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It is said that babies develop their cognitive and motor skills in their first year. The following years are spent polishing those skills. Parents often find themselves confused when shopping for the right toy to keep their little one occupied and at the same time help develop these skills. There are various Baby activity centers available in the market, some good, some not as much. So if you are one that has gone out looking for an activity center without having an idea as to what you are looking for, you can be in for a double head spin when you actually see the sheer number of activity toys available for infants and toddlers.

Bright Starts Around We Go 3-in-1 Activity Center Zippity Zoo


Product Info
  • More movement, more giggles, more happy moments
  • Award winning sitting to standing Walker
  • Baby Walker rotates around activity center

Why we like it: This is basically a table with activities on it that is attached to a chair where you put your infant in. This chair goes around the table to help the child reach for the different activities around the table. When the child is too young, you can move him around when he gets bored of one activity on the table. When grows older he may be able to push himself around. The activities include a musical keyboard, an eating tray – which is quite a smart addition, teethers, beads and balls that move around, etc. The component toys that are attached to the table each serve a developmental skill and help the toddler stay engaged longer. Another smart feature of this product is that it allows you to change these components. Each of these play components come out and can be changed for something different to keep the interest of the child longer.

Time to Play Baby Deluxe Kit


Product Info
  • An interactive, instructional DVD and 10 toys in one all inclusive package, providing a year of baby classes in a box,...
  • Recipient of the iParenting Media Award and Mom's Best Award
  • Creates a playtime experience that enhances infant cognitive, emotional, social and physical development during the...

Why we like it: This particular kit has received iParenting media award and Mom’s Best Award. It is basically a collection of activity toys, ten in a pack. It comes with a DVD for instruction on use. These toys range for various activities over the first year of the babies development. They are designed to help the gross and fine motor skills, spatial and awareness, auditory, touch, visual, and other sensory development. It contains building blocks, Music and cartoon DVD, and other fun inclusive activities that aid bonding between the child and parent.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


Product Info
  • Interactive learning baby Walker has a removable play panel; frustration free packaging means it comes in a plain brown...
  • Early learning center has 5 piano keys that play music and encourage creativity; wheels work on carpeted and hard floors
  • Features 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, and 3 light-up buttons that develop motor skills

Why we like it: The sit-to-stand walker is compact which enables the child to easy push it around and pull it out of corners. It has a whole load of features packed into one. There is a section where you can fix in shapes which when you do, speaks out the name of the shape. It also has a section for colors, shaped like a piano which when pressed speaks out letters and colors. This activity center can be used to help toddlers walk while pushing and engaging in the activities provided by the toy. When the child grows older, it can be used to teach the toddler shapes and colors. It also has a rotating wheel which teaches them cause and effect. It features adjustable volume control. This toy also comes with a phone, the glitch is, and this phone is not attached to the toy as the rest of the things. So your child can easy remove it and throw it away.

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube


Product Info
  • Kids learning toy has 5 sides of play that encourage discovery and exploration; 4 light-up buttons introduce animal...
  • Pre-k learning toy has 14 interactive features that develop fine motor skills; toy assists babies with sitting up to...
  • Motion sensor activates fun sounds when the activity cube is moved to attract attention and encourage crawling

Why we like it: This cube keeps baby’s attention with lights, sounds, music etc. Animal sounds and over 25 different melodies are activated when you press the buttons which light up. Sliding and spinning blocks help build fine motor skills. It also allows the child to twirl the cubes around to engage the toddler while helping him develop some basic skills. This activity cube requires two AAA batteries Which are included with the pack. However, they don’t last very long and it is recommended that you replace them for best results. This toy is suggested for toddlers between the ages 6 – 36 months.


Liberty Imports Kids Pop Up Play Tent


Product Info
  • Collapsible Pink Ice Cream Truck Vehicle Pop Up Play Tent
  • Polyester Non-Woven Fabric Material is Durable, Strong and Easy to Clean
  • Instant and Easy Set-Up with Twist and Pop-Up Technology

Why we like it: This collapsible ice cream truck play tent is perfect for children aged between one and four. The polyester non-woven fabric which makes up this tent is durable, easy to clean and strong.

This tent can be set up instantly and simply with the easy set-up twist and pop-up technology. The flexible supports inside this play tent means that no tools are necessary to set up.

Your child can climb into the tent via the opening flap and then there are also two openings in the top for your children to pop their heads out of. This amazing tent can fit up to four children at once, so your children and their friends can have great fun together.

The strong, sturdy, and easy-to-clean materials of this play tent mean that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy


Product Info
  • A best selling favorite with thousands of 5 star ratings
  • Inspires a lifelong love of music
  • Baby can switch between 10 total melodies

Why we like it: This is a compact music device for toddlers. It is suggested for infants aged 3 months and up. It keeps the child occupied with the music, colors and lights. It has two volume settings and come with seven melodies. There is one play button that allows you to change the tunes when you press it, if you want to change the melody, you just press on the button again. It also comes with teething toys on the handle of the device which can be moved up and down. This device can be used by adults to play infant melodies while traveling or given to infants to tug on and enjoy the different features. The operation of the toy is simple – one button press – so the child gets used to it quite quickly.


Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo


Product Info
  • Item arrives in frustration-free, easy-to-open packaging that’s 100% recyclable. For a gift-ready box, select “Ship...
  • Exciting lights, sounds and music reward your baby's every jump
  • Infant jumper with 360 degrees of play, including peek-a-boo tiger, bat-at monkey, rattle lizard, and more

Why we like it: Fisher-Price has a range of jumperoos, this is one of the earliest models, which is by far the best one. It is aimed for babies that are 6 months or older, basically when your baby starts holding its head steadily and without support. This product can be used until your baby weighs about 25lbs or 11.3Kgs. This particular jumperoo comes with a neck support in the seat, which is quite unique to this jumperoo alone. So if you want to put your baby in before it reaches 6 months, it should be perfectly fine. The seat rotates the whole 360 degrees allowing the baby to explore all the jumperoo characters which are strategically placed around the jumperoo. It also features lights and music to give your baby a full sensory experience. If you are not keen on music all the time, the jumperoo allows you switch only to animal noises as well. The height of the seat is adjustable for when your baby starts to grow taller.

Kleeger Inflatable Baby Water Play Mat Center


Product Info
  • The perfect tummy time activity. "Tummy time helps your Infant build strength in his back, legs, arms and neck,"...
  • Enables learning about cause and effect, as the baby presses and moves the fish around from place to place
  • Lots of visual colors & movement which creates fun and excitement

Why we like it: This is an ideal activity center that allows babies to play with water without getting wet. This is a blow up and refillable water mat from Kleeger that encourages the development of sensory and cognitive skills in babies and early toddlers. All you have to do is blow up the outer tube of the mat with air and the inner tube with water by way of a spout which shuts tight when secured. This mat allows the child to splash and play with the water filled section while keeping themselves dry. The water filled section of the mat is loaded with aquatic creatures simulating a calm and fun environment. The colors in the mat engage the baby to play and squiggle the sea creatures capturing and keeping their attention for longer. Babies enjoy pressing down on the water filled mat watching the water and the features inside move. This is an ideal activity center for tummy time for babies. Older children can sit around and play while the younger ones can crawl on and around it enjoying the soothing sound of the water swishing. This center is for ages 6 – 24 months.


What’s Inside? Soft Feely Box


No products found.

Why we like it: Curious shapes, fascinating textures and lots of giggles are in store when tots reach into the “What’s inside? Soft Feely box. It is packed with ten fun surprises designed to engage little ones senses as they reach inside again and again to see what will come out next. They might find a butterfly with crinkly wings that enhances the touch, A frog that squeaks to enhance auditory senses, a lion that is soft and squeezy, among other such toys. The box has a 4 inch opening on top that makes it easy for the toddlers to reach in and pull out a toy. This box is machine washable for easy care. The box itself can be used as a throw and catch toy or for storing other toddler toys. Once your toddler has grown out of the toy, you can stuff it and seal it and use it as an ottoman in your child’s room.

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