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Is your baby ready for their first pair of baby shoes?

You might have noticed that they aren’t yet keen on wearing any old pair of shoes, particularly those shoes complete the perfect outfit.

Choosing the right baby shoes is as much art as science. It requires them to be ready for shoes, but it also asks that you measure your baby’s feet accurately and choose a shoe that is comfortable in length, width, and construction.

Do you know where you’ll find the pair of shoes that you’re little one will love? Check out our list of the best baby shoes for daily wear from newborn to toddler.

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How We Made Our Choices

From first kicks to first steps, we know that babies love to be barefoot. That’s why we made a list of shoes that allow them to roam free while still protecting their feet.

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All the baby shoes on our list feature a design that doesn’t overcorrect any issues and a material that is lightweight and breathable. Our primary concern is that the shoes are comfortable. But don’t worry, everything on our list also doubles as cute.

Best Baby Shoes

What are the best baby shoes for your little one? You’re sure to find a winner on our list.

Attipas Baby Shoes Socks Rubber Sole First Walker Soft Cotton Ideal...
  • ✔️Safety: Non-Toxic Materials Non use of hazardous materials and adhesives, no use of formaldehyde
  • ✔️Breathable: Superior, breathable fine holes release heat (International Patent)
  • ✔️Lightweight & Flexible: Super light, just like wearing socks Big Toe Box Improve Support cognitive and motor...

These Attipas Baby Shoes are effectively socks with the addition of rubber soles. Their construction makes them perfect for babies on the go including new walkers.

Although the first set of shoes doesn’t fall entirely within the category of baby—all sizes come in US toddler shoe sizes—we still want to include them because they make excellent shoes and children easily grow into them.

We also include them because the smallest size (Small U.S. Toddler 3.5) can fit babies aged newborn to six months. The socks accommodation kids up to three years old.

We love these shoes because the design is very thoughtful. The materials include:

  • ​80 percent cotton
  • ​17 percent spandex
  • ​2 percent rubber yarn
  • ​1 percent polyurethane yarn

The use of cotton means the socks breathe exceptionally well (read: no smelly baby feet). Attipas also uses tiny, breathable holes to release heat, so these socks still protect your baby’s feet in the summer without causing them to overheat.

We also like the big toe box. A wide toe box gives your baby’s toes a chance to play and helps them better develop their balance.

As with all baby products, we search for manufacturers that use baby-friendly materials. All Attipas shoe materials are non-toxic. The company doesn’t use any adhesives and keeps the materials and construction process away from formaldehyde.

The shoes are also easy to care for because they are machine washable and dry quickly thanks to the cotton construction.

Finally, the socks come in an incredible number of cute colors and patterns including:

  • ​Cutie pink
  • ​Cutie gray
  • ​Cutie white
  • ​Chess black
  • ​Chess brown
  • ​Ice cream pink
  • ​Halloween gray
  • ​Lollipop yellow
  • ​Organic Gray
  • ​Sneakers blue
  • ​Sneakers gray
  • ​Sneakers pink
  • ​Sneakers purple
  • ​Sneakers red
  • ​Sneakers blue
  • ​Tie gray
  • ​Zoo black
  • ​Zoo brown
  • ​Zoo navy blue
Mejale Baby Infant Toddler Shoes Slip-on Soft Sole Leather Moccasins...
  • MATERIAL: Genuine suede leather, soft and lightweight with a durable sole so walking feel natural.
  • ARCH-SUPPORT: Elastic band keeps shoes on your baby's feet and makes them easy to put on and take off.
  • PREMIUM: The suede leather sole is perfect for new walkers both indoors and light ground outside. Perfect for newborns,...

We don’t worry much about the durability of baby shoes because they’ll outgrow them in a few months. At the same time, finding a pair that survive your first baby means you can pass them on to future children (or donate them to kids in need). 

The Mejale baby infant shoes feature a supple suede leather construction that’s lightweight and encourages babies to walk naturally in a way some rubber-soled shoes might prevent.

We like the shoes because they are easy to put on and take off. An elastic band in the liner keeps them secure as your baby toddles around or crawls. However, we also recommend that you keep them indoors or on softer ground.

Because the shoes are suede, they require a spot clean with a damp cloth. Do not throw them in the washing machine because you’ll ruin the material.

The shoes suit children from newborn to three years old and come in four subdued colors including brown, light purple, watermelon pink, and yellow.

We like these shoes because they accommodate wide feet as well as feet carrying extra baby fat. Young ones who struggle with traditional baby shoes find these more comfortable because it leather moves with their feet rather than working against it.

Zutano Boys' Cozie Fleece Baby Booties with Grippers
  • Unique two snap design and elastic around the ankle keeps these baby booties on until you decide to take them off....
  • Zutano special cotton/polyester fleece is soft to the touch but durable enough to maintain it's shape and feel after...
  • Never pick up another baby sock again! Zutano booties truly stay on and their proven design has held up against the most...

The only thing cuter than baby shoes is baby slippers. These Zutano baby newborn booties are the sweet little slippers you need but don’t deserve.

Made from 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester, we like these shoes because they come in so many sizes and reflect the differences newborns and infants have in height and foot size. You can buy them like baby clothes in sizes ranging from 3, 6, 12, and 18 months.

The best reason to buy these Zutano booties compared to other slippers and booties available on the market is the thoughtful snap design. Both booties include two snaps, which means these booties stand a chance of staying on your baby’s feet for more than a few minutes.

They’re also as comfortable on the inside as they are on the outside. The inside fleece lining is ultra-soft, and there’s a shell to protect their comfort.

Another great reason to choose Zutano is that these booties are easy to clean. You can throw them in the wash on a cold setting and tumble dry them on low to care for them. The booties even retain their shape after washing, so they continue looking as cute as the day you bought them.

​You can buy these booties in a huge range of solid colors including:

  • ​Fuschia
  • ​Gray
  • ​Apple
  • ​Hot pink
  • ​Baby Pink
  • ​Black
  • ​Black/heather gray
  • ​Chocolate
  • ​CreM
  • ​Gray with faux fur
  • ​Heather gray
  • ​Hot pink with faux fur
  • ​Light blue
  • ​Periwinkle
  • ​True navy with faux fur
  • ​Cream/pool
  • ​Hot pink/fuschia/pool
  • ​Multi
  • ​Pool/mandarin/gray

We love these booties because they are a great alternative to socks and suit babies who don’t particularly like shoes. You’ll need to make sure you read the size chart well before buying.

Meckior Infant Baby Girls Boys Canvas Shoes Soft Sole Toddler Slip On...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】 - Safety tested for peace of mind., NO any stimulation to the skin of baby.
  • 【SOFT】 - Soft, lightweight and anti-slip sole is well-crafted to make walking feel natural.
  • 【EASY】 - EASY ON, EASY OFF, An elastic ankle band makes our moccs easy to put on, take off, and most importantly,...

These Meckior shoes are stylish sneaker alternatives that are perfect for babies. The construction is lightweight and soft, but it includes an anti-slip sole perfect for little ones who are still a little bit wobbly on their feet.

The shoes mimic the classic high-top Converse All Stars but come in baby-friendly materials. The ankle of each boot includes an elastic band that makes the shoes easy to get on and off even as little feet fly in your face.

​You can buy them in colors including:

  • ​Black
  • ​pink
  • ​White
  • ​Red
  • ​Blue
  • Green

They also come in other popular styles that resemble other Converse designs as well as a signature Vans design.

Sizing for this brand generally runs true, but you’ll want to make sure you measure your baby’s feet.

​They come in three sizes including:

  • Small: 0-6 Months, 4.33 inches heel-to-toe
  • Medium: 6-12 months, 7.42 inches heel-to-toe
  • Large: 12-18 months, 5.11 inches heel-to-toe

Some of the shoes may be one centimeter off, so it is helpful to be generous when you measure your baby’s feet.

Although we love the look and style of these shoes, we recommend them primarily for young babies who aren’t yet mobile. They complete an outfit well, but they aren’t likely to stand up to the demands of little walkers.

Keep them for your crawlers or scooters and to protect their feet when they bounce around in their walker.

No products found.

Do you have the right shoes for infant swim class and beyond?

We recommend Lauwodun’s baby water shoes for wet feet.

Each pair of baby shoes includes a rubber sole and a stretch material that creates the feeling of wearing socks. However, the strong wicking action of the material prevents the shoes from becoming soggy and uncomfortable.

We love these shoes because their soft sole is anti-slip and Lauwodun added a reinforced design to protect their toes as they play.

Although the material performs at its peak in the water, kids can wear these shoes anywhere. They make great beach shoes, playground shoes, and yard shoes for running in the sprinkler or playing in your kiddie pool. There’s also nothing stopping you from putting them on their feet indoors.

Lauwodun even recommends indoor use because the shoes are soft and they prevent blisters and chafing, which may occur as they learn to walk.

​We love the colors and patterns that include:

  • ​Pink/horse
  • ​Pink/starfish
  • ​Blue/shark
  • ​White/feather
  • ​Pink Sea/World
  • ​Green/cat
  • ​Blue/whale
  • ​Blue/space
  • ​Blue/Polar Bear
  • ​Blue/jellyfish
  • ​Blue/dinosaur
  • ​Blue/bird
  • ​Blue/Cat
  • ​Black
Zutano Unisex Cotton Baby Booties Solid and Candy Striped For Boys and...
  • Zutano is a husband and wife owned children's clothing company based in the foothills of Vermont
  • These booties stay on
  • A zutano favorite

These Zutano booties are similar to the products above, but they come in a different design and material. The other booties better resembled soft slippers, but these act more like socks. These are perfect for stroller rides on spring or autumn days, and you can layer them over another pair of socks if the temperatures are a bit low.

Why buy these booties if they aren’t traditional shoes? These are what we like to call sock protectors.

They come with the Zutano two-snap system, which stops your little ones from kicking them off (and ultimately losing them). They’re also slightly warmer than socks because they have two layers of interlocking cotton, which keeps them soft and cozy.

​We love the candy stripe design and that they come in a manageable number of colors including:

  • ​Red candy stripe
  • ​Chocolate
  • ​Hot pink candy stripe
  • ​Lime Candy Stripe
  • ​Periwinkle candy stripe
  • ​Pool Candy Stripe
  • ​Black candy stripe
  • ​Orange candy stripe

As with the other Zutano booties, be sure to read the size chart carefully before buying.

How to Find Baby Shoes Your Little One Will Love

Best baby shoes in the palm of couples

​Via Pixabay

If you already have a few pairs of baby shoes lying around at home, then you already know: babies don’t wear shoes just because they’re cute.

It almost seems like the cuter the shoe, the less likely it will stay on their foot.

Choosing the right shoes is essential not only because it saves money but because your baby’s shoes play a critical role in their development. The right pair of shoes aids your child as they learn to walk and protects their toes from injury.

Here’s what you need to know about finding the best baby shoes.

AAP Says to Skip Shoes When You Can

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) love shoes about as much as your child does.

When possible, the AAP says to let your child go barefoot until they become upwardly mobile.

Bare feet better allow their toes and feet to grow and gain mobility during the pre-crawling, crawling, and early walking stages. As your baby begins to walk, going barefoot strengthens their feet and ankles, which supports movement, fast learning, and a reduction in injuries and sensitivity.

How to Find the Right Fit

When it is time for shoes, the most important feature isn’t color or style but fit.

If your baby kicks their shoes off as soon as put them on, then it might be because they don’t fit. Young babies, in particular, can’t tell you when the shoes don’t fit their feet right, so you need to measure and assess carefully.

Typically, shoes come only with the length measurement, so you’ll want to read size charts before making any purchases. Additionally, it’s always better to size up when the measurements are very close. Their feet will grow soon enough anyway.

The length of the shoe only tells half the story. Any parents of babies with roly-poly feet (i.e., lots of baby fat) know that their children’s feet may not fit in the shoe just because of the heel to toe measurement tracks.

Check the shoe’s width by pulling at the material at the widest point. If you can’t grab any, then the shoe doesn’t fit.

Additionally, make sure there’s enough from between the shoe and their heel by putting your little finger into the boot.

If your child is already on their way to walking, have them take a few steps in the shoe before you commit. You’ll see them struggle if the shoe fits poorly. You’ll also see red marks when you take the shoe off, which means you either need to size up or choose another shoe.

​Featured Image Source: ​Unsplash

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