub. These will help spark imagination and letter recognition over time. The premium alphabet letters are non-toxic and stick to bath tile or the side of the tub when wet. 

Have fun with your little one by talking or singing about letters and animals. They’re lightweight and float in the water around the baby as he develops coordination of movement and grasping the objects around him.

What parents are saying: So far, hundreds of babies love these bath letter. The set has earned a 5 out of 5 stars rating. 

Is the birthday boy interested in colors, cause, and effect? We’re sure this will be a hit for any birthday boy. This chubby, easy to grab crayon houses six bath crayons that allow baby to go wild in the tub! The bright colors come clean easily on smooth surfaces, but they may be harder to get out grout. 

Show baby how to draw on the inside of the tub and help him learn his colors while talking about what he’s drawing or more likely scribbling! This chunky crayon is pretty much mess free, can be set out to dry after use, and the colors last a decent about of time for the small size. 

What parents are saying: 3.5 out of 5 stars. The “lower” rating seems to come from the difference in clean up, those parents that wiped down the crayon color as they drained the tub, didn’t have any issues. Any tub that isn’t a smooth surface along with grout in tile had a harder time getting the color out, nothing a magic eraser couldn’t get out, though. 

One thing most little fellows are fond of at this age is stacking. There’s just something about it that keeps their attention. These super cute rainbow stacking cups are perfect for bath time or play time outside the bath, indoors, outdoors, and even at the beach!

Each cup is an “under the sea” animal in a bright, engaging color. There’s enough for siblings to share and play together. The animals make comfortable grips for little to grab and use freely. Each animal features a different number and hole pattern used to drain water, sand, or whatever baby is playing with. 

What parents are saying: Parents love that these cups dry out quickly and leave no room for mold growth. 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Check These Gifts Out for Reading and Rhyming Fun

boy reading book

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Ready for a super stimulating and entertaining book for your little one or the little one you love? This soft book was designed by experts to have unique stimulation on each page. This book can keep baby busy in the car seat alone or works excellent for quality one-on-one time with your favorite little guy!

Each page is soft featuring things like peek-a-boo flaps, crinkly pages, and touch-and-feel textures. This gift makes for a great bonding time activity as baby discovers new things and adventures on each page. Each book is non-toxic and builds for long lasting durability. Bonus, this book comes in the perfect gift box ready to go. 

What parents are saying: Parents and babies love this soft-textured book. It’s earned 5 out of 5 stars.

Babies and toddlers get a ton of entertainment out of soft books they can wave around, explore, crinkle, chew on, and enjoy with or without parent involvement. This cute set of 6 books has themes for each book in various bright colors featuring funny letters, happy shapes, yummy veggies, sweet fruits, animal friends, and colorful numbers. 

Parents can interact with their baby and talk about themes as long as their little one is interested or give the books to baby for busy time knowing that they’re safe for baby to handle on their own. 

What parents are saying: 5 out of 5 stars

If you love to give the gift of reading, this is definitely our top choice! Babies and toddler love rhyming books, and there’s no better way to introduce a love of reading at an early age than with the beloved stories of Dr. Seuss. These short and sweet versions of four of the most loved classics are too good to pass up. 

They have just the right amount of rhyming and brightly colored pages to keep the youngest minds attention for a moment during the day or as part of your nighttime routine before bed. 

What parents are saying: Beloved by babies, toddlers and their parents, this sweet set of books earned 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of the sweet stories written by Sandra Boynton, this is a great one to choose. It’s short and sweet and rhymes the whole way through. The colorful pages will delight your little ones, and you’ll probably find yourself singing it in a song as we did!

Known as the year-round valentine song, you’ll get this one stuck in your head along with the image of your little one smiling. They get pure joy from the rhyming song/story as you sing it or read it to them! It’s the perfect short read to add into playtime or bedtime routine and comes in a lovely board book that will last through multiple siblings or hand me downs to friends!

What parents are saying: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

baby smiling on bed

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We hope you’ve found just the right gift for little birthday guy in your life. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, this list is a perfect starting point for getting ideas of similar toys or toys by the same great brands. Don’t forget to try out new things that put a twist on the most classic baby boy toys. You never know when a gift just might be a hit that you weren’t expecting!

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