Best Baby Shower Gifts for Mom: Our Top 10 Picks

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When you hear the words "baby shower," thoughts of receiving blankets, strollers, and pink or blue onesies likely spring to mind. Baby shower gifts don't have to be dull or ordinary.

The best baby shower gifts of 2019 include practical ideas for mom and baby, new takes on classics, and high tech state of the art design innovation that may take you by surprise.

Whether attending your first baby shower or dropping in like a seasoned pro, we've researched the top baby shower gifts for mom that will impress expectant parents and guests alike with their distinct practicality and refreshing novelty.

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The latest baby shower gift ideas that made it onto our list include:

  • Bluetooth enabled sight and sound projector sets
  • Innovative Baby Bullet food processor systems
  • Updates to classics like the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker
  • Creative new gift ideas including milestone blankets and spill proof bowls
  • Optic baby monitors featuring crystal clear displays and smart technology

Read on to discover the best baby shower gifts for mom in 2019.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Mom: Our Top 10 Picks

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1. Boppy

The Boppy Newborn Lounger provides a comfortable, relaxing space for infants to self-soothe when mom and dad have their hands full.

The Boppy Newborn Lounger is also an excellent gift idea for expectant mothers of twins and triplets. 

The Boppy serves as the ideal spot for baby to rest while busy parents change, feed, and attend to siblings. 

We love the Boppy Newborn Lounger for its plush, soft fabric and easy to clean upholstery. 

In a pinch, food and other messes are removable with just a cloth and warm water. For a more thorough sanitizing, the Boppy can be cleaned thoroughly in the washing machine.

For convenience, the Boppy features a discreet carrying handle to make machine washing and transporting the lounger a cinch.

The Boppy Lounger is a great no fuss, simple and practical toy idea for baby and mom that requires no batteries or assembly.

The lounger props infants at the ideal angle for face to face interaction with parents and caregivers—an option much preferable to placing baby flat on cribs or the surface of carpeting.

The Boppy Lounger’s center is recessed to accommodate the shape and size of newborns up to sixteen pounds. 

Baby is safely supported on all sides and cradled deeply inside of the lounger for maximum comfort and safety.

babies wearing bamboo organic towels

These adorable hooded bamboo towels by Maximum Mark feature eco-friendly construction from breathable, absorbent, and non-irritating certified organic bamboo.

Unlike towels made from synthetic fibers, bamboo towels and wash clothes are chemical free and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for sensitive newborn skin.

While perfect for newborns, this set easily accommodates growing toddlers and most kids up to age five.

The set also includes plush, generously sized washcloths.

We love the set’s cute bear design and neutral colors.

The bamboo towel gift set is an excellent non-gender specific option for both newborn baby boys and girls.

The Monthly Milestone blanket by Tiny Gifts provides the perfect backdrop for the new baby's progress, in picture form.

This unique blanket is the ideal living photo album and baby book, designed to record baby’s “firsts” with days, weeks, and months already templated onto its surface.

Of course, the Monthly Milestone blanket isn’t just a creative gift idea—it’s made from plush, wrinkle-free fabric that keeps baby cozy and warm either inside of the stroller, crib, or bassinet.

geo meadow

This versatile rocker by Fisher-Price makes our list as a favorite among parents for its ability to ‘grow’ right along with their child, and accommodate toddlers up to forty pounds.

Unlike traditional rockers designed osnly to accommodate infants, the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is a multifunctional tool that provides baby with comfort, entertainment, and soothing for brief or extended periods.

For younger babies, the rocker features a built-in bouncing mode to soothe colicky infants to sleep.

The automatic bouncing mode can be turned off for infants and toddlers who are old enough to bounce themselves in the rocker, a versatile feature that makes the Fisher Price a favorite among parents.

In stationary mode, the Infant-to-Toddler rocker provides the perfect spot for naptime.

If preferred, this rocker can also be used for feedings and snacks, when moving baby to a high chair is inconvenient.

The rocker also features a toy bar that includes colorful, stimulating shapes targeted toward younger infants to aid in the development of imagination and play skills.

Even nonparents may already be familiar with Sophie The Giraffe: the popular teething toy that has earned a ubiquitous presence across the United States and Europe.

For those who aren't yet familiar, Sophie The Giraffe is an entirely chewable, rubber giraffe with long limbs especially designed to soothe teething babies and toddlers.

Sophie is a friendly, simple toy that is machine washable and designed to withstand wear.

Younger babies will especially appreciate Sophie The Giraffe’s squeaky neck, a stimulating feature that grabs baby’s attention when a quick distraction is needed.

Sophie also makes an excellent companion for baby during visits to the doctor.

The Sophie The Giraffe gift set includes one rubber Sophie The Giraffe, along with a Sophie The Giraffe book set to teach baby numbers and shapes.

The BabyLit series by Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver introduces infants and toddlers to the world of classic literature by way of quirky, beautifully illustrated primer board books.

Pride & Prejudice, part of the BabyLit board book series, introduces the foundations of counting and math with takes on classic literature, teaching baby to count with creative methods including “One English Village," and “Two rich gentlemen.”

The books feature the classic design and plot elements of the original stories, making the BabyLit series and excellent primer for pre-kindergarten math, counting, reading, as well as the perfect introduction to classic literature.

The BabyLit series features stories based on classic original works including “Little Women,” “Jane Eyre,” “Wuthering Heights,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and “Les Miserables.”

BabyLit board books are durable, compact versions of hardcover classics that are easy for babies and toddlers to hold, and 100 percent child-friendly.

Any book from the BabyLit series is sure to make the ideal gift for the book-loving mom to be.

The FridaBaby Bitty bundle of Joy kit is the ideal shower gift for both baby and mom.

The kit includes a nose suction tool for baby, peri bottle washer for mom, several wipes, nail clippers, and gas remedies for colicky newborns.

We love the kit for its stylish packaging and practicality. 

While the FridaBaby Bitty Bundle kit may be adorable, it’s also recommended by pediatricians for both newborns and moms recovering from labor and delivery.

Project Nursery’s Sight and Sound Projector is a white noise machine, image projector, and Bluetooth device that can stream lullabies and media directly from any compatible phone or tablet to soothe baby gently to sleep.

The projector comes with three pre-loaded image discs that entertain newborns and infants while lulling them gently to sleep with included lullabies, or media streaming from mobile devices and laptops.

The streaming and projector mode includes four convenient timer settings ranging from fifteen to sixty minutes, and the device features automatic shutoff after one hour of play.

New parents will appreciate the Sight and Sound projector a welcome addition to baby’s nightly bedtime story or lullaby.

The future of the baby monitor is here—with a crystal clear, high definition display.

The Infant Optic's monitor is not your mother's baby monitor, nor does it exhibit the problems frequently associated with older models.

This monitor is lag free, static free, and displays a clear image of the baby instead of relying on sound and motion.

Because the Infant Optic monitor uses a dedicated screen, it performs many of the same functions as baby monitor technology that relies on the use of your phone or tablet without slow loading times and other technical difficulties.

The system also features an interchangeable lens design that is customizable to the best viewing angle for your environment and is viewable in a wide lens or zoom.

In addition to being lag and static free, the Optic's innovative design also features 100 percent privacy, because it does not rely on an internet connection to operate.

You can be sure that the mother to be in your life will be impressed by this award winner.

The Infantino 4-in-1 carrier is a favorite among new moms for its versatility and practical design.

The carrier is also comfortable, cute, and fun to use for both mom and baby.

Its four adjustable placements allow for infants to sit snugly behind mom, in front, and to face either inward or outward, depending on size.

The outward facing placement is ideal as baby grows, and the carrier can accommodate infants up to thirty-two pounds.

The Infantino makes an excellent alternative to strollers during outdoor activities close to home and is ideal for outdoor events and activities like visiting the zoo or amusement park.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Accuracy is important to us, that's why compile our top ten lists with the aid of verified consumer reviews, brand research, communication with industry experts, and even try out a few of the products that we feature ourselves before recommending them to our readers. Products featured on our list of the best baby shower gift ideas are top rated, frequently reviewed, then put to the test by our team of research experts.

Buyer's Guide: Baby Shower Gift Etiquette

Now that we've shared our list of the best baby shower gift ideas, it may be helpful to discuss the etiquette surrounding the art of gift giving.

Gift Wrapping: Go for The Practical Approach

While that upcoming baby shower may seem like an excellent opportunity to show off your gift wrapping skills, you may want to set the shiny paper aside for the holidays.

Practical, immediately useful gift packaging ideas make a lasting impression on mom to be and fellow guests.

Try incorporating your gifts together in a single presentation.

For example, smaller gifts like bath sets and baby accessories strategically placed inside of a larger gift, like a diaper bag, make a striking impression while showcasing the functionality and purpose of each item individually.

To Stick With the Registry, or Not to Stick With the Registry?

Sure, most expectant parents have a gift registry in place that is filled with practical, fun, and much-needed gifts for the new baby.

While it may not be ideal to ignore the gift registry list completely, deviating from the registry slightly, or buying one gift from the registry and one unique personal gift of your choice is acceptable under most circumstances.

The Question of Gift Cards

Gift cards are ubiquitous these days, as they no doubt make an excellent gift choice for several occasions and holidays.

When it comes to opting for a gift card for expectant moms (and dads) to be, selecting a service with a personal touch goes a long way.

Consider gift cards for spa services or other relaxing activities for new moms, in place of impersonal gift cards for Target or Amazon.

In addition to gift cards, personalized vouchers for a one hour massage or other rejuvenating treatment are widely available options that are sure to please.

Don't Forget the Gift Receipt

Always include a receipt with your gift so that expectant parents can easily return or exchange it for an item they may need.

Remember, duplicate gift purchases are common at baby showers, and the likelihood of another guest having purchased the gift you bought for mom and dad to be is high.

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