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While it is exciting to be expecting a new member of the family, preparing for their arrival can be an expensive task. To help parents get the baby items they need and want for their newborns, most stores that sell baby furniture, clothing, and supplies have gift registries for babies. This review of these registries can help parents find the best baby registry to get the nursery supplies they will need.

Advantages of Baby Registries


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It can be difficult for some people to decide what to buy expecting parents for baby showers or welcoming gifts when babies are born. However, if there is a baby registry, friends and family members can go down the list of items that the parents want to find things they can afford to get for babies in the style, color, or designs the parents have chosen.

Registering their babies allows parents to choose items they might not be able to afford on their own, such as a crib or stroller, stock up on supplies like disposable diapers or formula, and, in some cases, get cash gifts to start a college fund, or savings account for the future. The registrants don’t need to be new parents because they might need items for a girl if they have a boy or vice versa.

By buying what is on a registry, gift givers don’t need to guess whether the parents will like what they give their babies because the parents chose everything on the list that they wanted or needed. This review baby registries can help parents select the best ones for their needs.

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How We Chose Our Ratings

After gathering information about the various baby registries and the stores’ or websites’ reputations, we read all the information, as well as the testimonials and reviews from parents who tried them. We also considered the reputations of the stores when we assigned each registry a star rating between one and five stars, with five stars being the highest.

The ratings help readers find the best baby registry for their needs quickly.

Best Registries for Babies

Here are some of the best registries we found for soon-to-be parents to get the baby items they need at for the new members of the family.

As the largest retailer in the world, Amazon offers a baby registry to help new parents get the items they need for bringing their little one home. When they log onto Amazon, they can press the “Get Started” button and their account information is automatically used to create a registry. However, an Amazon account isn’t necessary to create one as they can fill out their information on the form.

The form allows for choosing group registry, which lets several people contribute to an expensive gift, like baby furniture or a good car seat. The access to the registry can remain public, parents can share it with certain people by sending them a link to it, or it can be private, so only the creator can see it.

The private option is for when parents need to manage the information, like getting people’s names to send out thank you cards.

Amazon has a universal registry, which means items can come from any site on the internet. Some of the benefits of creating an account for the baby on Amazon is that Prime Members get an additional 15 percent discount on certain items, they offer free 90-day returns on most items, and the parents and baby receive a free box of items worth $35.  

With a Prime Membership, shipping is free. Non-Prime members pay $$ for shipping. Prime members also get a 10 percent discount on certain items that they buy from the registry. Gift wrapping is available, so if someone cannot make it to the shower, they can send wrapped gifts directly to the recipients.

4.7 Stars

One of the advantages of choosing the retailer Target for a baby registry is that gift givers can buy items online or go into a store to pick them out. Also, after landing on their website, parents can either create a registry or people can search for friends or family’s lists on the site.

Their site also has an “Add from Anywhere” option, so parents can find items on other websites and add them to their registries. Parents will also receive a 15 percent discount on any items left on their registries that they want to buy.

Their fast shipping is free by purchasing items over $ and Target offers gift wrapping as well. As a welcome gift, when parents create a registry, they will get coupons and free samples that are worth over $100. The retailer will also accept any registry item returns for up to a year, with or without a receipt. The company also offers gift wrapping so that gift givers can send pre-wrapped gifts to the parents.

4.6 Stars

Although they don’t offer small items like baby bottles, diapers, or clothing, IKEA has reasonable prices on the sleek furniture that they offer. The Scandinavian company offers cribs that turn into toddler beds, potty chairs for training, stuffed toys, and dishes for babies. Their prices are much better than many stores, so gift givers needn’t go over their price limits.

If more expensive items are on registry lists, friends or family members can use “Chip In,” which is a feature that allows a group to purchase a present together. When items are bought at a store, the registry number will automatically give the purchaser the IKEA’s Family discount price when available. This will allow people to save even more money on items that parents need or want.

The company offers design services for free to parents who might want help coming up with a nursery theme or selecting the necessary furniture for the room. If they get something that they are not satisfied with, recipients have a year in which to return it.

When registering on IKEA, there is a generic gift registry page from which people can create registries for weddings, housewarming gifts, or baby basics. Signing up will provide them with a family account, which allows them to get family discounts when they are available. This page also enables gift givers to search for a registry for these events as well.  

4.6 Stars

This gift registry for babies isn’t attached to a brick and mortar retailer but sell some baby items online. However, their website primarily allows parents to pick out gifts from other websites to add to their account to get what they want or need for their new arrival. Also, when people go onto the site, they can search for their friends or family who registered on Babylist.

The site offers to create parents’ registries based on how their babies are arriving, whether it is through pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, or they can create one for future needs if they are still trying to get pregnant. For adopting parents, they can choose gifts that are appropriate for their child by choosing their age range.

The site has a 90-day return policy on most of the items chosen on Babylist, but if a gift comes from another store or website, then those items are subject to the other retailer’s return policy. After creating an account, parents are eligible to receive a box of baby items for their child. The “Hello Baby Box" is available to those that:

  • Live in the United States
  • Have three things from the Babylist store on their registry
  • Have three items from other websites on their registry
  • Fill out the registry information completely
  • Have arrival dates between four weeks and nine months after creating the registry

Free shipping is available for purchases of $25, and parents can get a 10 percent discount when they purchase items from Babylist that remain on their registries. Gift wrapping is available as well.

4.5 Stars

The BuyBuy Baby website allows people to register for an account for their new arrival, or gift givers can search for their friends and family members who are using this registry. When parents create an account, they will receive a “Goody Bag” that contains samples, coupons, and a registry guide. However, they need to pick it up at a local store.

The company is small with only 135 stores in the United States and Canada. So, unless there is a store close to where the parents live, this registry may not be convenient for parents or people planning on buying gifts from it. However, they can shop online and have gifts shipped for free to the parents if their purchases are over $29.

Parents can get free shipping for the first year of their babies’ lives, but the amount purchased through the registry needs to equal or exceed $1,500 before this reward is available. BuyBuy Baby offers gift wrapping at the lowest cost of all the reviewed registries, which is $4.99/

Also, to make it easier to send thank you cards to everyone who bought gifts, the registry can track who bought which gift, so parents know whom to thank for the items they received. If items are still left over on the registry, the recipients can purchase them at a 15 percent discount.

Their website allows users to find a store near them, book an in-store appointment with a registry consultant, or chat live with someone if you have any questions about the registry process. BuyBuy Baby also price matches items if a competitor’s ad or website shows the items they’ve chosen at a lower price.

Some of the other advantages of registering with this store are that items can be reserved online and picked up at the store, they have a return policy that allows people to take back items one year after their date of purchase, and they can monogram almost any gift they offer.

4.3 Stars

Walmart is the largest retail chain in the US, so it only makes sense that they offer baby registries that parents can use to pick out the items they want or need for their infants. Since the stores are located almost everywhere, they are a convenient place for people to shop. However, busy friends or family members can go online to search for registries and buy the items on the parents wish lists.

Along with the website, Walmart has an app that parents can download to their smartphones to track activity on their registry. Gift givers can also use the app to buy items, reserve them for pickup, or shop for their everyday needs. The app isn't exclusively for the baby registry, and it is available for both iOS and Android phones.

The website makes it easy to find specific items to choose for a wish list or for people to buy. They have pages for natural and organic products, nursery design ideas, premium brands, and a pregnancy section.

Free shipping is available for purchases of $35 or more, but the company does not offer gift wrapping or discounts for items that remain on a registry. They also offer to price match for anything that you may find cheaper in other store ads.

4.2 Stars

Crate & Kids is part of the Crate & Barrel stores, which carry high-end items. If the price is no object for the parents or gift givers, then this could be the right place for parents to register. However, they do offer high-quality gifts at almost all price points, including $25 and under, under $50, $75, or $100, and $100 and up.

People who make purchases of $99 and over are eligible for free shipping. The company offers group gifting, so several people can chip in to buy the more expensive items on the registry list. Also, instead of going through the website to make changes to the account, registrants can use an app to add items to their wish lists or keep track of what is remaining on it. Buyers can use the app as well.

Crate & Kids offers a 10 percent registry completion discount for up to six months after a baby is born. While they don’t have gift wrapping, they do offer gift boxing for sending gifts that parents had on their lists.

4.1 Stars

Mother and child

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Probably the main disadvantage of creating a registry on this site is that they don't directly sell baby items. Instead, they allow parents to select what they want or need for their wish list from other stores, even if they don't have a website. Parents can choose items on sites to import to their list, or if they are in a store, they can scan the barcode with their smartphones to add it to the list.

If the expecting parents have registries at other stores, they can import them to their My Registry account as well. Gift buyers can then find items the parents want on any site on which they’ve chosen to register. Parents can also set up a cash gift fund to allow friends and family to contribute to a college fund or savings account for the new baby.

One feature that most other registries don't have is the ability to see a sample registry. The sample gives users a good idea of how the website works. Keep in mind when using My Registry, the return policies, discounts for registry completion, and other details will defer to the stores’ policies that they chose for the registry.

The registry is easy to use because it includes gifts from stores which have what they want, and people can sort presents from them by the range of prices that they can afford. These settings will reveal the gifts that are still available on the registry.

4.0 Stars

Buyers Guide

For parents expecting a baby, they can look up their favorite stores online to find out if they offer a registry, and if they do, complete the information to start one. Consider stores that offer a wide variety of baby furniture and accessories at all price points, so friends and family can find anything you need at prices they can afford.

Also, consider creating an account on sites that allow parents to choose other websites or stores to add items to their wish lists. While one store may have some of the things they need or want, they may not have everything. If this is the case, then parents can search other stores to find gifts and then import them to their wish list.

Take into account the return policies, discounts offered to gift givers and parents for completing their registry, and shipping fees when choosing a store or website on which to register. This review has all the details parents need to select the best baby registry for their new arrivals.  

Whether it is high-end Crate & Kids or convenient Walmart, choosing the right registry can make completing the nursery quick and easy for every parent.

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