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When you think of swimming, running, boxing or even tennis, you have a lot of fun (hopefully), but you also focus on health and fitness for the most part. When you think of air hockey, on the other hand, the whole concept behind it, is basically fun. Well, you might get some sort of workout perhaps, but if you are looking to lose weight or get healthier, this might not be for you. If however you are the type of person who entertains people at your home a lot or simply want an exciting addition to your office, then air hockey is right up your alley. Of course for that, you need an air hockey table. There are just so many out there though so which should you go for? No need to stress over it. Flick through this list for a better look.

Carmelli Brentwood 7.5’ Premium Air Hockey Table


Carmelli Brentwood 7.5’ Premium Air Hockey Table
  • Playing surface: 81-in L x 42-in W x 1-in D; Table dimensions: 90-in L x 50-in W x 32-in H
  • Rich, Dark Cherry melamine cabinet with chrome accented radius corners
  • CARB certified playfield with high-gloss, poly-sealed high speed playing surface

Yet another air hockey table that is also a statement piece as much as it is for entertainment purposes. As with most well-designed and structured tables, this too leads towards the pricey side, however, is still a tad cheaper than some. This 7.5’ table does need a decent amount of space seeing as how you would also need space to play so it may not be suited to small areas. If you do have ample space to spare not to mention the finances, then go for it! The surface is high-gloss and is poly-sealed as well. Plus, it is scratch resistant which means that you will be able to keep it looking great for a long time even with frequent use. It comes with 110V dual premium high power blowers which give out powerful thrusts of air. You will notice that its legs are unique, with an arched design. This not only contributes towards a different look but also provides increased strength as well as better stability.

Gold Standard Games Air Hockey Table


Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table
  • "Designed by Air Hockey Champions"
  • Special wear-resistant laminate top for years of durability
  • Solid, low-profile, professional-style aluminum rails provide superior bounce and bankability

The first thing you should know about this air hockey table is that it is quite expensive. It will set you back over $1500, but its features make this amount understandable. Having said that, if you are looking for a table for occasional get-together’s, it might be too pricey. This air hockey table has been designed and constructed with competitive play in mind, and that is exactly what it should be used for. Most notably, it has been specifically put together by Mark Robbins who happens to be an Air Hockey champion. So as far as reliability and quality go, you are covered. It also features a centerline along with a face-off circle as it is called, which is found on tables for competition. Sleek and sophisticated, it is not bulky and would fit beautifully in any space. Plus, you need not keep score on a notepad. It has an electronic scoring system complete with sound to make things more interesting. It also comes with a special laminate top which makes it resistant to wear and tear, ensuring durability.

Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Air Hockey Table with 120V Motor for Maximum Air Flow


Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Air Hockey Table with 120V Motor for Maximum...
  • Action-packed air hockey table with 120V motor for maximum air flow
  • Slick, high-speed PVC playing surface for non-stop, arcade-style play
  • Illuminate play with multicolor LED Lumen-X technology and high-tempo music

This amazing action-packed air hockey table features a 120V motor which delivers maxium air flow. The slick high-speed PVC playing surface allows for non-stop, arcade-style play that the entire family will love. It also benefits from illumination via the multicolor LED Lumen-X technology displays and features high-tempo music to keep the adrenaline pumping during play.

The 82 inches by 41 inches playing surface of this table is supported by four large and durable legs which ensure a stable and sturdy playing experience.

Accessories are included with this table and these include two LED pushers, a hexagonal spinner LED puck, and two round pucks.

If you are looking for a strong and sturdy air hockey table with all the added extras of sound effects and lights then this is definitely the option for you.


Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey


Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey Table
  • includes 2 pushers and 2 pucks
  • CE certified and ul approved motor.

If you are on the lookout for a reasonably affordable, not too bulky air hockey table, this one by Playcraft is a good option to consider. At 40 inches in size, it is perfect for use by kids. The solid hardwood frame ensures utmost stability so you can place it on any tabletop without a problem. It not only consists of an air-powered motor for better puck-thrust but also has an ABS puck-catcher. The purchase comes complete with 2 mallets and 2 pucks as well. This may not suit someone who is looking for a more professional setup, but it works perfectly for home use. It even makes for a great gift idea so if you have a little air hockey enthusiast in the making, why not consider it? Although it is a little more than some other options in the market, it still does not mean you have to break the bank. Definitely worth looking into!

American Heritage 390074 Air-Hockey Table


American Heritage Billiards Monarch Air Hockey Table
  • Regulation Size Field
  • Overhead Arch Scoreboard
  • 2 additional manual scoring systems

As far as air hockey tables go, this one is quite the specimen. In fact, it looks like it could easily fit into a home that has a designated game room. It would also do quite nicely in a house with wooden floors giving the entire space a polished, up-class aura. On that note, you should also probably know that it costs a pretty penny so be prepared to loosen the purse strings. This is a very modern air hockey table, complete with an overhead arc adding to its appearance. It also includes a very powerful blower which helps the pucks slide across as efficiently as possible. You can also keep score with the electronic scoring provided. The finish of this table is simply exquisite, with a cherry finish and silver trimming as well. The surface has been well-polished and is built for smooth play. Although it does cost a bit, it makes for quite the purchase if you can afford it.


Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Table


Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table
  • Air flow of 110 cubic feet per minute makes sure this table provides steady and powerful air to keep the pucks flowing...
  • Table features a smooth, white playing surface with graphics designed to look like an ice-hockey rink, as well as a...
  • Includes four pushers (mallets) and four pucks; Table is also equipped with leg levelers to ensure a level playing...

This 7.5-foot air hockey table is quite the beast. It is also more expensive than others out there, so make sure you can afford it. In air hockey, the proper flow of pucks is a critical aspect and this achieves just that with an airflow of 110 cubic feet per minute. The surface of the table is not only smooth and even for a proper game, but also includes a design of an ice-hockey rink. Furthermore, it also has a dual end puck return. Adding to its list of features, it includes 4 mallets and 4 pucks as well so you can comfortably play with a group of people. Most importantly, it has leg-levelers which ensure a wobble-free game every time. Although it is not exactly meant for professional play, it does come with a professional looking scorer and timer both of which are electronic. You can adjust the countdown to whatever you prefer. Just remember you might need a hand in putting it together.


Hathaway Power Play Table Top Air Hockey


Hathaway Power Play 40-in Portable Table Top Air Hockey for Kids,...
  • A PORTABLE POWERHOUSE – Enjoy fast-paced air hockey in any location with this sturdy, lightweight tabletop game. With...
  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY – Dazzle your kids with classic excitement. This compact air hockey table is the ideal size for...
  • PREMIUM DESIGN – Non-marking pads keep this table secure on any surface, while minimizing scratches and scrapes....

No this is not a product by Anne Hathaway (admit it, you thought of her as soon as you saw the name), but it is a table top air hockey table. Seeing as how you can prop it pretty much anywhere you want, it is quite convenient and makes for a fun companion on trips away. Although it is not meant for professional play or anything, it still does quite nicely as far as recreational use goes. It is built of out of extremely durable and hardy ABS material and includes radius legs. The legs are fitted with non-marking pads which are also skid-resistant. This ensures that no matter where you keep it, the surfaces are unharmed. Plus, it has an 110V electric air blower system as well. You can also easily keep score thanks to the slide scorers that are incorporated with the goal boxes. Setup is a breeze so you need not worry about assembling it.

Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table


Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and...
  • HIGH OUTPUT FAN CREATES A REALISTIC ARCADE-STYLE GAME PLAY: Powered by AC-12V motor and included adapter, the electric...
  • 5 MINUTE EASY ASSEMBLY: Simply attach the 2 goal boxes and you’re ready to play! Comes with 2 air hockey strikers and...
  • PORTABLE, COMPACT DESIGN: Fun and competitive, the HX40 slide hockey table is made of durable MDF. DIMS: 40"L x 20"W x...

This option by Sports Squad is an example of the cheaper air hockey tables. Seeing as how it has been designed with both portability and convenience in terms of storage in mind, it is perfect for use in smaller spaces. Although it does not have any fancy electronic air system integrated, it does include a high-powered fan which promotes faster and better play. It is also quite safe for children, and since it does not require any complicated knowledge on setting up is quite easy to assemble. The package comes with two strikers and two pucks. Just bear in mind though that this really is quite a simple one since the scorers are manual, unlike other tables that have electronic scorers and even timers. So if you were hoping for something a little more advanced, you might need to keep looking. Its bright colors do help it stand out, and would be a fun thing to enjoy with friends and family.

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