Best Baby Halloween Costumes for Boys and Girls


Choosing a Halloween costume for your baby is rarely difficult yet always time-consuming. Aside from choosing one that fits your Halloween theme or budget, you have to make sure your child is the cutest, right? All parents with a child under the age of 90 take a lot of photos during any holiday or event. Modern phones make capturing their faces and costumes much easier.

For parents of newborns and small kids, the process of choosing the best baby costumes may seem easier since your child’s opinion is removed, but we believe kids still play a role. Many factors come into play like having a baby that actually looks similar to a character from a movie or cartoon. You can alter your baby's appearance, but it's a safer option to avoid using makeup on them.

We ignored the price tags on all the items included on our lists. We focused on products that were manufactured using quality materials that are safe for babies. Many parents want to avoid certain dyes and fabrics, so we tried to include costumes that fit those criteria. Comments made by current owners made the biggest impact during the decision-making process. 

However, some of the baby costumes on the list require you to source the materials from several locations or otherwise create the costume at home. Most of the costume pieces come from companies that make clothing to mimic popular characters, but some may require a bit more work and possibly some sewing. 

If you can't make a costume, don't worry, there are plenty of cute and creative ideas on the lists to choose. If you have twins or triplets, you may get forced to create their costumes since the options are limited. However, there’s nothing wrong with each child wearing a costume that doesn’t follow a theme. We’ll leave that decision in your hands.

The Best Baby Costumes: Comparison Table

The Best Baby Costumes

For us, some of the cutest baby costumes are part of a theme that compliments the costumes their parents choose to wear. However, we’re aware that many parents skip their own costumes and focus on the kids. There's nothing wrong with that, and you'll find many neat costumes on this list for babies facing Halloween as the sole attraction.

Sewing Subscription Box

My First Disney Red Minnie Costume

Disguise My First Disney Red Minnie Costume, Black/Red/White, 6-12...
  • Officially Licensed product
  • Product Includes: Dress with character cameo and headband with ears.
  • Whether it's Halloween, birthday parties, or even a fun filled night, disguise is good for everything!

You can order this costume on Amazon for $21.49 for children under 12 months old. The price varies if you get it in a size designed for older children.

Most people love Disney, so this might be a good option for fans. However, since Disney is so popular, you might find this costume is overdone if you live in a densely populated area.

Paddy Field Baby Doctor Costume

LENSOUS Baby Boys' Doctor Costume Bodysuit (0-3 Months, Doctor)
  • A perfect birthday gift for your baby ever
  • Includes a funcy bodysuit and a cute doctor hat
  • Super cute baby bodysuit for photo prop, birthday party or any special occasions

You order this baby costume on Amazon for $10.98 to $10.99 depending on the size you need for your baby. You won't need to use any makeup, and the costume makes diaper changes easy because it’s built like any other bodysuit you might put on your baby. If you or your spouse is a healthcare professional or plan to dress like one on Halloween, this costume is the final touch you need for your child.

Fun World Monkey Costume

InCharacter Mischievous Monkey Infant/Toddler Costume, Medium (12-18)...
  • Hood with plush tuft; Jumpsuit with snaps for easy diaper change; Skid-resistant feet
  • Medium (12-18)
  • Brown

You can get this costume on Amazon for $34.99 to $135.04 depending on the size you need for your child. For babies, expect to pay around $35.00 plus shipping. If you plan to use it more than once, you’ll have to hand wash the costume, so keep that in mind. The design is supposed to allow for easy diaper changes, but some parents claim it takes a little work to get it out of the way and swap diapers.

InCharacter Baby Dinky Dragon Costume

Dinky Dragon Baby Infant Costume - Infant Large
  • The Dinky Dragon baby costume includes the jumpsuit, hood, detachable wings and booties.
  • The hood of this cute little dragon Halloween costume features plush dragon horns and spine.
  • This little infant dragon costume for is zippered for convenience and lined for comfort.

You can order this baby costume on Amazon for $31.89 to $68.09 based on the size you order. You can throw it in the washing machine if you need to, so cleaning it up is simple. The design makes it easy to change your baby’s diaper or get the costume off. Some parents say the wings cause an issue for their child after an hour or two. It seems the babies want to pull their own wings.

InCharacter Lion Costume

InCharacter Lovable Lion Infant Costume, Small (6-12) Brown
  • Hood with ruffled mane; Jumpsuit with snaps for easy diaper change; Skid-resistant feet
  • Small (6-12)
  • Brown

You can order this costume on Amazon for $37.49 to $58.99 depending on what size you need for your child. The design for this costume is roughly the same as the InCharacter dragon one, so changing diapers and getting your baby out of the costume is easy. If you’re a fan of movies like The Lion King, this is one of the cutest lion costumes you’ll find anywhere.

The Best Baby Costumes for Twins

Let’s complicate things a little more and increase the cuteness factor with the best baby costumes for twins. If you’re lucky enough to have twins, you probably already know about the hundreds of photo opportunities they provide. Twins tend to play off each other and may create some unique expressions and scenarios. So, don’t miss out on the chance to create some cute or funny Halloween moments.

Mustard and Ketchup Baby Costumes

YSCULBUTOL Baby Bodysuit Yummz Tomato Ketchup Mustard Red Yellow Twins...
  • Special Gift idea:SUPER CUTE,FUN,BABY SHOWER GIFTS,takeing newborn baby photo and Perfect for baby twins wear item in...
  • 100% cotton material guarantees wearing comfort.
  • Perfect Gift: An awesome gift for your twins,they will look adorble on your twins,Wearing this soft 104% cotton baby...

You can order this simple bodysuit baby costume on Amazon for $17.95. However, you only get the ketchup or the mustard for that price. It's a simple costume, but it's cute and won't interfere with diaper changes. In fact, aside from the artwork, these costumes are probably just like any other baby bodysuit you own.

Copy and Paste Costumes

No products found.

You can order the copy or paste version of this small dress on Amazon for $12.99. It’s a cute idea for twins, especially identical twins. The design is simple and makes diaper changes easy, and these dresses could get worn at any point in the year. They're 100 percent cotton and machine washable, but some parents suggest buying a larger size because they shrink after the first wash.

Mario and Luigi Costumes

You can get the Mario of Luigi version on Amazon for $14.99 or $16.00. It’s unclear why the Luigi costume is more expensive, but the combo makes an adorable Halloween costume idea for fans of the Super Mario Brothers games. The costumes are sold as photography props, but they also double as Halloween costumes for infants.

Superman and Clark Kent

This costume idea for twins takes some extra work on your part. You can order a Superman costume on Amazon for $18.10 to $41.91 based on the size you need for your child. Visit come local clothing and department stores and find the pants and shirt you need to complete the Clark Kent outfit along with some novelty glasses. Afterward, you can see Clark Kent and Superman in the same room together.

The Best Baby Costumes for Triplets

If you enjoyed the section on baby costumes for twins, get ready for a cuteness overload. Twins offer their parents plenty of opportunities to dress them up as the parent’s favorite duo from movies or TV, but triplets add a new layer. Even if you take the lazy road and just dress them as ordinary things like cupcakes, they'll still be extra cute.

Newborn Pea in The Pod Costume

Baby Girls' Newborn Pea in The Pod Costume - NB
  • Bunting With Attached Hood
  • Includes: Bunting with attached hood
  • 100% Polyester

You can order one of these cute costumes on Amazon for $19.99. They make great baby costumes for twin, triplets, or any number of kids of the same age. Diaper changing gets done through a flap in the back, and some parents claim it takes some practice. The polyester fleece material may be too warm for some climates as well.

The Three Bears

Rubie's Infant Noah Ark Collection Oatmeal Bear Jumpsuit, Brown/Beige,...
  • Adorable and soft chenille and flannel jumpsuit
  • Headpiece and rainbow blanket included
  • Your little one will be sure to get everyone cooing

This costume idea requires a parent or older sibling to dress up as Goldilocks. The pop over to Amazon and order enough bear costumes for each of your babies. You could use this as the Halloween costume idea for older siblings since the infants probably won’t care. However, these bear costumes are warm, so consider the weather on Halloween in your area.

Winnie the Pooh Characters

We like this costume idea, and it could involve an older sibling to play the role of Christopher Robin. You can find all the costumes you need on Amazon except for Christopher Robin which is easily crafted using a pair of cargo shorts and a shirt. Get a Pooh, Tigger, or Piglet costume to complete the theme. This idea works well for twins or triplets that have a willing older sibling or parent to help.

Your Baby Costume Coordination Guide

adorable baby in halloween costume

Imagen by PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay 

Many of the costumes on our list don’t have a single manufacturer. Some of the simpler options might get made by dozens of companies. The real decision is in your hands and probably won’t have much to do with the price tags on these costumes or who makes them. However, we have some advice on choosing the best costume and coordinating it with your outfit.

Unless you plan to procrastinate and just cut holes in some sheets to create a family of ghosts on Halloween, you really should coordinate your baby’s costume and your Halloween outfits. With so many ideas out there, it would be impossible for us to list them all. The costumes on our lists are classics, and almost everyone will love them. However, you can take Halloween to the next level.

Pick one of your favorite movies, video games, or TV shows to work from and start looking for ideas online. You can create any theme you want with enough time and money. You and your spouse could use an Addams Family or Star Wars theme and dress the whole family to play a part. The idea is to have fun and create some photo moments to laugh or cry about later.

Is Makeup Safe for Babies?

mother and father admiring son

Image by freepic.diller via Freepik

It’s hard to turn your child into a zombie, cat, or some other Halloween character without makeup. That said, it’s easy to avoid it if you stick with simple costumes like pumpkins or a popular character from a cartoon. Most companies that make costumes offer a lot of products based on whatever is most popular at the time.

If you choose to use makeup, you need to make sure that it is safe for your child’s skin. Children under 10 are more susceptible to the harmful effects of lead and other toxic chemicals. You may believe you can just read the label and avoid toxic chemicals, but as of this writing, cosmetic companies are not required to list all the ingredients used in their products.

Products that claim they’re hypoallergenic and safe for all ages may still contain some harmful metals or chemicals. That’s why we recommend avoiding makeup unless you’ve done a lot of research and feel confident the product is safe. However, using a product is unlikely to cause any harm to your child even if it contains lead. Lead poisoning happens over a long period, not after a few hours of use.

Still, it’s better to be safe and not take a chance on exposing your child to anything harmful if you can prevent it. Take some precautions before you use anything on your child that has a remote chance of causing them harm. To avoid or lower their risk, think about consider these things first:

  • Search online for studies that tested the product you want to use
  • Use one of the thousands of recipes online for making makeup at home
  • Test the makeup on the top of their arm and your arm first
  • Ask your pediatrician for their opinion on makeup

If you have any doubts at all, don’t risk it and choose a costume that doesn’t require makeup. You’ll find plenty of makeup-free options above. Even costumes that usually need makeup may be fine without using it. For instance, skipping the makeup and just using a cat costume will still be cute on a baby.

Best Baby Costumes: Conclusion

baby in orange suit

Image by freepic.diller via Freepik

We realize you want your baby or babies to be unique, and we encourage you to explore all your options. However, you may want to coordinate with other parents in your area, especially if you plan to attend the same events or Halloween parties. Whatever your plans may be, we’re sure our list will help you find the best baby costume for your children.

Featured Image: Imagen by Марина Вельможко via Pixabay 

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